5 Italian Red Wines You Must Try!

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Wine Folly

Wine Folly

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Dive into Italian wine the right way by exploring some of the most classic red wines to know. Full details here: winefolly.com/episode/best-italian-red-wines-that-beginners-must-to-try/
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Madeline Puckette reveals 5 red wine styles (and grapes) that are a fundamental when it comes to all things Italian wine.

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A BC Hace un mes
Fucking Annoying my god....
Aryan & Alisha
Aryan & Alisha Hace un mes
Would be helpful if you also mentioned the cost.
Doria Hafsaoui
Doria Hafsaoui Hace un mes
It’s so cool to me how sommeliers can smell the notes in wines. I definitely have to try some of these wines though these look delicious!
Ricardo Troutman
Ricardo Troutman Hace un mes
Your thoughts on Guccione? Please and thanks!
Kieran Daly
Kieran Daly Hace 2 meses
There are masses of Italian wines but the same ones are not always available so I forget which ones I liked. Colpertrone was my favorite but it’s not available anymore. Conterno has become too pricey and hard to find. So I don’t have a favorite because I cannot have one. A big fave is northern Italian white. Superb. Not available at all. Sanct Valentin. I always decant Italian wines as they are often woody or dry raisin flavored. Decanting is really essential. Then there is Bruno Giacosa just too expensive but I might try some for Year End.
Andy Ye
Andy Ye Hace 3 meses
You seem so adorably high when you talk about wine~ thanks for the recommendations :)
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 3 meses
Well, I do live in Seattle.
dennis letendre
dennis letendre Hace 4 meses
WOOW! I asked about more details on Italian wine, and you put out this great video; while we are spending 3 weeks traveling Italy. Perfect timing, and great information. Love what you do! You guys are the best REAL info on on internet. THANK YOU!
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 3 meses
Wow Thank you for saying something!
Mat Dubé
Mat Dubé Hace 4 meses
The most interesting and surprising wine I got from Italy was from Etna. Excellent price/value in my opinion. Cheers!
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 3 meses
I would readily agree with that. I've been delighted by Sicily.
Dominic Corsey
Dominic Corsey Hace 4 meses
Ballerina with punching gloves 😂 Amazing thank u!
Karthik Shivalingaiah
Karthik Shivalingaiah Hace 5 meses
Awesome video, loved it #locarena
Anthony Dean
Anthony Dean Hace 5 meses
Best Job Ever
Andreas Adam
Andreas Adam Hace 5 meses
Another great video, really informative!! Make a video about Greek wines too, there are a ton of great choices and indigenous varieties!!!
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee Hace 5 meses
Love your vibe Madeline, just wishing to meet you someday and soak up all your knowledge! What a wonder woman, thank you for your work!!!!
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 5 meses
Let's make that happen!
David Silva
David Silva Hace 6 meses
Sicily has amazing wines and grapes, nice climate for warm wines, one of my favourites is Tenuta Tremollito, you should give it a look, I love their white wine, probably the best I have tried so far.
Rheiámeiá Hace 6 meses
What a ugly women i ever seen
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
Hahahaha! Wow. You must hang with some hot ladies! Yeah, I was never loved for my looks; just the glomb of gray matter inside my skull. But apparently, you figured this out. And then, felt inspired to tell me to my face. so.… go sit on that one for a while you insensitive troll! ♥ Madeline
Dee Hudson
Dee Hudson Hace 6 meses
Very informative! Good stuff!!
Brian Meyers
Brian Meyers Hace 6 meses
Now I want some! Lol
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
The perfect response. ♥
Norberto Reis
Norberto Reis Hace 6 meses
Hi. When do you show us some goog portuguese wines?...
John Tan
John Tan Hace 6 meses
My fav Italian type of wines are Montessu & Sangiovese
Miroz Hace 7 meses
pepperoni pizza? srsly?
