3 Ways to beat The Tethered from Us (2019)

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Erik S
Erik S Hace un hora
Fell asleep to this movie, just lost my interest
Thomas Flaum
Thomas Flaum Hace 3 horas
finally someone says it makes no sence, i loved the first 90% of the movie, was very well made until the very end, makes absolute no sence
Fran Areta
Fran Areta Hace 5 horas
I'm safe again cuz I live in Argentina
ya boi
ya boi Hace 5 horas
Meh Meh
Meh Meh Hace 6 horas
This bitch done “Us’d” me so many times I don’t know who she is anymore bc if your happiness can only come off my back then yeah the DISEASE LIFE is REAL However y’all take care
Cloutside Hace 7 horas
The tethered only attack the US. Which is why the movie is called Us
Quix Silver
Quix Silver Hace 10 horas
Question: having that many tethered would still leave millions of them unused. Actually most of them wouldn’t fit in this line. also individuals such as this family getting taken by surprise makes sense but what about all the armed groups in the US like the military? The secret service? The cops? Surely they can handle people armed with scissors
Fidelle Hammant
Fidelle Hammant Hace 12 horas
"they obtain your skill" welp i guess they obtain anxiety and depression
vorventa Hace 16 horas
Holy shit the plot twist at the end
Teh plague that is a newb
Teh plague that is a newb Hace 16 horas
How about nuking the underground instead of killing the bastard
Waves_Tech Hace 17 horas
I love the drawing animations!
mymiddlenameis love.
mymiddlenameis love. Hace 18 horas
as someone who owns a rabbit i was offended by those s p o t l e s s floors
echoboi Hace 19 horas
that army chick was chill
Bridgette Smith
Bridgette Smith Hace un día
I live in canada so why don't just come up here because im sure as soon as they hear about the attack the will have military personal around the boarder and if you dont have a red jumpsuit the will prob let you in, but try the milatary base closest to you first.
Judith Johnson
Judith Johnson Hace un día
Wasn't the tethered untethered 🙄🙄😒😒
Judith Johnson
Judith Johnson Hace un día
Go to a different country or the military can airstrike th usatf and then leave the USA and fly to the other side of the world
Big Mama
Big Mama Hace un día
Who are we rooting for Red or adalade
Diego Rosiles
Diego Rosiles Hace un día
10:58 cracked me up so bad
Legendary gamer
Legendary gamer Hace un día
i own'd two rabbits and let me tell ya they poop so freking much my house is a poop island
BloodedSPARKX Hace 2 días
Speed up the car then Allah Akbar
Jerry Baker
Jerry Baker Hace 2 días
Get a vpn and drop ridiculous amouts of knowledge about the tethered the government would do the rest
orpheus280 Hace 2 días
Bro you can't just ask a military base how many people they have. That's like opsec 101.
Excalibar Hace 2 días
It’s confirmed this guy has a rabbit poop collection
Nik Naython
Nik Naython Hace 3 días
The movie makes no sense because Peele is more interested in making political commentary rather than a good movie
Revenge Sniper
Revenge Sniper Hace 3 días
I'll save you some time, you beat them in anyway you would kill or incapacitate a normal human. They're literally less intelligent humans and the ending, regardless of how much I enjoy the rest of the movie, made zero sense.
James Irwin
James Irwin Hace 3 días
Why are you4 socks 20 buck’s, Eh?
SpamReciever420 Hace 3 días
I sleep with a Mossberg 590S, come at me, bitchboi.
Augusto Pinochet
Augusto Pinochet Hace 3 días
Glad you mentioned that after all this while of inbreeding amongst the already mutation prone clones would result in a terrible lack of heterozygotes and people with degenerated DNA .. most likely no children would be born at all.
