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Here are 20 FUNNIEST BALL BOY AND BALL GIRL MOMENTS. For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell. I hire different researchers and writers for the script for each video along with my our original commentary and hire different voice over actors that can properly convey the the theme of the video. Most importantly, find the best background music, usually royalty free from Incompetech to create an exciting atmosphere while watching the video.
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Hyperloop Hace un mes
*I hope this funny moments brings a smile to your face. Comment down below!* Don't forget to *Like, Subscribe* and hit the *Bell* button 🔔❤️ Also *follow* me on twitter : twitter.com/hyperloopp
Modern Viking
Modern Viking Hace 13 días
Djocovic is such a fckn legend
TOP Ten4u
TOP Ten4u Hace un mes
Where did you get this data.Please tell me.I need to follow you
MrBiotonne Hace un mes
Nummer 4 its Alexander zverev :) a guy :)
Sakib vlogs
Sakib vlogs Hace un mes
You sad 50 on 15
Blaze Kawilam
Blaze Kawilam Hace un mes
were you high when you were making this video? 😂😂😂 #4 is a dude, stupid!
Parth Shah
Parth Shah Hace 2 días
Did you just call Zverer a female tennis player?
Nazam Abbas
Nazam Abbas Hace 2 días
I liked Novak jokovich gesture when he called the ball boy and offered seat and gave a drink with holding a umbrella himself. This kind of gesture make him humble , down-to-earth person.
Xin Yuan Wei
Xin Yuan Wei Hace 3 días
In number 4, it's not a female tennis player. It's Alexander Zverev, a man.
K3MU3L Hace 3 días
The fly? Thats a frikken moth...
SuperRashead Hace 4 días
I'm so glad you are explaining all the detailes, but you need to explaine the color of close, when you are started!!
*hotslut.ru* 3:04
Stefan Maschl
Stefan Maschl Hace 4 días
Zverev is not female 😞😂
Neel Laud
Neel Laud Hace 4 días
Alexander Zverev is a male player.. please look up facts before posting
8bit_mike Hace 5 días
funny moments? ran into the ball? fly?!?! half these videos are just some kid catching a tennis ball.
this is us
this is us Hace 6 días
11:12 who's she
Daniel Aguiar
Daniel Aguiar Hace 6 días
Alexander zverev female tennis player ?
제갈민서 Hace 7 días
This guy doesnt know anything about sports.
DeterminedGoat Hace 8 días
Tennis is mad gay
Elray McRichards
Elray McRichards Hace 10 días
Strange stuff in sports, yes. Funny----not so much....
Jack Connolly
Jack Connolly Hace 10 días
In this video 😤
Wahyoe Kartiko
Wahyoe Kartiko Hace 10 días
Number 15. : " I hate My life.."
Emerald Soriano
Emerald Soriano Hace 10 días
5:30 is funny
Blk Foreign
Blk Foreign Hace 11 días
9:38 Female, she, her? 😂
Aj 83
Aj 83 Hace 11 días
Hey 9:56 is Alexander Zverev and Not a Girl lol 😂🤣😂
How 15 veses the same escene
How 15 veses the same escene
Nicolai Sidek
Nicolai Sidek Hace 12 días
‘One of the tennis player’? Wow I never heard someone calling The Maestro that
seebaan Hace 12 días
#4 is not a female tennis player... She is a HE!! Hahahahaha
Mark Harvey
Mark Harvey Hace 13 días
Very entertaining! 😄
Mike Stephens
Mike Stephens Hace 14 días
Anybody else notice that number 4 is actually a man though he calls him a woman multiple times? Hahahahaha hahahha
De3pSea3 Hace 14 días
9.41 it is actually a man Not a woman
Bob Blyth
Bob Blyth Hace 14 días
It's not Fognini but Andy Murray who doesn't take the towel @ around 5:00. Commentary is not that good.
Mauricio Rivero
Mauricio Rivero Hace 14 días
9:40 he calls zverev a female tennis player lol
Naveendharan Arumugam
Naveendharan Arumugam Hace 2 días
Lol 😂
Naveendharan Arumugam
Naveendharan Arumugam Hace 2 días
kris marg
kris marg Hace 15 días
1:19 Is that Hulk?
Rye Hace 15 días
#4 is not a female tennis player. He is Alexander Zverev
ValuePackMac Hace 15 días
no wonder why tennis players are so bitchy
Johan Ferla
Johan Ferla Hace 15 días
Kenneth Payne
Kenneth Payne Hace 15 días
On number 4 he calls the guy a female
Harry Isaac
Harry Isaac Hace 15 días
That female tennis player forgot to shave before the match
Amar Khadey
Amar Khadey Hace 16 días
He called #4 a "she"!!???