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
With Dolcetto or Barbera? Where? When? Tell me!
marco frosinini
marco frosinini Hace 7 meses
you missed Brunello, Bolgheri and Prosecco... (just to mention the first 3 that came up to my mind)
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
We talked Sangiovese (which is the grape of Brunello) - we talked "Super Tuscans" which is what Bolgheri specializes in. And, this video is entitled "Italian red wines" - so, I *think* we have you covered. All the examples were supposed to be affordable. Brunello and Bolgheri aren't cheap! You have fancy taste!
Alessandro Rita
Alessandro Rita Hace 7 meses
You must try Verdicchio...😉
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
LOVE THAT GRAPE! It's in the Wine Folly book!!!
Ucha Iakobidze
Ucha Iakobidze Hace 7 meses
Hey why you never speak about Georgian wines, especially when you talk about orange wines or natural wines, Georgian wine is the best and it is the most ancient!
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
We mention them in an orange wine article for sure, but the honest answer is because they are not that well distributed in the states (and the rest of the world). Also, production size of Georgian wines is quite small. Still, a very important region and notable in wine history for sure. Along with the others in the Caucasus/Zagros mountains. Thanks for pointing this out!
Marius Donnestad
Marius Donnestad Hace 7 meses
Which glasses is she using?
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
These: shop.winefolly.com/collections/tasting-tools/products/gabriel-glas-universal-wine-glass-austria
360 Smart
360 Smart Hace 7 meses
you are so irritating. I can't watch you.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
​@360 Smart I was never loved for my class. You've definitely got that right!
360 Smart
360 Smart Hace 7 meses
@Wine Folly You are even irritating in your reply. No class.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
okay, thanks for letting me know (?) Unfortunately, this kind of critique is not enough for me to assess whether or not this is something that can be fixed. If you can give me more specific feedback, I can use it. Otherwise, no offense if you actually have useful commentary, but eff off.
HillbillySelectReviews Hace 7 meses
I feel French wines are more complicated than Italian wines, but that just maybe because I'm so familiar with Italian wines. I have a cellar full I need to review I'm waiting for a party so I can open up several bottles at the same time. Otherwise I may just hid them one review at a time. Cheers!
Legio XXI Rapax
Legio XXI Rapax Hace 7 meses
I suggest also the Italian white wine "Gewurztraminer" or commonly called "Traminer" made by the esteemed grapewine of the Italian Alps. So good.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
so good from Alto Adige and Trentino!
Stephen Crescenti
Stephen Crescenti Hace 7 meses
I usually just drink my Italian wine and not play with it, but then again, I'm Italian.
Ricardo Troutman
Ricardo Troutman Hace un mes
Stephen Crescenti
Stephen Crescenti Hace 6 meses
@Wine Folly Yep, I drink Italian wine and play with Berettas and Maseratis.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 6 meses
Please go play with more things. I like an Italian who can get his/her hands dirty... ♥
Sebastian Matthies
Sebastian Matthies Hace 7 meses
I never got the hang of german red wine by now, maybe you could take my anxiety away by tasting some german red wine that you came across and found good. Thanks!
Art Bremer
Art Bremer Hace 7 meses
wtf is violets??????? too posh and too dramatic descriptions that makes it so less informative
Art Bremer
Art Bremer Hace 7 meses
Didn't mean it in a bad way... Just the vibe I got...
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
hahahah. First time anyone has ever called me "posh" I think of myself more like "pirate." hahaha. Thanks for this. made my day.
Jason Linn
Jason Linn Hace 7 meses
It's a pretty common type of flower... (Roses are red, violets are blue, etc...)
