2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer | Ep. 02

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Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are back for Episode 2 of 2 BEARS 1 CAVE! The two best friends get right into the stories, discussing Ralphie May, Jo Koy, Greg Giraldo and Jim Norton. Plus, Tom recaps all of his TheoGate trolling from the past few months. Who would be at the ultimate comedian slumber party? Bert's daughter is starting to drive, which is getting dicey, and everything wraps up in a strip club.

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Spooky Tortellini
Spooky Tortellini Hace 10 horas
5/5 Star podcast. Review: S'ah good podcast I'ma subscribe.
girls poop too
girls poop too Hace 11 horas
Tom manipulating bert is the funniest thing in my life right now
theicecreamjones Hace 16 horas
oh man the virtue tweets at the end killlllllllled me
Tony Knuckles
Tony Knuckles Hace un día
What if.....the fans got in on this miles challenge? My fat ass needs something to motivate me!
eric bocanegra
eric bocanegra Hace un día
Theogate is real. The trolling only started after the fact lol
mntnrder Hace 3 días
Toms face @1:18 is how this guys coked out energy makes me feel the whole episode
Kevin Ballard
Kevin Ballard Hace 3 días
Tom Segura is my FUCKING HERO!!!!
Joseph Collins
Joseph Collins Hace 3 días
Use Strava so people can follow all of your runs! Interact and comment
Tanner Hace 4 días
IDEA.....running pod cast....heavy breathing , laughing and it will make the running go by . Y’all are so damn funny
Adit Sharma
Adit Sharma Hace 4 días
For the love of God. This was non stop action. Must watch!!
D02rock Hace 5 días
With this new show you guys are around each other too much. It seems like your weight is syncing up like a period.
John Reff
John Reff Hace 5 días
I thought you were talking about two guys fucking one butt hole and dammit Bert you got me but I’ll stick around because you’re funny as shit and so is Tommy
Richard Berglund
Richard Berglund Hace 5 días
I love Joe Rogan but Bert and Tom are so much funnier.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Hace 4 días
Richard Berglund and they aren’t in the cia
James Smyth
James Smyth Hace 5 días
Amazing one liner, Gareth Reynolds 100%
Mrbink01 Hace 5 días
This is amazing
anonymous Harris
anonymous Harris Hace 5 días
One of my favorite things about this podcast is hearing the guys in the back crack up
Ray O
Ray O Hace 6 días
Duck-a-luck-a-luck-a-land 😂
Dick Thickley
Dick Thickley Hace 8 días
can't speak for your whole audience but I'm progressive/liberal af.
Abiola Adedeji
Abiola Adedeji Hace 8 días
It's not true what they said about incest and rape in the alabama abortion law
david miranda
david miranda Hace 8 días
I totally have double punched a porn, It Made me so sad cause it was such an amazing blowjob that I only got a few moments of, fuck.
Tony Rammel
Tony Rammel Hace 8 días
What hat is Bert Kreischer wearing?
StockStream Hace 8 días
Less talk about TOE ROGAN please.
StockStream Hace 8 días
So glad these guys found podcasts instead of doing stand up in todays world. LUL
Eskil Tho
Eskil Tho Hace 9 días
Christiania is in Denmark.
Ryan M
Ryan M Hace 9 días
The end was golden😂
Dennis Hink
Dennis Hink Hace 10 días
whos the retard laughing? giani?
Drew McCarthy
Drew McCarthy Hace 10 días
Tom Segura....? Isn't he the guy who dies the Tik Tok podcast?
Dennis Hink
Dennis Hink Hace 10 días
oh great giani the retarded hyena laughing ruining the podcast
Doomed Forever in Limbo
Doomed Forever in Limbo Hace 10 días
1.75 speed is fantastic when I'm on Lunch Break. Just tell All.
Jason M
Jason M Hace 10 días
F*ck you Bert! Syracuse is better than Albany! LOL
1sicjay Hace 11 días
Jelle Hace 11 días
slumberparty 🤣 gay
1,000,000 subscribers for no reason?
