2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer | Ep. 02

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Hace 4 meses

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are back for Episode 2 of 2 BEARS 1 CAVE! The two best friends get right into the stories, discussing Ralphie May, Jo Koy, Greg Giraldo and Jim Norton. Plus, Tom recaps all of his TheoGate trolling from the past few months. Who would be at the ultimate comedian slumber party? Bert's daughter is starting to drive, which is getting dicey, and everything wraps up in a strip club.

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Jake Freiert
Jake Freiert Hace 3 días
Great idea Bert, get a face tattoo of the state that most resembles a shriveled penis.
Endless Ambition
Endless Ambition Hace 6 días
I'm watching this for the first time in Dec. Loving it
Allison Hampton
Allison Hampton Hace 7 días
Dolphin cumming. Laughed so hard I almost got fired from my job.
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan Hace 7 días
Tommy buns: bro what’s that obnoxious laughter in the background every so often?
Amanda Johnston
Amanda Johnston Hace 10 días
This is hilarious but it’ll be a lot less funny after Bert’s impending sudden cardiac death.
Ian Crouch
Ian Crouch Hace 12 días
😂😂😂😂😂 These two are Fan-freakin-tastic together!!!
FKnFREAK Hace 13 días
As if repeating "his toe popped off" clears anything up ..... "WHAT" didn't mean say again, it meant..Explain yourself .....
FKnFREAK Hace 14 días
Do you think they know that most of the people who find this podcast will be gay men who are "bear chasers" because of the title ??....Don't worry about the weight, a lot of dudes are checking you out already !!!..... :P
nutsotic Hace 14 días
Why the fuck is there a laugh track? It's super distracting
kai maggard
kai maggard Hace 15 días
Best podcast on YMH bar none
Off The Grid Living
Off The Grid Living Hace 18 días
What fucking virtue signaling is alt right? It's alt left
Bert Hubnip
Bert Hubnip Hace 7 días
Off The Grid Living the alt right virtue signals just as much lmao. It’s just different virtues Examples: Communism is bad God is America Women are bad If you don’t like Trump you hate America and are a communist Any famous black guy speaking about social issues should shut up and just dribble/rap/act/keep playing football
Permabulk Hace 25 días
For the record, Bert is 10000% way way way fatter than Tom. Just at heart even let alone actual physical size
Mal Floyd
Mal Floyd Hace 25 días
that dip story had me dry heaving so hard that somewhere in the world Christina P just woke up puking..
Jason M
Jason M Hace 26 días
These guys suck for a living, and this is still worth watching.
jesper heglingegård jensen
jesper heglingegård jensen Hace un mes
"my kids are dumb as fuck!"
N_Elite_Assassin Hace un mes
Kevin Hart as counselor for sure
michael dietz
michael dietz Hace un mes
joe is pretty funny and a great podcaster but norm is in an entirely different league of comedy than him.
Jo a
Jo a Hace un mes
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Hace un mes
MasterChiefColin Hace un mes
You do have the ability to shut your brain down, it just comes in a bottle and Joe gives you shit for it, Bert.
Anthony Byne
Anthony Byne Hace un mes
Burt is such a pro he puts his t shirt back on WITHOUT taking his cap off!!
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez Hace 2 meses
Omg this is amazing!!! The end is fucking funny as hell !!!
Johns Thomas
Johns Thomas Hace 2 meses
Honestly joey Diaz to be y'alls has to be camp counselor fur sure
Alexandria Koepke
Alexandria Koepke Hace 2 meses
So this is what I’m thinking, Tom needs to have a show where he reads erotica with his black voice while wearing a velvet robe next to a fire place. I’d pay hella Bitcoin to watch that. 😂😂
Mathew Offord
Mathew Offord Hace 2 meses
The stem cell story....
Chris M
Chris M Hace 2 meses
Is that the producers laughing in the background or do they use a laugh track cause it sounds very similar each time hahaha.
Frida Staf
Frida Staf Hace 2 meses
Please do more than one a month. This makes my everyday!!! ❤❤
Rebecca Lopez
Rebecca Lopez Hace 2 meses
My boyfriend sent this to me as a podcast recommendation.
Zack Anderson
Zack Anderson Hace 2 meses
The last 5 minutes of that were the funniest moments of any podcast wver
Noah Glover
Noah Glover Hace 2 meses
Wait did I hear Tom’s kids names are Alice and Julian? Ok......
Madz Z
Madz Z Hace 2 meses
Fucking love yall omfg 20k likes for this vid so proud !
Blusuck Hace 2 meses
1:12:57 hahhahahahahah
Cee Bee
Cee Bee Hace 2 meses
Beer needs a.meeting man.
Blusuck Hace 2 meses
the distant laughing is like a organic laugh track
Xdmfan02 Hace 2 meses
My dad dips and I started fucking gagging when you guys started talking about drinking dip spit lmao
James Miller
James Miller Hace 3 meses
