3 Ways to beat The Tethered from Us (2019)

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Mr. S.Akita Inu
Mr. S.Akita Inu Hace 21 un minuto
Say the n word
Jarrod Conklin
Jarrod Conklin Hace 33 minutos
How are there clones of little kids that were born after
Well. Sully.
Well. Sully. Hace 52 minutos
It'd make more sense if the tethered were all Naked Feral Non-talking Left in the dark Cannibalistic Freaks. Cuz the whole abandonment thing? And chalk uo the rest to mystical mumbo jumbo. It'd be more realistic tho.
Chumsucker Hace un hora
I have a better plan, shoot the mute people that with scissors that look just like you in their heads with gun.
erica Hace un hora
about the rabbit poop.... snacks
erica Hace un hora
im joking but also not really
DaBearz1027 Hace un hora
Get Out is one of my favorite movies. It’s crazy to see how much passion my man had for the film that when you look back and watch again you notice all the little hidden details and it was a movie that actually kept me in suspense
R.P Mahoney
R.P Mahoney Hace un hora
Three ways: 1: .45 ACP 2: .308 WinMag 3: 8mm Mauser Done.
[GG] Light Phoenix
[GG] Light Phoenix Hace 2 horas
Are you telling me that this is America, and nobody has a single gun to protect themselves?!
Tristan Sanders
Tristan Sanders Hace 2 horas
send a kamikaze robot d0wn there and fuck em up
Lochlan Batty
Lochlan Batty Hace 2 horas
easy a big f*ckin gun
Smallbean OwO
Smallbean OwO Hace 2 horas
Nuke them
Kai Tea Latte
Kai Tea Latte Hace 2 horas
Teathered and military: Rock Paper Scissors shoot Theaterd: Scissors Military: shoot Theatherd: ???- *The tanks start to come*
Avery Lucas
Avery Lucas Hace 3 horas
One problem. If they knew to do all of this, wouldnt there tethered know to do this too?
John Hace 3 horas
Would've been interesting to see John Wick go toe to toe with his tether.
MELONDUDE YT Hace 3 horas
This is America EVERYONE has GUNS
XenomorphXX12 Hace 3 horas
Lol what if you just put some spikes or a ram or something on your car and rammed through themm all after you killed or subdued your tethered.
αlαια Hace 3 horas
Adelaide forgot over time and started to believe that she was red but when they started fighting she realized she was the tethered that's why when the other tether tried to kill her she couldn't because she was one of them My theory:
Ella Eilish
Ella Eilish Hace 4 horas
props to the cast for having to play two characters as the same time
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin Hace 4 horas
I was also thinking about the rabbit-poop thing when I watched it.
Balaclava Man
Balaclava Man Hace 4 horas
Tethered Balaclava Man: There is no way to beat the teathered from us just surrender and we can all hold hands acros- Real Balaclava Man: Huh why is there another me oh wait its a tethered ALRIGHT YA RASPY VOICED FUCK LETS GO AAAAAHHHHHHH *Fighting insues* oh siscsors thats what we are using eh well two can play at that game ya red jumpsuited bitch! *grabs sciscors* HEEEE YAAAH *Stabs tethered B-Man 10 times in the chest*
theyoutube cat
theyoutube cat Hace 4 horas
Why would they want to kill me? I'm already dead inside. Probably would feel pity for me and just let me go.
MajorArtillery Hace 4 horas
I always have a hard time with horror movies that take place in the U.S. Any American who goes to a gun range with some regularity has enough firepower to deal with whatever horror scenario comes along. Pennywise himself will find it hard to mess with the Derry kids if they decide to raid Uncle Jim Bobs's gun cabinet.
Cristal Justice
Cristal Justice Hace 4 horas
Maybe that's area 51 the government wanted to cover up
Snape Deserved Better. y'know what so did Fred
Snape Deserved Better. y'know what so did Fred Hace 5 horas
Forget all these other things. *WHERE IS THE POOP??!*
The Wonderful World of Winstino
The Wonderful World of Winstino Hace 5 horas
So immigrants would be Gucci right
Rin Izanami
Rin Izanami Hace 5 horas
Also, they don't think like you, so what if your sanity slowly decreased over the years, making your movements unpredictable and random. They wouldn't stand a chance boi. They have the same moves but not the same execution of those moves
Dbb3 Animation Studios
Dbb3 Animation Studios Hace 5 horas
You should do the mind flayer
Rin Izanami
Rin Izanami Hace 5 horas
If the government didn't just abandon them and killed them by dropping a nuke down there. Like srsly. Dude. Wtf
Chaisen Hace 5 horas
Just raid area 51
Matariki Wikaire
Matariki Wikaire Hace 6 horas
they could've gotten the jumpsuits from the neighbor's teathered and pretended to be their doubles
loner wolf
loner wolf Hace 6 horas
idea you just buy a electric fence bar's over your windows a strong door a elmo with a ak47
MixinThe Bisquic
MixinThe Bisquic Hace 6 horas
I own 31 firearms and am very familiarized with each one and I can say this realistically would be catastrophic within unarmed states but where I live the tethered wouldn't last all that long I could piss in the wind longer than those entities would draw breath should one be dead set on killing me hehehe perfect scenario for my drummed bushman m4a1 well honestly I would use something more so along the lines of 45 acp or 7.62.39 or 54 so ether my JR carbine or sks
Karen Wants the manager
Karen Wants the manager Hace 6 horas
If you did number 3 there might be a war
Isaac Whitehead
Isaac Whitehead Hace 6 horas
11:11 is a spiritual number associated with soul union... nice sneak in of Panentheologial Christianity. it's official Hollywood worships numerology as well as the number of bills in ur pocket.