1,000,000 subscribers for no reason? Hace 11 días
I used to live with 4 other straight dudes in a 500 square foot house with one bathroom. This podcast name reminds of those stinky times... You guys should put dirty socks and a full sink of dirty dishes in the background for accuracy.
spindelful Hace 12 días
I love this show, and totally respect the need for it to stay small and semi-secret
Kyle Maag
Kyle Maag Hace 12 días
omg, the last 4 minutes are pure gold! lol
CapoeiraRecio Hace 12 días
who the fuck is laughing in the BACK!!! it kills me every single time!!! This show is awesome! Par de gordos son mas chistosos que la conchesumadre
Skipper Jones
Skipper Jones Hace 12 días
Hey Hitler youth, show some respect and like these videos
apex 408
apex 408 Hace 12 días
Tom segura has the funniest old man laugh the peoples mayor!! 😂 its not coke its rocks baby the real thing
Stim junkie reviews
Stim junkie reviews Hace 12 días
Next special in a jock strap or bear suit
Devin Old
Devin Old Hace 12 días
I think you guys should do tour series like old school skate videos. Chronicle the trip intertwined with maybe lil skits you pull off in each stop. That would be fun shit.
Rusty Hodges
Rusty Hodges Hace 13 días
I love your moms house but this is the show for me
mighty migs
mighty migs Hace 13 días
All of Berts story's can legit be an entire set. That story of him buying the same phone is golden
David Suggs
David Suggs Hace 13 días
Omg I went to Windy Gap
Echoes of Savages
Echoes of Savages Hace 13 días
Epic ending!!!!!
FrenkHenk Hace 13 días
Just do sober october without Joe.... fuck him
Brent Robinson
Brent Robinson Hace 13 días
Patton Oswald, Whitney Cummings, Greg Geraldo, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle Drew Carry or John Witherspoon camp counselor.
David Diaz
David Diaz Hace 13 días
Stop sucking joe off and make him dance
Joel Knapp
Joel Knapp Hace 13 días
Running challenge is the least exciting challenge, wish Joe would man up and throw down in a dance-off.
Leo Cruz
Leo Cruz Hace 13 días
"she went to florida state" of course
SvenEST Hace 13 días
I haven't laughed so hard in years. The ending was so perfect. It's nice that some people still have a sense of humour. +1 podcast follower from here.
SvenEST Hace 13 días
I actually got light headed from this podcast.
Trent Dixon
Trent Dixon Hace 14 días
The ending was funny I about cried from laughing so hard Tom is a legend for what he was saying
Shane Hace 14 días
Between this and a regular YMH episode, I could go without hearing all the dudes in the back never laugh again
Michael Cider
Michael Cider Hace 14 días
that lost fucking toe story had me floored
TheScottGillies Hace 14 días
The supersonic frequency that Bert's laugh gets to right here! Amazing. This is why we love Bert. His comedy comes in second to his general sense of humor @7:04
Henry Bonini
Henry Bonini Hace 15 días
It's cool to see Tom and Brandon Shwuab doing a podcast together. Great chemistry.
peglegsteve23 Hace 15 días
Go show / make more
peglegsteve23 Hace 15 días
Waki Siffredi
Waki Siffredi Hace 15 días
Hey Muzz Limbs
Cory Green
Cory Green Hace 16 días
Love the ending. Virtue signalling to close every show please lmao
Because Man
Because Man Hace 16 días
It’s been two weeks where’s the new one lol
Mardigras80pf Hace 17 días
When's the next episode this is the best!
BrandonTS95 Hace 14 días
Just random ig
Shadowstalker3000 Hace 17 días
Christiania is a borough in Copenhagen. Denmarks capital...
Lloyd Garcia
Lloyd Garcia Hace 17 días
I'm late but it was great
Kyle Rein
Kyle Rein Hace 17 días
Bruhhh where is ep 3 :O
Solokid Reborn
Solokid Reborn Hace 17 días
I finally found two L.A. comedian residents who follow my politics!!!
Tao Tao
Tao Tao Hace 17 días
Mambo from Mwanza Tanzania 🇹🇿
Michael Glass
Michael Glass Hace 17 días
I've tried to wait until episode three to watch this episode... But THIS IS TO GOOD TO SHELF!
Ian Tilford
Ian Tilford Hace 18 días
You guys should do running, swimming and biking and weight “value” of each mile in each event. That way you can negate Joe’s ability to run a bagillion more miles than you all
Ezekiel Messenger
Ezekiel Messenger Hace 18 días
Ok now I am certain that Bert is semi-retarded.
Dontworryaboutme R
Dontworryaboutme R Hace 18 días
Where's the new one??
MeghaneggNcheese Hace 18 días
those last five minutes kiiiiilllled me, literally dead. frakin funny bros
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