QualcunoDietroUnPC PC
QualcunoDietroUnPC PC Hace 16 días
James Maloney
James Maloney Hace 16 días
Raz Plex
Raz Plex Hace 16 días
So this is why people watch tennis
Adam Zarlock
Adam Zarlock Hace 17 días
They really called alexander zverev a lady
Michael S
Michael S Hace 17 días
Can we have it without the pointless commentary next time.
Minstrel Hace 17 días
BTW that's not a female tennis player at around 9:55 or so lol. Just a long haired male one.
b3lg4r4th Hace 17 días
Well that's rime out of my life that I will never get back. Nothing funny about any of them. By the way, number 4, is a male tennis player. Typical American humour, pointless.
Predrag Alvirevic
Predrag Alvirevic Hace 17 días
1:30 My man its wrong to call Federer "one of the tenis players"
Nicolai Sidek
Nicolai Sidek Hace 12 días
Murray is Fognini
Miro Mato
Miro Mato Hace 14 días
Well, it could had gone worse... 9:39 "the female tennis player".
Eirik Sørvik
Eirik Sørvik Hace 17 días
My main take-away is that the maker of this video finds the required hand-eye coordination to catch a ball funny. To each his own.
wendell Souverän
wendell Souverän Hace 17 días
11:26 does anyone know who is she in the blue shorts?
Connor Gourley
Connor Gourley Hace 16 días
Tryna figure that out too
Brian Reinke
Brian Reinke Hace 17 días
nothing funny
quang Ba
quang Ba Hace 18 días
2:28 😸😸
David Mukhari
David Mukhari Hace 18 días
#4 - The female tennis player hahahahaahaha
Æ Annoying Alex
Æ Annoying Alex Hace 18 días
Pickford”Give me faking ball!!!”
Eirik Sørvik
Eirik Sørvik Hace 17 días
Joe Hart, you mean.
ML Lifestyle
ML Lifestyle Hace 18 días
He called zverev a girl lol
Man Limbu
Man Limbu Hace 18 días
prekshit parakh
prekshit parakh Hace 18 días
That female tennis player at 12:05 is Alexander Zverev!!!(male)
Snakeye Plissken
Snakeye Plissken Hace 17 días
GAME ART Hace 18 días
please i need your help i need subscribe in my channal youtube eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-cCqyjXaoL_4.html please
harles5000 Chembetrayals
harles5000 Chembetrayals Hace 18 días
The one boy was surprised that she was a he!
Saeed Hace 18 días
I am two balls man
Jessie Casio
Jessie Casio Hace 18 días
Austin Hoffman
Austin Hoffman Hace 19 días
#4 that tennis player is a guy 🤦‍♂️
Brendan Mather
Brendan Mather Hace 19 días
9:38 Wait... did you just call Alexander Zverev a female? He's literally a six foot six inch bloke with a lanky body and a goatee. Also, why do you have to add a pointless narration to each clip while the clip is playing and then show the clip again multiple times in slow motion? Just play the clips one after another in a smooth flow.
Marc Bernard
Marc Bernard Hace 19 días
Love the one when player invites umbrella dude to sit, let him hold umbrella, toast w Perrier, and experience on of the greatest moments in sports. Class act.
Koen van Ginneken
Koen van Ginneken Hace 16 días
That tennisplayer is Novak Djokovic, one of the best players like ... ever, is nickname is The Djoker, now you know why. But I agree it was a very class act to have some fun with him (make sure I say with him, not of him big difference).
Ernesto Rivera
Ernesto Rivera Hace 19 días
Mike Nakh TV
Mike Nakh TV Hace 19 días
💥 💥 💥
sinistar426 Hace 19 días
Besides being for the visually impaired, whats the point of announcing the clips? Im pretty sure folks watching can make out whats going on.
Joe Henk
Joe Henk Hace 11 días
sinistar426 true
Dale Kelly
Dale Kelly Hace 12 días
Turn the sound off.
Shaloni Jeevanantham
Shaloni Jeevanantham Hace 20 días
I would appreciate if you reconsider if the 4th person is actually a woman as he is wearing shorts and not skirts (cus woman ar not supposed to wear shorts at a tournament) pls check and fix it if necessary 😊
yhnbgt365 Hace 20 días
Why is there a left-right flip?
RRR Hace 20 días
9:55...that’s a dude?!
kun armakun
kun armakun Hace 20 días
you'll know your SPORT is CRAP when the highlights of your beloved SPORT features utility personnels. its like basketball has MOP BOYS highlights😂
Greg Shearer
Greg Shearer Hace 17 días
kun armakun well no because these aren’t highlights ya moron it’s funny shit that’s happened during games
Preach Dant
Preach Dant Hace 20 días
Just as a suggestion, you do not need to narrate the entire video while showing it, then turn around and show the video again without you narrating. It does take a lot out of the video.
Roy C
Roy C Hace 20 días
Too many boys, not enough girls
Fastrope15 Hace 20 días
Another video that suffers from excessive narration......JUST STFU!!
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