5 Scary Ghost Videos That Will MAKE You PARANOID

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Nuke's Top 5

Nuke's Top 5

Hace 29 días

Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera by everyday people! VERY creepy and strange ghost videos. A ghost hunter finds scary shadow people in an abandoned house, a paranormal investigation at a hospital leads to a scary encounter caught on camera, a Twitch streamers livestream captures an unexplained run-in with a poltergeist, there's a creepy ghost girl, and more. The absolute scariest ghost videos of the week.
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Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald Hace 2 horas
And at 3:30 he runs TOWARDS the evidence! Not the other way like a coward, Bravo! brother you Rock! All the other so-called Ghost hunters , Go home and cry in your "My little pony" pillow like you were meant to.
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald Hace 2 horas
2:50 THIS guy is the best ghost hunter i've ever seen, he doesn't scream and run like every other so-called ghost hunter ,which most of the time involves a lot of running and screaming and peeing their pants like little girls with no balls at all. Cowards who only do those videos for views and not for any actual research. Pathetic little wannabe worms.
Rickus Kruger
Rickus Kruger Hace 4 horas
that person who stood behind the lady looks like a real woman though.
TheGhostbusterfan Hace 5 horas
The moment the pill bottle fell onto the ground I'd be gone so fast. You'd see a smoke figure of myself in place.
tiget2013 Hace 7 horas
Whatever that is in the thumbnail can go f off royally
Jakiro TheTwinHeadedDragon
Jakiro TheTwinHeadedDragon Hace 7 horas
I'm sure the last one was just his shadow, you can tell by how the light moves in front of his face during that part.
Hedwig Ohli
Hedwig Ohli Hace 7 horas
Franko's videos are great, damn, he is brave, I would die of fear ...
Rozen Rot
Rozen Rot Hace 11 horas
The last clip is his own shadow. If you look at the light on his face, you will see it move from one side to the other causing a circling shadow effect behind him. The shadow is in the same position as him and even reflects his ear for a few seconds. Gotta say though that one would have been hella scary if it were real.
MAE SINA Hace 19 horas
Jins and ghosts are the same In your culture you say them ghosts and you Dont Know What they are But in Islamic culture there is written about them and We Know What they are Islam is brought by god with means of the prophet muhammad Peace be upon him Prophet muhammad is the Last prophet and Before him the prophet isaa that christians say Jesus for him Prophet isaa Or Jesus brought the Islam in his way which god Commander him But people of the World call that christianity brother Islam is way more Complete than the Jesus islam So believe me God Commander to muhammad to say to people that the believers of isaa must now believe and pray the muhammad's way of religion So believe me and in holy quran the book of muhammad there is about jins And in some parts there is written that followers of Jesus after Islam they are ifidels and they will be losers in the day of judgement So believe me brother i am saving you Like My dear brother And say this to other people to save them So please copy this and paste it anywhere you find that people will Read it Hope you success and peace
Halley Dude
Halley Dude Hace 20 horas
11:23 there is a girl in the window
xXGachaIvyXx oof
xXGachaIvyXx oof Hace un día
What type of idiot goes alone?- my cousin and I are planning on going to a lot of haunted sites when we're 20 which is in about 5 years
Cody Hace un día
why do ghosts gotta be so weird about everything?
Seth Veatch
Seth Veatch Hace un día
There was something crawling on the roof before walking behind him
Blueraven Hace un día
timestamp 4:00 horse is 1 1/2 foot between desk and chair. Break in video Timestamp 4:08 horse is on the other side of desk moved approx 6 ft . Should have been on right side not in middle of hallway. he had to have moved it.
nishblaze Hace un día
#4 was the Grim Reaper. Incase she fell and died was ready to reap her soul.
Tomahawk Fox
Tomahawk Fox Hace un día
Nuke when the hidden person faking the video is caught on camera- "Did you see it?"
Lee Yang
Lee Yang Hace un día
I notice something there was like a doll Or like a child
Laurence David
Laurence David Hace un día
I salute to all solo ghost Hunter 😁
Laurence David
Laurence David Hace un día
I can't go in that room alone 😳
FREDY IS A DUCK Hace un día
Ok so I’m going in to guess your name is Luke because nuke
100 subscriber without any video challenge
100 subscriber without any video challenge Hace un día
Bruh that dark figure only wanted to watch that kid playing Minecraft
Dan Gregory
Dan Gregory Hace un día
This is crap
ReeBlast Hace un día
Philfy is a god tier username
Almeida Hace un día
Why are they haunting them tho?
PlayaPozition Hace un día
All staged and fake.