Armand Alikaj
Armand Alikaj Hace 7 meses
To bring your knowledge level up and have a unique appreciation of italian reds, one must try the following - '5 Stelle Sfursat' from Nino Negri, Valtellina DOCG in Lombardy Lagrein Riserva, Vigna Klosteranger from Muri-Gries in Alto Adige DOC (SudTirol) 25 Anni, Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG from Arnaldo Caprai in Umbria Magma Rosso, Terre Siciliane IGP from Frank Cornelissen in Etna, Sicily Terre Brune, Carignano del Sulcis superiore from Santadi in Sardinia
Ricardo Troutman
Ricardo Troutman Hace un mes
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
heh heavy! Albeit. I wouldn't disagree. I have to say though, these are not beginner wines, nor beginner prices. Still... good picks! Thanks for listing :)
Ryan Hace 7 meses
Where is the Amarone?
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
Coming in well over $50 a bottle for most... I left it out for "fancy Italian wines" maybe in the future.
Wesley Roberts
Wesley Roberts Hace 7 meses
No Nero Devola or Primitivio? Book looks good.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
We talked Primitivo a couple of weeks ago. No Nero... at least... NOT YET! !! thanks for your comment!
With out Amarone &, ripasso tolk about Italian wines its big misstake I personally think
hathor82 Hace 6 meses
@Wine Folly but in that price range you could also find some fantastic Aglianico, Lagrein, Valpolicella red (instead of Amarone), Cannonau, Primitivo, Refosco, Montepulciano, Syrah, etc. etc. etc... So we'll waiting for part II part III and so on!!! :)
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
We were picking wines within the $10-$25 - so, that rules out Amarone. That said, it was a tough choice not to include some kind of Corvina. BUT. when I went to the wine store, they had none. So, there yah go. I'm an asshole.
N. Sundari
N. Sundari Hace 7 meses
A ballerina with 🥊 🤣 😂 Love the oomph you add to the descriptions 💜 🦋 Gracias 🇨🇺 🍮 ☕️
javierel22 Hace 7 meses
You could do another italian wine video with some Rosso/Brunello di Montalcino and Amarone/Valpolicella. Great channel
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
Ah I see. You want only the best! hahah noted!
lorenzo montini
lorenzo montini Hace 7 meses
I think that south Italy is the best in quality/price.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
I really does offer fantastic value and quality :) big fan.
Leo D'oro
Leo D'oro Hace 7 meses
New to your channel, love your dramatic enthusiasm, you make me want to buy a terracotta pot wet it down just to smell it. I’m joining you for the ride, well done.
BigBadJerry Rogers
BigBadJerry Rogers Hace 7 meses
Typifies why I'm not a big fan of Italian wines. Regularly too acidic, requiring food to be best enjoyed, often too tannic. I don't like either quality in wine, I like dense and velvety. You can keep your terra cotta pots wine. That last one was interesting though, oddly enough once in a while you get an Italian wine that does have a distinct sweet note of maraschino cherry, which is a fun quality.
HowardLawrenceMusic Hace 7 meses
Madeline is to wine education what John Madden was to pro football. She’d definitely be my pick for frontline wine enthusiast. Perfect.
Louis Demers-St-Antoine
Louis Demers-St-Antoine Hace 7 meses
The only experience I have with Nebbiolo is through Barolo. Unfortunately (for me), I was not aware at the time that young Barolo can be excessively harsh and I got a say, those 50 $ I spent on that two-years-old Barolo were spent in pure waste. It was only a few years later I tasted a 12-years-old Barolo at a dinner party and god, did it benefit from aging. In your view, would non-Barolo Nebbiolos benefit from aging as much as their illustrious, more well known counterparts?
Dominic Love
Dominic Love Hace 7 meses
a ballerina with boxing gloves - that is a beautiful image
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson Hace 7 meses
Just a one more stupid Americana
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
omg! You're in a good mood! Please go bother someone else and don't call me stupid because I'm not. But, many thanks for using English. Doesn't look like it's your first language.
Clayton Webb
Clayton Webb Hace 7 meses
Hey Madeline.... I would love to see you do something on wines from La Rioja! Plus, López de Heredia Viña Tondonia has just been named 3rd Best in Vineyard in the world and the best in Europe 2019! :)
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
I personally drink the crap out of that wine.