This is the greatest shit ever!
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Hace 3 meses
TDK Hace 3 meses
Where's Muccaluccaluccaland?
BillehTheKid _
BillehTheKid _ Hace 3 meses
They're so fuckin funny together
Andrew Gibert
Andrew Gibert Hace 3 meses
I could watch hours of these 2 guys.
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Gomez Hace 3 meses
That f*cking guy in the background laughing kills man lol
Infinitywoke Anon
Infinitywoke Anon Hace 3 meses
*The background laughs make me laugh even harder ! I fkn love this shit!!!*
A Cynical Second
A Cynical Second Hace 3 meses
Bert is killing that ONE guy
Fernando Wolfblack
Fernando Wolfblack Hace 3 meses
1:12:10 lmfao
DarkPhoenix1515 Hace 3 meses
Rape, review and subscribe?
Ian Jackson
Ian Jackson Hace 3 meses
Bert should do a fan run as he tours. Out here in Pittsburgh and ready to run with the Machine.
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao Hace 3 meses
33:56 Tom derailed the kidnapping conversation completely, he seemingly did it on purpose too, weird.
Bill Murry
Bill Murry Hace 3 meses
Dude, I celebrate those moments and I'm not a comedian.The best part of virtue signaling is taking advantage of it and seeing how far they would go with it.
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose Hace 3 meses
40:04 Tom's reaction to the toe having popped and then growing a nob , is pure comedy gold .
Derick Howell
Derick Howell Hace 3 meses
Get a pirate ship tattoo on your stomach and the cannon can be your belly button and u can shoot cheese puffs out like cannon balls !! Please do it.
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark Hace 3 meses
24:22 "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning" (paraphrased) - Tom Segure
Ryan McGuire
Ryan McGuire Hace 3 meses
Tom's serial killer personality came out during the virtual signaling tweets, lol
Andranice Davis
Andranice Davis Hace 3 meses
Seeing Tom cumming as a dolphin was everything... wow
jay lectricity
jay lectricity Hace 3 meses
And how the fuck is Tom wearing that winter jacket? I feel like he thinks he's in Alaska ready to go hunting.
jay lectricity
jay lectricity Hace 3 meses
I hardly ever watch podcasts on youtube. Every once in awhile I'll go look after hearing it to see what they all looked like at a particular moment. But I started listening to the first episode a few days ago and immediately needed to see these two interacting. I'm actually listening to the podcast on my ipod with my bluetooth headphones, but I synced up the video after a series of pause/play/pause/wait a sec/play/wait a sec/pause/play/etc. I just need to watch their facial expressions during the conversation.
jay lectricity
jay lectricity Hace 3 meses
Before anybody asks, I've never been able to get the bluetooth on my laptop to work right.
Tony Ouimet
Tony Ouimet Hace 3 meses
Never get rid of the dude laughing in the background
nicky_ hashtag
nicky_ hashtag Hace 23 días
@dick trickle I'm sorry man I should delete the comment before I cause irreparable harm.
dick trickle
dick trickle Hace 23 días
@nicky_ hashtag you brought the whole world around me to ruin.
Danny Hunt
Danny Hunt Hace un mes
@nicky_ hashtag 😂😂
nicky_ hashtag
nicky_ hashtag Hace 2 meses
It's a Rogan byte. A producer is pushing a button. Not to ruin the magic.
gvstradamvs Hace 3 meses
Reminds me of Phil Giroux from The Tom Green Show
Ben Yetter
Ben Yetter Hace 3 meses
Who the fuck is laughing in the background
That dude in the background loves his job
Greg Khatchatrian
Greg Khatchatrian Hace 3 meses
That annoying cunt in the background just laughing at everything
Mike Estevez
Mike Estevez Hace 3 meses
Of Tom is around I can tolerate Bert
Jay Hace 3 meses
I want someone to look at me the way Tom Segura looks at Bert Kreischer
That Guy
That Guy Hace 19 días
You want to be seen as fat and racist?
Danny Hunt
Danny Hunt Hace un mes
violentmnky Hace 3 meses
$18 is a good deal for a dozen doughnuts?! L.A. must be fucking nuts...
Chris Hebner
Chris Hebner Hace 3 meses
“Our legs will become high performing maaaccchhhiiinnnessss” 56:07
ambition x
ambition x Hace 3 meses
$250 worth of chinese food for one person?! Bert that’s absurd 😂
Trey Hall
Trey Hall Hace 3 meses
Keep making these podcasts....im a black guy this works lol
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain Hace 3 meses
You heard the man were good
Levi Lebo
Levi Lebo Hace 3 meses
Hey ESwomen enough with the fucking tik tok ads for fucks sake
AnAngryVoice Hace 3 meses
bert pls no face tat
Peter Yenter
Peter Yenter Hace 3 meses
What dates is Bert going to be in Fort Myres?
malichi91 Hace 3 meses
Wish the dude in the back would shut up. Ruins every Tom podcast I listen to.
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez Hace 3 meses
What kind of water bottle is it?
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