2019 Sugar Bowl #15 Texas vs #5 Georgia Full Game Highlights

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Victors Valiant

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Peter Young
Peter Young Hace un mes
Stomped Georgia
Lucky138able Hace un mes
Fromm is garbage
Claren Dennis
Claren Dennis Hace 3 meses
How dare they compare Sam I Am to fucking Tim Tebow... Sam is the 2nd coming of Colt McCoy
Daron Texas
Daron Texas Hace 2 meses
Colt had a better deep ball and a better overall runner
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace un año
Georgia never wins a big game... and now their better QB is going to Ohio state
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Hace un año
Georgia Bulldogs SUCK! HOK'EM Horns! Longhorns Rock!
Howie Dahlen
Howie Dahlen Hace un año
Don't worry Georgia... LSU will take care of business in the 2019 season in Austin
Stupid Kids
Stupid Kids Hace un año
Im from Georgia
Arindam Buragohain
Arindam Buragohain Hace un año
Jake fromm isn't very good
Duckeyinbath Hace un año
At the end it was getting close
Kam Hace un año
Big 10 the best⁉️
Boston bruins
Boston bruins Hace un año
I made Georgia bulldogs fan no excuses we lost
Antbeast23 Hace un año
Elingher looks slow but effective
Melloyellow37 Hace un año
Collin Johnson's 2pt catch was mean as shit
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Hace un año
Were proud of you in Texas PJ locke what a way to go out!!!
Can you not
Can you not Hace un año
QB went ultra instinct on that evade 4:01
Rael Ockletree
Rael Ockletree Hace un año
I like that one play where Lil'Jordan just spun and danced on the Georgia secondary.. My goodness.. That's Texas style football for all you SEC fans🤘🤘
crazy_awesome_dad45 _
crazy_awesome_dad45 _ Hace un año
The Bulldogs sucks!
bambang303378 Hace un año
I hope these two will meet in January 2020 national championship game.
Beast Dawg
Beast Dawg Hace un año
Dem cocky sumbitches got stood up, boy! Don't fuck with Texas! Dem muthafuckas received a TEXAS SIZE ASS WHOOPIN! 🤘
Versatile Hace un año
Anyone talking shit about Georgia, keep that same energy next season.
Versatile Hace un año
@enrique lmao over 60% freshmen and sophomores but yea we are only getting worse
enrique Hace un año
Versatile y'all only getting worse fam chill
Nick Case
Nick Case Hace un año
I am an Oklahoma State Alumni, I cannot tell you the last time I watched a game this fun. You know Texas is starting to get really good again when you know the names of a lot of their players and you don’t even watch their games. Congrats on your season Texas, keep building, we need your strength back in our conference.
jcelldogs Hace un año
The problem is the sec is always put on a pedastool and made to look like the best out there. Yes Alabama is great, but alot of that is due to the sec teams being overrated all the tops sec chosen teams are ranked high so when they beat up on eachother, one team (or 2) will still be in contention for the playoffs. As long as it remains 4 teams for the playoffs, the sec will always (unfortunately) have its spot reserved for them.
Shaun Richardson
Shaun Richardson Hace un año
early 2019 playoff pick #1 alabama (sadly even though next years schedule is again shit) #2 Clemson #3 Ohio State #4 Texas
Everything582 Hace un año
Yep that's not georgia idk what that was. I guess bama got to them.
Blackshirt- D
Blackshirt- D Hace un año
Id say by the looks of Georgia in this game, id say Alabama is the one that overrated. Id also say, just about any of the top 10 team could give alabama a game.
Levi Tinney
Levi Tinney Hace un año
gor9027 Hace un año
Notre Dame was trash in the playoff but Georgia players look dumb tweeting about them being a top 4 team and then failing to back it up in yet another big game.