GrenTriz Hace 7 horas
Easy, show me to porn they'll get instantly hooked, results may vary from person to person, but I know for a FACT that that would work for me
niomi1234 Hace 7 horas
This video is so on point, I went to go see this movie with my family and I told them after the movie "this movie made no sense at all"
Peter parkers ass
Peter parkers ass Hace 7 horas
I cant believe he actually called a military base
Do not subscribe to Me
Do not subscribe to Me Hace 7 horas
Who else read through all the problems with the movie?
Sharon Jenkins
Sharon Jenkins Hace 8 horas
How to beat the creatures from MAZE RUNNER! (they are called greivers)
Bardo Tsa
Bardo Tsa Hace 8 horas
But why did “Adelaide” keep caring for the children and Gabe even though she was a Tethered?
Iylon Tomblin
Iylon Tomblin Hace 8 horas
Luv how nobody got that tfs reference 6:42
Brandon Humphrey
Brandon Humphrey Hace 9 horas
You can throw a nuke at them
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf Hace 9 horas
#1: *gun*
NuggetBucket Hace 9 horas
Funfact you can't live just off rabbit meat. Something about it being too lean
Penn Penn
Penn Penn Hace 9 horas
Okay so to answer the question about why they though she was different. She could speak like a surface person. They realized she was different bc of that fact. You gotta remember she’s the only “tethered” person that could talk. Also if she stayed underground and minded her mf business then this wouldn’t have happened either.
Loayerer Loayerer
Loayerer Loayerer Hace 9 horas
Who watched dis at Thailand xd me
Rock Fella
Rock Fella Hace 10 horas
It's called a nuke they should use it
Fake Clan
Fake Clan Hace 10 horas
Adalaid wanted revenge for red switching them so thats why she called out all the tethered. But adalaid died anyway.
Razen Hace 10 horas
Lmao if you just killed Adelaide it's be fine
umyo GD
umyo GD Hace 10 horas
I just wanna take a sec to say that the thumbnail was creepy as hecc
jesinator Hace 11 horas
I would somehow befriend my tethered and we would just hang out
izzy'sbizzy Hace 11 horas
they should have overthrown the goverment. they are the ones who made and abandoned. they just overthrow them and we teach them to talk and stuff so we can all live happily! idk why they attack us. we no do anything. cuz they obvious know goverment do em dirtyyy
Natsuki Ddlc
Natsuki Ddlc Hace 12 horas
My plan is like the 3rd option just that instead of just killing red kill every tattered or however they're called just in case
emarskineel Hace 12 horas
This movie was fucking horrible
The Joker
The Joker Hace 12 horas
I keep laughing when the tethered dad does "OOORRAHOOOO"
Zero Hace 12 horas
we are American *laughs in Japanese*
Monique cooper
Monique cooper Hace 13 horas
Ak 47 shooting out tanks Editing is bomb
zulfiya zuber
zulfiya zuber Hace 13 horas
There was nothing blocking the entrance from the underground to the surface. Once Red was unshackled after Adelaide left her in the underground, why didn't she just find her way back up? Show up at the beach, ask for help, tell her address, get home? Her parents would believe her over Adelaide since she was acting different from their daughter anyway.
Max Wiley
Max Wiley Hace 13 horas
A-10 pilot: *sees the expansive line of enemies* A-10 pilot: *heavy breathing*
R Gryon
R Gryon Hace 13 horas
Isn't Santa Cruz a skateboard company lmao they made it into a real place 😂😂😂
Just no one
Just no one Hace 14 horas
Still waiting for your new video.. .can't wait for it anymore
Film Herald
Film Herald Hace 14 horas
There's one coming but it'll be another week or two
NATE HIGGERS Hace 15 horas
Number 1 own a gun they only have scissors it wont go well for them
Halcyon Pinkerton
Halcyon Pinkerton Hace 15 horas
1. why share it with people who are just going to be killed? 2. It’s implied she only realizes she’s a tethered at the end as it was a repressed memory 3. Jordan peele explicitly stated that some tethered have stronger connections than others 4. You don’t think it might be hard to kill the population of Santa Barbara, if not all of America? They left them underground with the only viable food source being rabbits which it would be fair to assume the tethered would eat rather quickly. 5. Probably 6. She probably could’ve picked that up with evidence. Like documents and circumstantial evidence. Also they’re crazy but not necessarily enough to not be able to communicate enough for her to figure it out. 6. They are explicitly shown to follow all the actions of their surface counterparts when not excercising some amount of free will. If they’re that closely linked then it’s possible their biological processes would be too 7. We literally see them forming a line perpendicular to the coast The rest of your points are fair.
Zoe Revilla
Zoe Revilla Hace 15 horas
Can we just all stop and talk about how in sync the tethered are in copying you?! WTF?! THAT SCARED ME SO MUCH I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY!!!!
ElectriKye Hace 16 horas
No one in these comments talks about how hilarious this guy is😂 June man, him meeting his clone, everything. Every video I watch he has me dying. I can’t believe I just found him
Russell From UP's Official Youtube Channel
Russell From UP's Official Youtube Channel Hace 16 horas
I cant believe this was rewarded. It was a total shit show making no sense and you couldn't enjoy the movie due to the fact
ohh yeah MR, CRABS
ohh yeah MR, CRABS Hace 17 horas
Nuke them
Nuggzz Hace 17 horas
My dad already knows how to beat me
PsyDuctTape Hace 17 horas
1.gun 2. Very I mean very pointy loooooong stick 3.the F.B.I
YxZR Hace 17 horas
So glad I’m from the UK
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