2020 Corvette C8 Z51 Track Test! - One Take

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This video was shot for the Road & Track Performance Car of the Year 2019 group test at Thunderhill Raceway West. Subscribe to R&T and keep print journalism alive! www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/first-drives/a29471987/2020-corvette-c8-first-drive-test/
The C8 Corvette is here! Mid-engined, dual-clutched, fighter-plane-meets-Camaro styled, and far cheaper than Porsche 911's and the Acura NSX. With a 495 HP naturally-aspirated LT2 V8, double-wishbone suspension with mag ride, and the sport exhaust, this 3LT/Z51 car is the top of the initial C8 food chain, and makes us incredibly excited for future iterations, though less so for the base model.
GM provided the vehicle, a LOT of tires, and mobile support at the track for this test.


TheSmokingTire Hace un mes
*correction* I accidentally said 369 instead of 469 for torque. My apologies, I was a bit rushed and didn’t catch myself.
seinundzeiten Hace 4 días
no worries...can you compare it to the new gt500 Mustang 2020
Darrin J
Darrin J Hace 11 días
What do you use the heat press for? @TheSmokingTire
eichler721 Hace 14 días
It's a great car. However I will wait 2 years and get a Z06 model.
JM Rowe
JM Rowe Hace 20 días
You suck!
BeholdtheMightySpoon Hace 20 días
When you said taller drivers at 6'5" am i still over the height limit for the c8?
Dont try Me
Dont try Me Hace un hora
It looks like a lotus evora
Sudden Dilemma
Sudden Dilemma Hace 3 horas
Just imagine this with a 3 liter supercharger on top.
Jacob Sammer
Jacob Sammer Hace 3 horas
So after talking to the other drivers you changed your opinion on the car? Herd mentality.
Tim Boehm
Tim Boehm Hace 4 horas
I keep hearing the same thing from reviewers... bottom line, totally cool car that is still fast but lacks the visceral experience you'd expect from a high-performance car. I'm on the fence but leaning towards keeping my C7.
irmdog Hace 7 horas
I'll buy one used for 20 grand, avoid losing my shirt in depreciation, it is a Chevy after all.
Dionis Stratrov
Dionis Stratrov Hace 10 horas
If the engine has less than 500 miles , the torque is electronically limited by GM .
madam zhel
madam zhel Hace 11 horas
Music is Life
Music is Life Hace 12 horas
Nice racetrack!
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Hace 19 horas
european carmakers must be pissed off .. this is america... this is "good enough' ....
Gerald Perry
Gerald Perry Hace 20 horas
What a bargain as far supercars go.
Chris Munoz
Chris Munoz Hace 20 horas
Your no ken miles pal!
Wolfen Wings
Wolfen Wings Hace 20 horas
I love the small blocks they use. Torquier engines are what I love.
Arthur's toys
Arthur's toys Hace 21 un hora
Nice !!!!!!!! I am extremely happy that GM is back on track... Go GM go!
John Murdoch
John Murdoch Hace un día
I'll wait for a retail production version. I'll bet they tweaked the suspension setting, power and steering specifically for that track. Its built for fat old rich guys, not street racers.
Blasikov Hace un día
That engine sound. OMG
Fred Hace un día
Yup, sure looks and sounds like an American sports car....not very good. Don't you hate these things called corners. The most important American car is the Tesla. It would beat this faker on the straight without even trying. The Corvette can't corner AT ALL compared to German sports cars...so......what you get is the car equivalent of the WWF or a woman with butt and breast implants, fake fake fake. But hey....middle aged white guys will continue to buy it. The rest of us will stick with Porsche 911 and be assured we drive the very best car ever produced. And no....the Corvette is not a 60K car regardless of the lies. Anything even worthwhile in performance will get close to a 100k. Again, at that price point I can get an used 911 and drive a real sports car instead of the Fiero's big brother.
KevinWood44 Hace un día
Never trust a cat person......weirdo
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Hace un día
If he had lifted off at 8:07 he most certainly would’ve spun out. I’m sure his ass was puckered
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods Hace un día
Are you getting one?