Marija Kojadinović
Marija Kojadinović Hace 7 meses
Madeline, thank you for all the info you're sharing. You're the best. 🤘🥂
Per Schondelmeier
Per Schondelmeier Hace 7 meses
Great video! Been working With wine for over 20 years and waiting for good ESwomen info about wine and here it is!! Thanks.
Johnny Szumlanski
Johnny Szumlanski Hace 7 meses
Thanks for a great video again 😀Can you please put info about every wine(name, year etc.) here ?
Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow Hace 7 meses
I love wine, But these people are just so silly That they make me laugh!! And most of you guys eat it up!! Just drink It !!!
Oliver Parish
Oliver Parish Hace 7 meses
Should do a video with some other lesser known varieties! Teroldego, Aglianico, Sagrantino, Primitivo, Frappato, Cesanese, Veneto blends, etc.
Oliver Parish
Oliver Parish Hace 7 meses
BigBadJerry Rogers well they’re quite uncommon in Australia...
BigBadJerry Rogers
BigBadJerry Rogers Hace 7 meses
Aglianico and Primitivo are pretty common. Anything you can find in Trader Joe's like those two aren't my idea of exotic.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
Apparently the Nerello Mascalese drop is not enough for you! Yes, Aglianico, Sagrantino... all of these are great choices. But, like I said... over 500 varieties in Italy makes it hard to shave down to just 5!
Matthew Hace 7 meses
Italian whites next? I was impressed with a Grillo from Sicily that I haven't been able to find recently.
Louis Demers-St-Antoine
Louis Demers-St-Antoine Hace 7 meses
Same, actually. The one I had was from Feudo Maccari and, at 14-15 $, it was incredible value for the money (to the extent that you can get good value for your money buying wine in Canada through the LCBO and such).
packer812 Hace 7 meses
Great video and topic! I would also add some wines from Sardinia. You can get some great value wines from that region too.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
Love those Vermentino! LOVE EM!
Adam Farnsworth
Adam Farnsworth Hace 7 meses
What am I drinking? Same thing I'm always drinking lol, Oregon Pinot Noir, specifically Patton Valley :)
Andrew Yarosh
Andrew Yarosh Hace 7 meses
Campania dissed again. Aglianico, Piedrosso.....
sirclemeni1 Hace 7 meses
Drink Austrian Wine, Grüner Veltliner, Blaufränkisch, Ruster Ausbruch and so on. 😉
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
yeees please!
Richard A Fuhrman
Richard A Fuhrman Hace 7 meses
So helpful.
W X Hace 7 meses
Luxembourg Riesling ;)
Leonardo Araujo
Leonardo Araujo Hace 7 meses
Love Italian wines. They are very different from each other but they are all great. Maybe a video about Alto Adige reds would be great. I had an incredible Lagrein some time ago.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
that's a pretty rare grape. I have a few waiting... :)
Joe Hoe
Joe Hoe Hace 7 meses
Would be interesting to hear what you think about Zenato Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2015. I think I tried the 2014 at a friend's house, and it was the most full-bodied wine I've ever tasted...and heavy on the alcohol.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
I'm a fan of Amarone in general.
Joe Hoe
Joe Hoe Hace 7 meses
Beautiful glass you're using.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
We love these Austrian glasses so much, we decided to import / sell them online: shop.winefolly.com/collections/tasting-tools/products/gabriel-glas-universal-wine-glass-austria
M Monte
M Monte Hace 7 meses
“Ballerina with boxing gloves”...you’re awesome. No one else like you. Keep going. By the way, to add to the Italian comments, I enjoy reds from Sardinia. Love how the varietals (or their relatives) in Spain and France are a little different out in that Mediterranean climate. Great values too.