America Zurita
America Zurita Hace 2 días
Ain’t no one gonna mention the two boys playing Minecraft look exactly like Tommy and Chuckie
Daveson Pondevida
Daveson Pondevida Hace 2 días
The #4 is truely scary,. I think its her grim reaper. Its probably her time, then she would die by falling. But then it is been interupted by human so it became null and void, and her time just got extended.
Rycin Abbott
Rycin Abbott Hace 2 días
@9:04 That is a shirt on a hanger with wire shelving. The space is exactly right for the length to a hanger hook and if you look closely enough you can actually see the two white coated metal rodes that are going into a bracket.
richard smith
richard smith Hace 2 días
Love your videos. Always creepy. The one with the two boys looks like just a shelf and something hanging up.
Darvin Molina
Darvin Molina Hace 2 días
My little sister had that same horse and it would do the same thing...
Zuleymarie Nieves
Zuleymarie Nieves Hace 2 días
In the crazy neighbor it looks like the ripper
Random Person
Random Person Hace 3 días
The only thing that makes the stuff move is me doing deja vu
Joshyboh Hace 3 días
yall believe the horse crap in the beginning?!?
AYAZ MIR Hace 3 días
whenever nuke says:you decide.......i always say:noooo its time for you to decide now...i am tired of making decisions
Lee Hyatt
Lee Hyatt Hace 3 días
This was my last encounter with the grim reaper so I was walking along the streets when I see a guy in black robes and hood just starting at me I looked away and he just teleported behind I got a closer look and his face was a skull and he was holding a scythe but he just wasn't normal I ran but never escaped now i see him hardly is that a sign I'm gonna die let me know
Exmortis 999
Exmortis 999 Hace 3 días
about abandoned buildings , i dont think there are ghosts there but drug addicts and homeless people sleeping there
Ricky Navarro
Ricky Navarro Hace 3 días
I’m normally pretty jumpy with these videos! But those 3 pill bottles falling at the same time (11:19) in the same direction and the one falling after felt a little staged. I’m a fan!!! No hate, just wondering if anyone else felt the same way. I woulda freaked out! He didn’t seemed phased or scared at all! Brave dude
Ricky Navarro
Ricky Navarro Hace 3 días
Maybe magnets were inside the bottles and it made the two fall back while the middle had a different charge that made it fall forward? Haha
Jeff D
Jeff D Hace 4 días
I'm pretty sure my sister had that same rocking horse when she was little
Sam Pound
Sam Pound Hace 4 días
i think in the livestream one there scary ghost is the only one y’all got to be too bad at all the game is gonna is it good for you or you just want to watch the game you play the game you have no clue how to play it tueot it was like the a lot better was a great game but i
Sam Pound
Sam Pound Hace 4 días
turn you are brightness up in live steam one on thr bed u can see scrary face... could it be a gost ? ?! 😱😱😱
sunflowersseeds_ Hace 4 días
your dody hed
Dome Hace 4 días
3:58 "I feel like its like a child spirit" Nah mate it's a 40 year old riding that horse for fun
Rodan3232 Hace 4 días
Nothing like having wholesome Minecraft music playing while a ghost is trying to scare you
Mary Fiaola
Mary Fiaola Hace 4 días
Franko is savage lol! thanx for another great video nukes ! .....and your nice voice
Kayla M
Kayla M Hace 4 días
I shouldn’t be watching this at 4 am ...
Pancake Lizard
Pancake Lizard Hace 4 días
7:50 the cans fall off but you hear a intense arrrr with it.
joseph tyler
joseph tyler Hace 4 días
Franko is no doubt the best out there right now. He catches stuff other ghost hunters wish they could. not putting the other hunters down, call it karma or spiritually sensitive , I have been watching paranormal shows since 2004 . Ghost hunters opened up the field. still the best ever. Franko is always alone on most of his hunt and he catches a lot of activities as seen in this footage.
Jannyson kh
Jannyson kh Hace 4 días
10:51 wtf is that on the wall
Jannyson kh
Jannyson kh Hace 4 días
Watching these kind of video is good when it is summer It makes me feel cold
WhyPie Hace 3 días
HighSchool DxD
HighSchool DxD Hace 5 días
I wonder if ghost can hide and scare the shut outta us but can we hide and scare the shit outta them?
ΓανΓβελΣΨ 89
ΓανΓβελΣΨ 89 Hace 5 días
Is it just me or does the kid playing the game look scared like he sees the closet close?
