2HYPE Chopped Cook-off Challenge

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The Official 2HYPE Chopped Cookout Challenge! Uploads are Every Saturday!
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Jackson Castellanos
Jackson Castellanos Hace 8 horas
30 seconds chefs. Mopi:AhHHhhhhhHHHhhHHhHHHHhHHHhHhHhHhhhHhHHhhhh
Mattias Da Music Plug
Mattias Da Music Plug Hace 14 horas
Jia Wei Chen
Jia Wei Chen Hace un día
Go easy on mopi man
That Guy
That Guy Hace un día
InMambaWeTrust Hace 3 horas
That Guy You good?
That Guy
That Guy Hace un día
/hide chat
juxed clips
juxed clips Hace un día
Kris “ little do they know, I’m allergic to cinnamon” Also kris “ am I doing the cinnamon challenge mate?” 😂😂
Moosoe Wah x
Moosoe Wah x Hace un día
chef Mopi with the grill!!!
Duke Ha'o
Duke Ha'o Hace un día
Bro I deadass didn’t even know lsk and zach we’re brother
IDarthWazup Z
IDarthWazup Z Hace 2 días
Mopi = vik
Jeezy Louu
Jeezy Louu Hace 2 días
Make a part 2 pls 😂
Ben Proodian
Ben Proodian Hace 2 días
Chef kris is hilarious omg
Brian Xu
Brian Xu Hace 2 días
Reaction to Cash’s dish- Amazing, very delicious Reaction to Mopi’s dish- *Throws dish into garbage can*
Thomas Nicholas
Thomas Nicholas Hace 2 días
Fucking amazing
Peyton Rosenfeld
Peyton Rosenfeld Hace 3 días
Jessie lookin cute no homo
timmy jacobs
timmy jacobs Hace 3 días
Is it just me or do I like everyone but kris. He is annoying an just ignorant an disrespectful.
Jamaljr Christmas
Jamaljr Christmas Hace 3 días
When cash said I thought I was gonna get ready to rage I lost it😭😭😭
Jaxvlogs Beast
Jaxvlogs Beast Hace 3 días
do another one
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Basketball Yo
Basketball Yo Hace 3 días
Sharp Zachary Cash and the glasses had me crying
Basketball Yo
Basketball Yo Hace 3 días
Kris lay off show respect
Linda Gordon-Shade
Linda Gordon-Shade Hace 3 días
14:44 🤣
six paths of pain
six paths of pain Hace 3 días
why is Kris a better judge then the shows judges
Raul Ramirez
Raul Ramirez Hace 3 días
we need, todd as camerman more “iN tHe PaSt YoUvE dEsCrIbEd YoUrSeLf As A wEiNeR pRo”
litboysav23 23
litboysav23 23 Hace 4 días
this was on my bday
Atreyu Nicolas
Atreyu Nicolas Hace 4 días
No one likes Mopi
Columbus Fightsss
Columbus Fightsss Hace 4 días
Like if this is so realistic
Deity IQ
Deity IQ Hace 4 días
You guys should do Hell’s Kitchen lmaooo
Shamar R
Shamar R Hace 4 días
Damn dey treated mopi like a step child 😂
Julio Stefano Datinguinoo
Julio Stefano Datinguinoo Hace 4 días
Do chopped cook off challenge with nba players or other popular people.
Michael Buckley
Michael Buckley Hace 4 días
Gex Hace 4 días
4:41 Todd is in the right I think he is about to save the day
Rudra Ghutadaria
Rudra Ghutadaria Hace 5 días
Kris is gordon Ramsey
Ninize Baby
Ninize Baby Hace 5 días
I never Chris was Zach brother
Zach Boyd
Zach Boyd Hace 5 días
Mopi makes himself a meme on purpose it seems
Jon Chadiha
Jon Chadiha Hace 5 días
This should be called worst cooks in America
Big Body
Big Body Hace 5 días
Make a part 2
Jacob Fonseca
Jacob Fonseca Hace 5 días
21:41 cash nasty taking this seriously 😂😂
Big baller James
Big baller James Hace 6 días
Cody Manzo
Cody Manzo Hace 6 días
Do a part 2
Maxiboy 1230
Maxiboy 1230 Hace 7 días
LSK accent was so funny
Graydon Trujillo
Graydon Trujillo Hace 7 días
4:16: TODD
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey Hace 7 días
I feel bad for mopi
Tyriq Mollock
Tyriq Mollock Hace 7 días
yall so mean to mopi
YTDaniel Fischer
YTDaniel Fischer Hace 7 días
5:00 😂😂😂😂
Aathi Mano
Aathi Mano Hace 8 días
real shit u if jesse said hes Italian it pretty believable
Mutombo_NOOO Hace 8 días
Who’s still here August 2019
BX Productions
BX Productions Hace 8 días
Mate you been seasoning that for fuckin 12 mins do something
DeQuavious J
DeQuavious J Hace 8 días
The videos look soo lonely with out the other 2hype members
Cod Hace 8 días
Mopis 14 on his shirt is the age of his cooking skills
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Hace 8 días
I need a part 2
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Hace 8 días
Can 2hype make another episode Like= a prayer for Mopi
Peyton Rodriguez
Peyton Rodriguez Hace 8 días
Is Zack and Kris actually brothers
Gus The Goat
Gus The Goat Hace 9 días
Peanut butter on an apple is 🤤 I do it all the time
Marvy_ArtsySFM Hace 9 días
I never knew zac and kris were brothers I have a brotther named zac and my nickname is kris
John McCarthy
John McCarthy Hace 9 días
4:09 that is a Good Accent 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Elan Mullakandov
Elan Mullakandov Hace 9 días
You can’t bully Mopi he was trying his best
Jayden C
Jayden C Hace 9 días
they're funny but they can treat mopi better
Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan Hace 9 días
Jayden C it’s not serious lol
Jayden C
Jayden C Hace 9 días
u know what hurt u wearing glasses inside a house. lmaoooo cash got mad serious
Center KALAVI Hace 9 días
We need more please
Jhonatan Rodriguez
Jhonatan Rodriguez Hace 9 días
I agree with dakota
Justin khezri
Justin khezri Hace 9 días
Little does he know I’m allergic to cinnamon
SLK Burnt
SLK Burnt Hace 9 días
14:42 14:45 who is that creep
Patrick Huntley
Patrick Huntley Hace 9 días
Rip mopi
Zakai Henry
Zakai Henry Hace 9 días
Mopi was just getting bullied the whole video
MsBirdsong 77
MsBirdsong 77 Hace 9 días
Okay this shit was funny but..... awwwwww Mopi, yall did em DIRT..TEE 😂😂 it's not funny
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Hace 9 días
i really wanna see more of mopi getting chopped
Creeper Kingsdamac
Creeper Kingsdamac Hace 9 días
7:25 Kris: little does he know, I’m allergic to cinnamon 14:18 (eats cinnamon covered apple)
ALISTER SINGH Hace 10 días
I got 656 words
ALISTER SINGH Hace 10 días
damn 4k quality
Ryan Wieder
Ryan Wieder Hace 10 días
I love lsk accent "mopi do you want me to help Mopi: I don't need your help Kris: well go fuck yourself 🤣🤣🤣
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