Marco Tobia
Marco Tobia Hace 7 meses
Terre brune for carignano del sulcis and Turriga for cannonau blend on top of all 😍
David Abbett
David Abbett Hace 7 meses
Piemonte !!!! Love the entire Langhe and Dogliani regions.
dale fourroux
dale fourroux Hace 7 meses
I like your wine glasses. 🍷👍
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
Thanks for noticing!!! We like 'em so much that we import and sell them in our store: shop.winefolly.com/collections/tasting-tools/products/gabriel-glas-universal-wine-glass-austria
Candice Marie
Candice Marie Hace 7 meses
No Amarone? They are so amazingly unique and sends you straight to northern Italy with every sip.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
They were a little higher than my $25 limit!
lanjagg Hace 7 meses
Italian Wines Part 2-maybe you could feature Amarone and Ripasso. I think Amarone production is one of the most unique and interesting winemaking processes worldwide! Cheers!
Arnaud Hace 2 meses
You should try "le vin de Paille" from the Jura vineyard in France. Cheers
Leonardo Araujo
Leonardo Araujo Hace 7 meses
Candice Marie
Candice Marie Hace 7 meses
DukeCity Piper
DukeCity Piper Hace 7 meses
Do Spanish gran reservas I had one last week at a friend's . I think it was Conde de Valdemar. The American oak gives an almost pickle juice quality. I know that sounds weird, but that's what I tasted. It was awesome! LOL
DukeCity Piper
DukeCity Piper Hace 7 meses
I don't agree. I love them
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson Hace 7 meses
Spanish wines are shit
DukeCity Piper
DukeCity Piper Hace 7 meses
I love Italian wine. Sooo many wines. So little time!
daver8521 Hace 7 meses
A lot of good values in Italian wines! One I particularly like is Aglianico del Vulture. Also, Nero d'Avola from Sicily.
Al Hace un mes
Try Invetro Renieri 2015 with a basic san marzano pomodoro sauce. My absolute favorite thus far
Pielededrac Hace 6 meses
daver8521...........Funny you should mention my 2 preferred Italian varietals: Aglianico & Nero d"Avola, not to mention Primitivo.......Good taste my friend!
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
hear hear!
Thalles Valente
Thalles Valente Hace 7 meses
Great video and liked the suggestions but why Primitivo was not in your list?? :(
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
It's a great grape but I just covered it 2 weeks ago! That's why it wasn't included ;)
Cornelius Cornia
Cornelius Cornia Hace 7 meses
I love Primitivo
Joe Hoe
Joe Hoe Hace 7 meses
I think one could do a whole list of Italian wines....and ask why they were not on the list...lol. The variety is simply amazing.
Zachery Nichols
Zachery Nichols Hace 7 meses
Love the new wine glasses.
Wine Folly
Wine Folly Hace 7 meses
we actually sell them! : shop.winefolly.com/collections/tasting-tools/products/gabriel-glas-universal-wine-glass-austria
John Hart
John Hart Hace 7 meses
Very interesting 🍇 🍷 🇮🇹
Soteriologist Hace 7 meses
I had the 2015 of this Langhe Nebbiolo. Produttori del Barbaresco is always great value, no particular need to go Barolo, especially not for your regular house wine.
Soteriologist Hace 7 meses
@Eric Cooke What you say is true, but I bought this product for the explicit purpose of checking value for money performance in a tasting series which couldn't wait as the product would have been sold out by the time it's fully ready. Further, as regards that 2015 Langhe Nebbiolo by Produttori del Barbaresco, its low price point compared to the usual Nebbiolo price range made me expect less backbone. Also, I just love that tannic grip and astringent promise of ageability. Knowing this product's potential now, if I had two cases of it, of course I would leave it 5 years past vintage and then open a bottle per year.
Eric Cooke
Eric Cooke Hace 7 meses
That was a young Nebbiolo that you and she drank. They are supposed to be aged 10+ years. I had a 8 year old bottle once with flavors of mushroom, licorice, roses, and dark berries, with very little tannins. It was amazing. Definitely, comparable to an aged Bordeaux or a fine red Burgundy.
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