Connor Chaykowski
Connor Chaykowski Hace 5 días
If u look at 8 27 in the closet u can c a black figure standing there
Saul Cinto
Saul Cinto Hace 5 días
Why am I fucking watching this I can't sleep!
jannatul parul
jannatul parul Hace 5 días
I bet if the ghosts spotted humans on their camera than they saw us humans Veeerrry CLEARLY than we see them.😂😂😂😁😁😀
Celine Gucci
Celine Gucci Hace 5 días
You need face reveal Who agree 👇
TrevorCheesehead 11
TrevorCheesehead 11 Hace 5 días
Herobrine was messing with the kids playing Minecraft 😂
Superamen Hace 5 días
On 11:55 look in that giant door crack there’s is something that just disappears I’m curios how nuke didn’t see it
Joshuan Gonzalez
Joshuan Gonzalez Hace 6 días
I love your voice.
John The Roadhog9
John The Roadhog9 Hace 6 días
Ricky Velásquez y Eder Hernández tienen buenas investigaciones, te recomiendo revisar las transmisiones de Equitum paranormal, saludos desde México!!
Phaota Hace 6 días
All hospitals, especially the now defunct and abandoned ones, are still operational in the spiritual realm. My close friend and I visited the Old R.J. Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA. back in 2000. It's a three floor dead structure with a lot of physical abuse from vandals. My main goal was to get EVPs of everyday life continuing inside the old walls. I came away with over a hundred fantastic recordings of patients in their rooms calling for nurses, doctors talking to people, intercom calls, the non-functioning elevator moving, etc. We also had a spirit board communication with two patients and a nurse as well. Had my story, as well as two others, printed in the book "Weird Georgia" by Jim Miles (I didn't know about it until I purchased the book. Just recall him asking if it was okay to use some of my investigation journal entries for three places we visited at the time There's a "Weird" book for every state in the US, all by Jim). Franco is great, but a continual fool to almost always go it alone on his trips. Never a smart idea. Still, he does get some amazing footage at times, like the child spirit playing on the rocking horse and the torso of the ghostly individual following him, watching what Franco is up to. That, in itself, makes the investigation worth it for a shot like that. No, it's not a mist or "trick of the light". You can easily see the half figure's movement of walking. It's not the "spectre of death" standing beside the crazy lady neighbor in the second video. Death doesn't look like the stereotypical image everyone wants to see it as with the cloak and skeleton body. It's a voluntary goal used by departed friends, family and even some pets (mainly cats and dogs) to help those on the threshold of leaving the physical world to the other side of life again. They don't need to wear scary looking clothes, only to be themselves and how they looked to the person dying so that they feel comforted. This is clearly a dark entity of some kind influencing the woman in a nasty way. Not surprised hardly anyone is watching the kids in the third video on Twitch considering that the angle on him is crap, the lighting is terrible and they are not being entertaining at all. Looks like they don't know how to recycle either with the entire top of the nearby table covered in cans. Odd that the spirit is hiding in the closet. That's not an "odd looking tuning fork" that George uses in the fourth video of the "House of Souls". It's just a single tube woodstock chime, similar to what Chris Fleming uses in the "Help! My House Is Haunted!" British paranormal TV series (although Chris is American). The one George has is a much more square than the normal version and definitely has a higher pitch than usual but it will still accomplish the task of cleansing the environment with a strong, stable, pure tone that is meant to ward away dark energies. The double chime version is better. Funny that the little girl spirit liked it enough to hit it again for fun. She was obviously following him around as well to get caught on his camera at that spot. Philfy? Why would you want people to call you that? Sounds like you desire them to know you are a dirty person. The only terrifying thing about his video is it being done in portrait mode. Interesting capture though. Looks like the resident spirit was intrigued as to why he was wondering around in his home.
Mr.SnugglyDick Hace 6 días
oh c'mon the first is so fake with the canned horse neighing noises and then moving the toy horse around
Justakid22 Hace 6 días
Tell me why i have the same rocking horse when i was a baby
Yahir Jiménez
Yahir Jiménez Hace 6 días
I Saw something
Yahir Jiménez
Yahir Jiménez Hace 6 días
No why
Joseph Gualvez
Joseph Gualvez Hace 6 días
The ghost that’s following Franko TV is probably a patient because it looks like it has a sling on it’s arm.
Steelrusty 33
Steelrusty 33 Hace 6 días
Minecraft death music intensifies
Legendaddy Hace 6 días
3:37 was that an arm on the right?
The420 FAM
The420 FAM Hace 6 días
The gasly firgue is grandmas 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Alex Aranda
Alex Aranda Hace 6 días
Sorry but caballero paranormal. Is sad to say, but real went to cemetery, in a small town in mexico. And he was in charge of goin there, and many of us heard a little girl crying, and a shadow, never went with him again, never!!!
Alex Aranda
Alex Aranda Hace 6 días
Sorry it was goin good till the horse shit, to phony an obvious.
Mr.SnugglyDick Hace 6 días
came to the same conclusion
Thiago Orellana
Thiago Orellana Hace 6 días
Doc tops te copia ti contenido
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