2HYPE Chopped Cook-off Challenge

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The Official 2HYPE Chopped Cookout Challenge! Uploads are Every Saturday!
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Michael Carstens
Michael Carstens Hace 2 horas
Mopi was hilarious in this
Itsreallymeaaron Hace un día
Mopi is so funny 5:14
Itsreallymeaaron Hace un día
2:15 look at Jesse
Addison Garcia
Addison Garcia Hace un día
7:03 “wiener pro” 😂
Bora Eskinazi
Bora Eskinazi Hace un día
This is how much mop I sucks ⬇️⬇️
Peter Nikolopoulos
Peter Nikolopoulos Hace un día
Kris:I refuse to call mopi chef mopi 2years later mopi makes chopped on tv
Jorge Volgs
Jorge Volgs Hace 2 días
I feel bad for mop
Connor Diederich
Connor Diederich Hace 2 días
LSU every chopped little did they know I’m ....
Jennifer Nugent
Jennifer Nugent Hace 3 días
No, black people love chicken
nikkiwaxman Hace 3 días
Mopi: I mostly cook chicken tenders Jesser: are those dinosaurs? Mopi: of course Jesser: respect 😂😂😂😂
Juanito R
Juanito R Hace 3 días
Clyde Tejada
Clyde Tejada Hace 3 días
Todd walking away from the caramel sa uce 14:42
Alex Sundberg
Alex Sundberg Hace 4 días
Do another chopped
Velocity_DNA Hace 5 días
"do you know what might have hurt you. Wearing sunglasses in the house" -cash 2019
Clickbait Central
Clickbait Central Hace 7 días
Love it
Peter Aiello
Peter Aiello Hace 7 días
Cash won
Punk Shark88
Punk Shark88 Hace 7 días
14.41 look at tod on the right
JSD Hace 8 días
Mopi: "That’s a big piece of meat... I don’t want it anymore!!" Me: CUT IT MATE
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz Hace 9 días
Cash Nasty:Now imma show y'all how to cross contaminate food
Corey Zeni
Corey Zeni Hace 9 días
Kris ain’t know bout peanut butter and apples 😂. Really smacks
CRB2K Hace 9 días
Anyone else notice at 16:44 that zach liked mopis milkshake, looked at kris, saw that kris didn’t like then acted like he didn’t like it either?
Mcdonalds Employee
Mcdonalds Employee Hace 10 días
this bro said little does he know i’m allergic to cinnamon with that british head ass voice 💀 this bro finna die 😂
Nathan Cantu
Nathan Cantu Hace 11 días
Bruh apples and peanut butter is the move
D Man
D Man Hace 11 días
They should do more chopped videos. This video was awesome hella funny
josh aganon
josh aganon Hace 11 días
mopi is a fucking dumbass
Joshua Nieto
Joshua Nieto Hace 11 días
you know what might hurt you? "wearing glasses inside Of A HoUsE" XD
jess jess
jess jess Hace 13 días
20:44 Jiedel w/ the lines...
jess jess
jess jess Hace 13 días
"Does this look raw or is it just me in the middle?" -Jesser
David Chinchilla
David Chinchilla Hace 13 días
Poor Mopi
ITS pwnageツ
ITS pwnageツ Hace 14 días
I was dying when moping said I been fired
Simply Fry
Simply Fry Hace 14 días
Can someone tell me if kris and Zach are actually brothers
Gian Gomez
Gian Gomez Hace 16 días
Is rising
Gian Gomez
Gian Gomez Hace 16 días
The next master chef is ris iij Nguyen but they didn't make another episode
Ryan Frey
Ryan Frey Hace 18 días
Jiedel what you doing at 20:46...
Riles69 Hace 19 días
If kris and Zachary are brothers. Why is kris way taller than him. Don’t you get your height from your parents?
Demon_Gamer TV
Demon_Gamer TV Hace 19 días
I feel bad for mopi
The one The only x man
The one The only x man Hace 20 días
Nobody... Cash: your wearing glasses in the house
Evan Casterline
Evan Casterline Hace 20 días
1like = 1 prayer for mopi's self esteem
Xelops Hace 21 un día
22:45 😭 I’m literally dying from laughter rip mopi ?-2019
Dikembe Shaw
Dikembe Shaw Hace 21 un día
Zach and kriss are brothers
Andy Li
Andy Li Hace 21 un día
The judges got short with Mopi
King Fish
King Fish Hace 22 días
Nobody: Kris: that’s a cap
i just love ARK!!!
i just love ARK!!! Hace 23 días
Nasty is the cooking God!!!!!
Dominic Mcknight
Dominic Mcknight Hace 23 días
Lsk was just roasting mopi
Inise1 Hace 23 días
That was so bad for throwing mopi dish
ghost adyan
ghost adyan Hace 24 días
Lsk look like blueface
Crystal Morgan
Crystal Morgan Hace 24 días
1:12 sec is so funny
Bennett Heagle
Bennett Heagle Hace 25 días
Kris Ramsey
Colton LaCrone
Colton LaCrone Hace 25 días
Is Zach actually chrises brother
what up Bitches
what up Bitches Hace 25 días
When their judging James you just see Todd in the background
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Hace 25 días
15:50 lmao and 17:33
Sameer Sahmed
Sameer Sahmed Hace 25 días
Peanut butter on Apple rock cEleRYY?
NintendoGamer 4Life
NintendoGamer 4Life Hace 26 días
I absolutely love Mopi. Hes such a sweetheart.
Miguel Nunez
Miguel Nunez Hace 26 días
Why are they so mean to mopi like ok he can’t coke that well doesn’t mean you have to discriminate him in such a bad way😒
Super Speedy
Super Speedy Hace 26 días
Are khris and zack really brothers?
HLS_H1GHSKY1 Hace 26 días
Wait are zack and kris brothers
Brandon Hoopes
Brandon Hoopes Hace 26 días
how is kris so sheltered that he hasn’t even heard of putting peanut butter on an apple slice
jake123 Hace 26 días
PJ React
PJ React Hace 27 días
James and Cash should make a meal as a duo
lol no subs
lol no subs Hace 28 días
lol no subs
lol no subs Hace 28 días
Y yall do moping like that
Anwar Abbas
Anwar Abbas Hace 28 días
/hide chat
Vinson1 Hace 28 días
Mopi looks like a short version of Enes Kanter
George Ramirez
George Ramirez Hace 28 días
Rip moip
avocadoboi Hace 29 días
what in the bloody hell is todd wearing lmao😂😂😂
Ahmed Labiad
Ahmed Labiad Hace 29 días
Zach and Chris are brothers????????!!!!!
Brittany Cheek
Brittany Cheek Hace 29 días
I didn't know that Zack and Kris are Bros
Jordan Ybarra
Jordan Ybarra Hace 29 días
2 hype team chopped Teams : Kris, zack vs James, Jesse Judges: Mopi, cash, special guest kenney
Undead Assassain
Undead Assassain Hace un mes
14:23 hahahah GOT ME DEAD
Prime Jack
Prime Jack Hace un mes
Noice British accent Kris
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