Ma Dude007
Ma Dude007 Hace 4 días
pxppet Hace 4 días
petition for a horror film on June Man
JOHN LARSON Hace 4 días
Do a video on the ritual
Playfulpanthress Hace 5 días
Dude, a few of your questions were already answered. Obviously the government made the Tethered because the tunnel system is extensive. No one else would have that kind of money. Electric bills only need to be paid when someone tells you they do. A government that said no, or ran the power plant themselves wouldn’t have to pay. Adalaide never told her family because she repressed the memory of being a Tethered. The fact that they were back in Santa Cruz AFTER the death of her mother, with all the coincidences, THAT’S why she told Gabe. Because she could FEEL her double coming. I doubt that the Tethered actually are doubles or wearing the similar clothes underground. I think the same actors were used and similar clothing because humans are stupid and Americans more so. We don’t get things unless we’re hand fed. If Santa Cruz faces the ocean and the line of Tethered is perpendicular to the ocean, which they are, your point is invalid. Rabbits breed rapidly, and they eat them just as fast. What you’re seeing is fur. They are most likely feeding them scraps, if anything. Rabbits like anything will eat what they can when they’re starving. Even lions will eat wood if they get hungry enough. Magic. And the government. Also, I’m sure they would steal what they needed. Peele said so. Guns are fucking boring. And lazy. Edge weapons are badass. Dude, did you watch the movie?? There were a shit ton of Tethered at the end. Didn’t you see how fast the white family died?? They were hella effective. Only a few thousand survived. Maybe. Peele said as you get older you aren’t as forced to the bond. But since the Tethered were insane and bored, it gave them something to do. They probably followed as quickly as possible. It would explain traffic jams that have no reason to exist... As for country change, they probably go as far as they can, then resume following their topside counterpart. Red could communicate after YEARS of immersive learning. Anyone could if you drop them in for decades. Also, keeping inline with the bug analogy of Red’s character, Queen Cockroach, bees dance to explain the location of a flower. So, yeah. Dancing. As for the timing, she probably told people at the cross sections of tunnels, and if you were paying attention, you know they do a pterodactyl screech, and that carries. She also might have gone cross country to tell everyone. I reiterate it took YEARS TO PLAN. Then on the eve of the attack, she probably gave the signal. If you remember, it wasn’t perfectly timed. The 11:11 god squad dude died HOURS before everyone else in Santa Cruz. You know Red was trying to talk to what she thought were her parents. The lack of following a surface dweller probably helped. And again, dancing.
Dal Bro
Dal Bro Hace 5 días
I wish all the tethered were from the upside down.. like another dimension
SeanThePro Hace 5 días
bro i am amazed that he really called the army base or whatever, i didn’t even know there was one and i live just a few half hours from santa cruz
niamniak gameplayer
niamniak gameplayer Hace 5 días
Just kill myself so it cant kill me Cha cha real smooth
Talene Walker
Talene Walker Hace 6 días
LOL the first part is so funny LOL
Deniz Dunda
Deniz Dunda Hace 6 días
Read all of the problems
Gigi Macdonald
Gigi Macdonald Hace 6 días
But a lot of those troops would have been killed by there tethered
Mohammed Shann
Mohammed Shann Hace 6 días
yeah i got a better idea get a machine gun and kill all the freaky motherfuckers
Venom Snek
Venom Snek Hace 6 días
There ain't enough junes for the both of us
Carrillo Avery
Carrillo Avery Hace 7 días
Us has a connection with bird box
very average guy
very average guy Hace 7 días
why can't the military nuke them
Peachii_ Hace 7 días
3:54 Everything wrong with Us If Adelaide and Red switched places when they were kids, why does Red never explicitly say this to Adelaide or her family? Isn't it why she planned the invasion? If Adelaide is one of the tethered, why does she tell Gabe about Red? Wouldn't it be less suspicious to just say nothing? If Red was actually born on the surface, why can she feel the tether to Adelaide when apparently no one else on the surface can feel their tether? Why did the government just abandon the tethered? Wouldn't it have made more sense to kill them and get rid of the evidence? Wouldn't the cost of keeping all these lights on underground cost millions of dollars in electricity bills over the decades? How does Red even know that the government is responsible for the tethered if they've already abandoned them by this point and the tethered are all crazy so they can't tell her either? If several generations of the tethered have been born, why are their children identical to the surface children? Because that would be a statistical impossibility due to the way gamete cells are made. Since Santa Cruz faces the ocean the line that forms there is actually going North, not East. If the tethered have been eating solely rabbits for generations, then what have the rabbits been eating? Rabbits are herbivores and need food to eat, and there are no plants in the underground. Why do the tethered have similar clothes to the people on the surface? Where did they get them? Where did the tethered get their red suits, golden scissors and leather gloves? If they were able to procure those, why didn't they just make or procure guns? I get the symbolism of cutting the tether, but are you really going to let the success of your invasion completely depend on hand to hand combat? And if you can get red suits and golden scissors, count you have at least gotten your husband a pair of glasses? If the tethered simulate what the person above them is doing, do the tethered stay in one place or will they follow the person beneath them? What happens when the person gets on a plane and leave the country? How did Red communicate the plan to literally millions of tethered all across the country? The tethered don't appear to be able to speak, so how did Red communicate this incredibly elaborate plan to them? How did they all invade the surface in unison when they don't seem to have any clocks or calendars? Did they make or procure clocks too? What exactly made the tethered think Red was different from the rest of them? Because she's good at dancing? Really? F i n (I probably just wasted my time lmao but if you wanted to see what it said and didn't pause it, here you go ^-^ )
Jelo Fapugal
Jelo Fapugal Hace 7 días
How to win us 1. Call Russian army 2.call u.s army 3. Escape the humans 4. Get tsar bomb 5. Get Stalin 6. Use conplan 8888
Logica1 Mi5fits
Logica1 Mi5fits Hace 7 días
My question is how does red know where adalade even is
random_ user
random_ user Hace 7 días
Someone invaded southerners house gun: *_happiness noise_*
BruhSoundFX Hace 7 días
18:44 "WhY DiD ShE CaLl ThE CoPs aS sOoN aS ThE TeAtHeReD cAmE To HeR HoUsE?" wel if i saw a group of people holding hands in red clothing in front of my house no shit ima call the cops
BruhSoundFX Hace 7 días
but you gotta remember that the teathered has the abilities the prtagonists has as well so if the soldiers are on duty that means the teathered can use guns so they might or will raid the guns shops.