Francis Drelling
Francis Drelling Hace un día
Very good job on this video. Loved the driving scenes accompanied by the informative commentary.
the Patriot
the Patriot Hace un día
a dream car 👍👍👍
Drakeziel Mathis
Drakeziel Mathis Hace un día
$85,000 for this.. Personally, would much rather have a 2019 CTS-V for $88,000
robert AMQ
robert AMQ Hace un día
Your driving skill is annoying,
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales Hace un día
How are you supposed to get road head in this thing?
dncrra Hace un día
Psycho Death Missile would be a cool band name
_ Tygerz _
_ Tygerz _ Hace un día
It has a Camaro-ey vibe, seems like if the Camaro and the ZR1 had a baby, this is it.
Øz Woods
Øz Woods Hace 2 días
Did anyone else notice how quick those shifts were using the pattle shifters......I mean just wow
7Tree Hace 2 días
This dude fucking loved the new corvette and giggled like a little girl then remembered that he’s a Chevy hater and mustang loving bitch that he had to dog it at the end of the video
A L Hace 2 días
Take the video outside. You don't look your best in a double wide. Take staging lessons mate. Just saying.
SquirrelsForAll Hace 2 días
Great video, nice to see someone who can actually drive well. :) Thanks for sharing.
Chevy Pedia
Chevy Pedia Hace 2 días
Quick question: Which car does not has plastic in it? Asking for a friend...
rocketdude60 Hace 3 días
So when the conversation always turns to the cost savings areas compared to the Porsche or McLaren, I think that's the time to go back to what else can you buy in the $75-80 k range and how do those stack up?
Caleb P
Caleb P Hace 3 días
It's an American car made for the American public. Historically, we Americans care primarily about performance at the cost of comfort/refinement. We want a mean, bad machine. We want something that we can mod in our garage and make better. We want to meet or beat the numbers and records of vastly more expensive European cars at a fraction of the cost. It's my opinion that the Corvette has historically been this type of car for the working man (although the prices keep getting higher), and the C8 is no different. The engine location got moved, but it is still the same type of car with the same philosophy of use, and it is still made by GM which means that it will have cheap plastics where it doesn't matter a whole lot. So yes, it still has "a lot of Corvette in it," and that is a good thing because it appeals to a wide swath of the American market.
Nicholas Gizzo
Nicholas Gizzo Hace 3 días
Weak review. Guys loves the car when driving, after “talking with the experts” the car is whatever. The vette looks amazing and looks like a lot of fun for $80k
Shaun Sprouse
Shaun Sprouse Hace 3 días
most ugly steering wheel lol
mike scully
mike scully Hace 3 días
Someone shoot this fuck.
mike scully
mike scully Hace 3 días
This cheeseburger eatin mofo, loves the fact that there are lots of suckers out there that thing hes a god. Lazy over weight , prick that thinks hes special, when in fact he would be on welfare without youtube. Makes us sick.
mike scully
mike scully Hace 3 días
Please dont support this asshole , He needs to go get a job, Why should he get to abuse our cars while we bust our ass,s to build them,, not right by any means guy,s.
Kevin Pollock
Kevin Pollock Hace 3 días
Love the car. Glad I saw the video because it reminds me to cancel my subscription two Road and track after 20 years... Soon-to-be Road and Truck
Chris Ludford
Chris Ludford Hace 3 días
I prefer the Corvette C8r .
Mar Blox
Mar Blox Hace 4 días
Love the cat. I have 8 homeless strays and I love them all.
Mar Blox
Mar Blox Hace 4 días
I have owned a 76 T-Top, 75 Convertible, and C5 Convertible. I never drive like this so why do they design the car exclusively for race tracks.???
Drivertilldeath Hace 4 días
Nice ferrari 458.......