Jay Loza
Jay Loza Hace un año
Me personally I'm UT fan but I still think the best top in each division should be in the play offs but of course NCAA wouldn't do that Idk why but it would show who's best and who knows it might not be alabama we would never know
Wolfgang Busenitz
Wolfgang Busenitz Hace un año
for everyone that is saying that texas is back they still lost to 5-7 Maryland... Georgia
Wolfgang Busenitz
Wolfgang Busenitz Hace un año
was not expecting a fight but the run got shut down
Mr Tripplett
Mr Tripplett Hace un año
WT? Just happened...I watched it and couldn't believe it!..I live in Texas but am I diehard BaMa fan... when I saw this matchup I thought this would be a blowout in Georgia's favor...what a surprise.....Texas Completely Overpowered them! Which was another surprise...I think the Big 12 is better than people give credit for...look at the game Oklahoma us (Alabama).... and Paul Finebaum, Herb Overstreet how dumb does this make you look!...with all that.. Georgia belongs in playoff's crap!...Good Job Texas......Roll Tide!...
Gajeel Session
Gajeel Session Hace un año
If I wasn't 100% convinced before, I am now, UGA, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers before the move, this state is just cursed to choke in HUGE games. No matter if Jesus himself was on the rosters. They find ways to lose and lose in grand fashion.
Big Tele red neck king And associates
Big Tele red neck king And associates Hace un año
Not to Mention losing fields like he did. Hell he should of played him against Tex. What a dumb dick.
Big Tele red neck king And associates
Big Tele red neck king And associates Hace un año
Kirby looks really bad now after all that bitching after the bama game ..... smh .. got straight up smoked by bama twice In two years and now Texas ??? Kirby Stock falling like a fat girl from the sky.
Vuest Hace un año
Georgia owes osu and oklahoma And here I say it, possibly notre dame an apology!
Jean Villegas
Jean Villegas Hace un año
I know you mainly stick to college games but will you be doing any of the high school All-American games. It would be cool to see some of the highly touted recruits in action before they play in college.
norlens noel
norlens noel Hace un año
Georgia should be kicked out of the SEC and sent to the AAC
Nicolas Frias
Nicolas Frias Hace un año
Georgia trash we da best lol
mark gutsche
mark gutsche Hace un año
Georgia has no right to yell SEC SEC SEC .. if you cannot win your bowl game in the SEC and you have no reason playing in the SEC
enrique Hace un año
@mark gutsche the fuck do you mean lmao?? texas was yelling that because we were mocking the SEC. and why the hell were any gators at that game?
mark gutsche
mark gutsche Hace un año
Nope...that was the GATORS....go Gators
enrique Hace un año
mark gutsche that was Texas yelling that lmao
mark gutsche
mark gutsche Hace un año
This goes to show that Georgia should have never been in the number five spot to begin with.
Inoke Rogoyawa
Inoke Rogoyawa Hace un año
WE BACK !! # hookem
dood dood
dood dood Hace un año
Mike H.
Mike H. Hace un año
That was a track meet!
Ball Life
Ball Life Hace un año
I think the 4 best teams were the ones we saw last Saturday
Sooner Jon The Conservative
Sooner Jon The Conservative Hace un año
good thing georgia did play alabama, alabama would have beat the dog snot out of them.
Beck Stein
Beck Stein Hace un año
Georgia = Michigan = UCF = ugly girl that thinks she is hot
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick Hace un año
Dual_Prod. Hace un año
Saban is probably sitting in his trophy cases and saying,"This represents the sec awfully."
Justin D'murcielago
Justin D'murcielago Hace un año
Texas breeds football
Dan Goff
Dan Goff Hace un año
Another "Moral Victory" for UGA. They should have been in the CFB Playoffs.
Joseph Gibbons
Joseph Gibbons Hace un año
Nice job Texas...good to see you bloody Georgia's nose.
Mariano Rodriguez
Mariano Rodriguez Hace un año
Wow what a blitz.
