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Caught between the elitist, humiliating Process to obtain a place in
the Offshore and the endless scarcity of resources on the Continent,
some ex-candidates decide to come up with a third way. But freedom has a price. The third season of 3% will be released on June 7, 2019.
3%, Only on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80074220
SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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3% | Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
In a future where the elite inhabit an island paradise far from the crowded slums, you get one chance to join the 3% saved from squalor.

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José B Ribeiro
José B Ribeiro Hace 2 días
Michele: Fernando died.... Me: Excuse me?
Jay G
Jay G Hace 2 días
Such a dang good series
Moreno Player
Moreno Player Hace 4 días
outidouti Hace 5 días
This series is wonderful, it is a shame that I have no greater public than I love it and see it in its original language so that I feel more emotion when I see it. I need season 4 now! gracias netflix por crear esta hermosa serie, te lo agradezco
uni flaw
uni flaw Hace 5 días
i cant wait for the season 4 omg this is my favorite serie
joe k
joe k Hace 12 días
There are some weaknesses but this is hands down the best show about human nature. Also a proof that if you have a good story you dont need super expensive scenery nor pretty faces
Marina RAMSDEN Hace 13 días
loved the 2 first seasons ! looking forwrd to watch the 3rd one ! BUT IN ENGLISH !
Ivan Floyd
Ivan Floyd Hace 15 días
Primera temporada : muy buena segunda temporada : regular y tercera temporada : mala.
Nelly Nellita
Nelly Nellita Hace 18 días
Quién es el traidor de la concha?
SkaLite KDNP
SkaLite KDNP Hace 20 días
Porfavor danos el privilegio de la 4 temporada no puede quedar asi necesitamos la 4 temporada.... gracias espero que nos ayuden
niño güey
niño güey Hace 22 días
No mames, ya quiero ver la cuarta! Muy recomendale, muy padre esta, de las mejores series brasileñas!
Sleepin thegarden
Sleepin thegarden Hace 22 días
Idk why but I hate subtitles so much that I can’t love a movie or a series because of this :(
Aykut Ardıç
Aykut Ardıç Hace 27 días
Wait 4.season
Chris H
Chris H Hace 27 días
Where the f@ck is start season 3 ?
Eyüpcan Gürer
Eyüpcan Gürer Hace 27 días
Season 4 waiting
Jason Hazel
Jason Hazel Hace 29 días
It's past June! Where's the third season?
Km Overloadz
Km Overloadz Hace 26 días
Don’t worry, I was trying to find season 4. Smelly me😂
Jason Hazel
Jason Hazel Hace 29 días
Never mind. Found it.... ....talkin to myself...
Adam B
Adam B Hace un mes
Is there going to be an English dub anywhere in the future? I can't enjoy movies with subtitles.
baran çelik
baran çelik Hace un mes
Final sound ?
Nelsha Joge
Nelsha Joge Hace un mes
Macro and his son begging for food broke me 😭
biel Silva
biel Silva Hace un mes
GenocideVirus Hace un mes
Sorry but I’d rather see this show canceled so that I can enjoy better ones. This season was like watching a bunch of children bicker.
Nelson bors
Nelson bors Hace un mes
I need season 4 now😍🙃 underated Netflix series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cath.Imagine Hace un mes
Necesito la cuarta :'(
Frank Visage
Frank Visage Hace un mes
There better be a season 4. You can't end it like that.
tava gostando da série , até o cap.5 da 2temp, como bons brasileiros tinham que cagar tudo, onde o ezequiel é morto , até eu tinha um desfecho melhor pra essa bosta, achei que ele ia enganar todo mundo, e dizer que mentiu pra causa a fim de pegalos no pulo, quando eles tentassem esplodir a bonba , provando que a causa éra ruim por tentar matar ao contrario do processo que fazia o bem , e ainda assim sairia como bom sem ser obrigado a revelar o verdadeiro interesse, MAS O BRASIL É UM LIXO EM TUDO MESMO FODA SE SEUS MERDA , ATÉ AQUI DAVA ENGOLIR , DEPOIS DISSO ADEUS.
AniSci Hermit
AniSci Hermit Hace un mes
There is only a few series I keep up with and look forward to on Netflix and this is one of them. Great show!. I also believe this surely could happen in the real world and is in many ways already.
Maicon Rodríguez
Maicon Rodríguez Hace un mes
Já quero a 4ª temporada
TaeGucci Hace un mes
I just finished watching this season and I’m waiting for season 4, we need it!
Ângela Maria
Ângela Maria Hace un mes
Sem dúvida, a melhor série
Dani 361
Dani 361 Hace un mes
Thats my battery life right now
Tony Tee
Tony Tee Hace un mes
Woooooow!!! Back to the basics.
Julia Olhovich
Julia Olhovich Hace un mes
I miss Ez =( He was cool character
Mel Light
Mel Light Hace un mes
Fantastic series can’t wait season 4
Carlinhos TV
Carlinhos TV Hace un mes
Melhor série brasileira
Angela BL
Angela BL Hace un mes
Me encanta ya para cuando 4 temporada ♥️
Talita Torres
Talita Torres Hace un mes
Season 4 please
hazel goodshepherd
hazel goodshepherd Hace un mes
They killed Fernando off screen, dude. Screw this show!
Isabelle FRANCIS
Isabelle FRANCIS Hace un mes
AAAAAHHHH !! Cadê a season 4 ????? Queremos o resto , vamoooo !!!!
Sephiroth766 Hace un mes
Please tell me Gloria isn't all buddy buddy with everyone after everything she did. Marcos at least helped take down Marcela, Gloria basically told Michelle's brother what will happen. Maybe she is still aligned with the process but why would anyone trust her after this?