Keyboard Cat
Keyboard Cat Hace 8 días
Ok get this: move to a different country on the opposite side of the world
Erik Granstedt
Erik Granstedt Hace 8 días
How to beat us: Nuke the place
knightshade8580 Hace 8 días
This movie makes no since, there are no guards or security in the underground. So when Adelaide knocks out red and leaves her down there she could have just left the compound once she woke up. It make no since that she would stay down there.
Max K
Max K Hace 9 días
You definitely made that Camp Parks phone operator's day with your questions. I can't imagine they had much more fun than that at work in a while
Jack Honsinger
Jack Honsinger Hace 9 días
I hope im the tethered and this is hell or whatever now
trashy10 Hace 10 días
19:55 nice gun what bullets does it use? TANKS
donny bro
donny bro Hace 11 días
Wait you said going to camp is easier but you forget if they are an army so the tethered has the same skill, army skill.
Ryan Lorenzo
Ryan Lorenzo Hace 12 días
Man, looking at Cali now I'm actually thinking the ridiculous scenario of people not fighting back is more appropriate
3 33
3 33 Hace 12 días
The movie also asume mostly no one will manage to kill his clon back, kinda bold knowing a big part of the population have defensive weapons, security systems and big protective dogs.
Nusayba Yusuf
Nusayba Yusuf Hace 12 días
I pooped my pants every time I saw the thumbnail geez
Maliah Alara Ross
Maliah Alara Ross Hace 12 días
I definitely UNSUBSCRIBED AND DISLIKED THE VIDEO because of your opening statement about Jordan peel’s masterpiece. This film is beyond memorable....how dare you. Anyways “freedom of speech” I guess. 🙄
Hide from your tethered under a dumpster.. then shoot it when it comes for you.
Kid of roblox reid
Kid of roblox reid Hace 13 días
The girl in the thumbnail can be defeated by insulting that forehead
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts Hace 13 días
Millions of tethered in the tunnels, too many to kill even with guns
Xenoblade Wilder
Xenoblade Wilder Hace 13 días
Why did the government not just kill them he left them down there with the possibility that they might surface and attack one day
Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman Hace 13 días
I do believe we all forgot about the beauty of googling how to make basement bombs and blowin that shit up
Lisa Grochowski
Lisa Grochowski Hace 13 días
Number 4: live in Mexico
Milantique Studios
Milantique Studios Hace 13 días
with the amount of night jobs out there, id say half of America would be asleep. Plus there are always people awake. Cities especially. And why is no one gunning down their line? At some point people would be able to clearly recognize the terrorists and kill them for kill their friends, family etc. Is this psychic link a two way radio or can only the tether do it? Cuz thats some bull.
King Gloxinia
King Gloxinia Hace 14 días
My tethered be like:I don’t feel like invading the surface today. Let me finish this anime
charlie kairau
charlie kairau Hace 14 días
You videos make no sense. Just give up
No-one Important
No-one Important Hace 14 días
Just pretend to be them look, You hear about the tethered, and when the news is over your tethered would attack you/ be at your house. So you kill your tethered, preferably in the neck as to not damage the suit, and your set. Join the 'Hands Across America' and don't talk. This applies in the very beginning when Red was swapped, the tethered didn't know that Red was a surface person. Just avoid the military, and if you ever encounter them, hide, take off your suit, and approach. Another way Hide and wait, this is common sense. If you have a gun, or a weapon (preferably long range, at least compared to scissors) and kill your double. You'll be fine as if you hide, by yourself, and the body of your double and wait for the tethered to be done, or just don't annoy them and hide the body. The tethered don't want war they want their double dead, and if you wait for the U.S to kill them as they are severely outmatched then you win. EZ Tell me if you disagree
The great and powerful Doge
The great and powerful Doge Hace 14 días
When he said “aaooaooaoaaooah”, I felt that
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