Bama Boy
Bama Boy Hace un año
Texas won the game but make no mistake. They're not on Georgia level as a program right now. Bama lost to Utah in the Sugar bowl and look where we are... About to win 6 Nattys in a period of 12 years.
norlens noel
norlens noel Hace un año
G Grace - Bama Boy Georgia on the same level as Texas and West Virginia and Florida and Washington, they don’t impress me.Georgia was overhyped
K C Hace un año
Texas wins now but they didn't when Ohio State needed them to win 👎👎👎
E Lockett
E Lockett Hace un año
See Kirby u gotta win your games. Then you don't have to worry about saying who doesn't want to play you smh. I'm all bama but I like seeing the SEC do their thing in the bowl games but damn GA. They deserve it tho
Derek Stingley Jr.
Derek Stingley Jr. Hace un año
Georgia doesn’t deserve to play in a bowl game ever again.
t3jj3t Hace un año
What were all those tweets about the top 4 should make the playoff? 😂 choke some more
TheAlmightyJJ Hace un año
Georgia Loses To Texas Lol and ya’ll said ya’ll belong where?
Scott Cousins
Scott Cousins Hace un año
What ? Georgia got beat by texas?
Ziem83 Hace un año
Georgia didn't even care about this game. They'll still be top 10 to start next season and they'll still make it to the SEC championship game, and we'll be having the same dialog then. But, if the players are gonna talk shit, they need to back it up.
yee boiii
yee boiii Hace un año
I thought even with 2 losses UGA was still a playoff team. This game showed differently. Texas really worked them. They are tougher than most fans expected. And they lost close regular season games. Good team they got.
Michael H
Michael H Hace un año
It's hilarious seeing the "damage control" being attempted by the SEC goons. "They didn't want to be there". "Georgia had no motivation", etc. ad nauseum. Yeah, i'm sure the Georgia players decided to lay an egg on national TV in a huge bowl with tens of millions of viewers, pro scouts watching, and wanted to suffer the humiliation of losing to a three loss Texas after trolling Notre Dame and Oklahoma on Twitter? Get a grip SEC donks. Texas outplayed, punched the puppy dogs in the mouth, and there was nothing Georgia could do about it. Making dumb excuses make you look desperate. The SEC is Bama and the 13 dwarfs.
Rod King
Rod King Hace un año
Sure,Georgia deserved to be in the playoff series...LOL Where are all the sportscasters and prognosticators now?
Matt Sprayberry
Matt Sprayberry Hace un año
Funniest thing I've ever seen
Matt Sprayberry
Matt Sprayberry Hace un año
I know o if you couldn't tell I hate the Georgia bulldogs
CJ For life
CJ For life Hace un año
I saw texas phiscaily whip Georgia four qauters. Top 4 my ass. Ever time sec looses the excuses pour in like rain
CJ For life
CJ For life Hace un año
Top four teams were okla Alabama Ohio st Clemson. Bulldogs got bear all 4 qauters.
The1bangladesh1 Hace un año
That chicken Riley should admit, accept and learn from Texas who upheld the big 12. Thanks, Longhorns.
Sau Tafao
Sau Tafao Hace un año
Funny how the playoffs revealed the truth, ND didn't belong, OU can't compete against a top tier defense and Georgia didn't deserve a playoff spot as they lost to #15 ranked Texas.
Rob Dim
Rob Dim Hace un año
SEC over rated as normal. Refs always help alascamma
1.3B • Views
1.3B • Views Hace un año
The playoffs have ruined bowl games. It feels like teams dont even show up if they miss the playoffs.
JOE KING Hace un año
Don't mess with Bevo! 🤘🐂
Jeremiah Campbell
Jeremiah Campbell Hace un año
Any Texas fans that think they are back... just wait because if you are you will soon meet Bama and your dreams will die!
Jeremiah Campbell
Jeremiah Campbell Hace un año
Go Dawgs! Go Dawgs! Go back to your dog house! Roll Tide🐘🐘🐘 Bringing home the natty this year!
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