Marcela Matamoros
Marcela Matamoros Hace un mes
She is Marcela's ally for sure, pretty sure she left the note on her food tray when she spat on the food. Aside, I don't feel like we got all details of her deals with Marcela during her Process.
Qennan B
Qennan B Hace un mes
All that technology and you can't se a sand storm sooner. Huge plot hole in the first eposode. Lots of smaller ones too.
Viridiana Olivares Jiménez
Viridiana Olivares Jiménez Hace un mes
I need season 4, PLEASEEEE
Lola Kylee
Lola Kylee Hace 2 meses
Justin Casar
Justin Casar Hace 2 meses
The place is prob called the shell because Its Michelle's middle name. Actually it is the middle part of her first name.
Julio Adrian
Julio Adrian Hace 2 meses
Season 4 Please
LUCIA FATIMA Hace 2 meses
O Rafael tá proibido de morrer 🙄
Ariceli Breguêz
Ariceli Breguêz Hace 2 meses
lucilla Hace 2 meses
Please, do season 4. I'M BEGGING YOU❤️🙏
lucilla Hace 2 meses
This is one of my favorite tv series of all the time
lucilla Hace 2 meses
The characters development during the seasons is amazing. You have to watch this show!
lucilla Hace 2 meses
Just finished the last season, one of the best show I've ever watched. Amazing. You should definetely watch it! Looking forward for season 4 already!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gamal Sheikh
Gamal Sheikh Hace 2 meses
Season 3 is asssss. A waste of my damn time. Such a disappointment
micheal stephanie
micheal stephanie Hace 2 meses
This show is insanity. Crazy. I love it. One of the best shows on Netflix
Hxpnotic Hace 2 meses
I need season 4 to be out!!!
Yelløw Hace 2 meses
The offshore... they are terrible person.. the shell wants to help people and they tried to take control over the shell by being the good guys.. but they’re not. The shell is way better then the offshore.
Laura Verónica Pastor Castillo
Laura Verónica Pastor Castillo Hace 2 meses
Am i the only one who thinks these series is like the 100 but done properly? Like the've taken the posapocaliptic concept in a superpopulated earth and all the leader sacrifices and the need of selection for survival, but manteining space out of the equation which makes the show simpler, and so much digestable. I mean this is the perfect distopic posapocaliptic series i''v ever seen.
Laura Verónica Pastor Castillo
Laura Verónica Pastor Castillo Hace un mes
@Onyx Sinon maybe. When it comes to the 100 is like a very good concept and good trama but poor character, dialoges and even some times poor acting. So i'm like in a diferent mood with these show, i know how it is and i dont expect that much, that way i enjoy it a lot. The last seson (6) btw us pretty good.
Onyx Sinon
Onyx Sinon Hace 2 meses
I'm a big fan of the 100 but I have to agree, the recent seasons of the 100 have felt pretty bland, repetitive and rushed (even semi-cringy at times- Octavia). Season 3 of 3% has a phenomenal storyline, character development, and excellent pacing. I feel as though it is easier to relate to the motivations, actions, and emotions behind the characters in 3%. I can't say the same for the 100, as the characters seem so distant and disconnected, maybe because of the space concept you mentioned; but I think it has to do with the poorly written character arcs.
Làzaro S
Làzaro S Hace 2 meses
Vocês se esquecerem que existe uma coisa chamada dublagem
Johan liebert
Johan liebert Hace 2 meses
Me la termine en 1 noche, muy buena serie , cada temporada mejorando la calidad de la antecesora.
Kino San
Kino San Hace 2 meses
I haven't a clue.
May Santt
May Santt Hace 2 meses
Precisando urgente da 4° temporada. Pqp melhor série da vida ❤😭
Cisse Ibrahim
Cisse Ibrahim Hace 2 meses
Anyone know the name of the song from the end of the last episodes
Danniel Hace 2 meses
Bom Conselho - Jhonny Hooker. Unfortunately they didn't relesead officially.
lilnameless Hace 2 meses
Vitoria sales
Vitoria sales Hace 2 meses
Vitoria sales
Vitoria sales Hace 2 meses
Eu quero series boas como essa!!!!!❤
Antonio Alejandro
Antonio Alejandro Hace 2 meses
Like si la viste toda en un día XD
Emerald Kelsi
Emerald Kelsi Hace 2 meses
they killed off fernando wtf
Otávio Marques
Otávio Marques Hace 2 meses
Muito bom ver uma série brasileira fazendo sucesso fora do Brasil Thank you Netflix 🇧🇷❤
LJBLACK Hace 2 meses
This show wont make it past season 3, if it does it wont make it past season 4. After the first season it has just become boring repetitive, it doesnt make any sense. All you have are kids who hate each other one second and then act like friends again in the next 3 episodes. This show has a lot of potential but these writers are sinking this ship fast. A lot of the plot has holes doesnt make sense and character decisions make each character seem similar with nothing unique. I've seen all 3 seasons and i dont even care about a season 4 now.
Vernon Lazaro
Vernon Lazaro Hace 2 meses
Just finished watching season 3. What happened to Michele's leverage at the end of season 2? It was supposed to be a yearly thing as offshore had no backup of the data but I don't recall it being referenced at all.
Danniel Hace 2 meses
I think she was talking about the construction of the Shell, which needed the help from the offshore.
Matthew Perttula
Matthew Perttula Hace 2 meses
Where's Fernando? =(
Melanie Rivas
Melanie Rivas Hace 2 meses
la tercera temporada es sin duda la mejor en esta gran serie. la recomiendo!! 😃😃
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