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven Hace 4 días
The Z06 and ZR1 versions of this should be monsters when released...
gary gnu
gary gnu Hace 4 días
Have another donut speed racer
gary gnu
gary gnu Hace 4 días
You drive like a wimp. Lol. Testing this car? What a joke you are
E. Spatharius
E. Spatharius Hace 4 días
Wonder how much more power and balance it'll have with a driver that weighs 150lbs instead of 250lbs? Or 200 like myself?
robert burns
robert burns Hace 5 días
But it's so UGLY
Ghost Ryder
Ghost Ryder Hace 5 días
It’s a nice car but there are a few styling cues that make it look tacky, side inlets black trim, should just be body color, rear tail lights don’t look good in it, too camaroish, (should be round), the frond end bottom looks too too raked back, should be more vertical, overall shape not bad, but they could have done better. Chevrolet needs to pull away from The Transformers childish styling cues and the angry eyes headlights.
Serious Freak
Serious Freak Hace 5 días
it looks and feels wrong to see a Vette with this short front end. „Never touch a running system“ Corvette guys. 👎
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas Hace 5 días
The question is.....is it ready to take on the Ford GT or not?
Kid U trash
Kid U trash Hace 5 días
It’s looks like a corvette lambo and a mclaren mixed
libra8a Hace 5 días
It's sad supercars these days have no manual trans. option except the Ford GT. I would buy, if I could afford it, an early 70's corvette, 454, 4 speed and upgrade the interior and suspension. Besides, IMO this is butt ugly.
MAD DOG Hace 6 días
I need some opinions, what is the best corvette front suspension setup? Is it the 2020 C8’s or another?
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson Hace 6 días
Not really a OneTake anymore... should have stuck with the first impressions... isn't that the point of a one take?
Yoyo Yoyos
Yoyo Yoyos Hace 6 días
The engine sounds muffled compared to C7. Is it due to audio recording? Otherwise it looks great
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills Hace 6 días
I donna know sir, I was breaking it in just like the manual says and now its smoking a little.
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills Hace 6 días
I dunno know. Slippin, sliding, missed shifts, drifting into the dirt. Sometimes the old cars are more fun.
James&MoVlogs Hace 6 días
Its a GM can't expect it to be perfect..
Potato Hace 6 días
best sports car for the $ on the market???
Richard Papasian
Richard Papasian Hace 6 días
Is that a Casio G-Shock?
Johnnie James
Johnnie James Hace 6 días
So this is not a DRAG RACE CAR, but more of a Pro-Touring Car? GOT IT!!!
Silly Rabbit
Silly Rabbit Hace 7 días
It looks like Mclaren engineers did some works in that car!
John Parrish
John Parrish Hace 7 días
I'm not a Corvette person, that being said, I can't wait for these to show up in the wrecking yards since there are a lot of parts I want.
Rick 1776-1970
Rick 1776-1970 Hace 7 días
I like the new Vette Unfortunately, it will only put a dent in Camaro sales ,the auto worlds red headed step child. New Vette with big v8 ,glad they didnt do that Cadillac v6 thing to it. The reaction after drive ,said it all Thanks
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Hace 7 días
this doesnt even look like a corvette.. it looks like a cheap knock-off of a ferrari 458
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Hace 4 días
@Weasle thats cool, but they shoulve left the corvette look
Bryan Moser
Bryan Moser Hace 4 días
That's literally every corvette ever made
Weasle Hace 4 días
That cheap knock off of the Ferrari 458, is faster than the 458 lol.
Steve Solo
Steve Solo Hace 7 días
Throw some slicks on this car and it looks like you could run a 12hour endurance race ...and win your class!!! I am impressed.
Steve Solo
Steve Solo Hace 7 días
I never ran that configuration at Thunder Hill. But what a great place to test this Corvette. Thunder Hill has beautiful and wide sweeping corners and wide open straights. The track is 25 feet wide! I wish I lived closer! I never have ran a car on D.O.T. tires, so, grip looks a bit dodgy, but ther is minimal tire squeal. The car looks VERY stable, quiet and neutral. The LT block can handle a lot more power than the 500hp it comes with, so tuners...bring it on! Time to push the long awaited chassis to its limits!!!
Michael Rainer II
Michael Rainer II Hace 7 días
I got away from vettes because of the cheap plastic interiors but if they improve that I'd probably buy another one. Z06 maybe. But for now ill stick with exotics with experience.
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