141 LBS: #1 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) vs. #2 Nick Lee (Penn State) | 2020 B1G Wrestling

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Ohio State's Luke Pletcher takes on Penn State's Nick Lee in the 141 pound match.
#OhioStateBuckeyes #PennStateNittanyLions #NCAAWrestling
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penn state nittany lionspenn statenittany lionspsu

Y Y Hace 5 días
I don like when they have no respect so I say they not very nice
J'har Hace 18 días
I thought this was Luke Parker lol
Deana Stengel
Deana Stengel Hace 27 días
I will be back
Brad Holtz
Brad Holtz Hace 29 días
Got a kid coming in from MI next year that won 4 individual state titles and 4 team titles. Austin Boone, wrestled at 145. I’ll be following his progression. Lee wrestled a solid match and Pletcher definitely was gassed from the 2nd period on.
deletedaccount3057 Hace un mes
Love that Mac miller entrance 💪😁
xr500t Hace un mes
Once the season takes the life out of ya.
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart Hace un mes
Nick Lee is a man on a mission this season. It is going to be interesting in The Big Ten Tournament and then The Nationals.
GoBrady 12
GoBrady 12 Hace un mes
How long has Nike been such a popular wrestling shoe choice?
Pirates 123
Pirates 123 Hace un mes
Pletcher very good, but will not beat Lee .
Josh DeWall
Josh DeWall Hace un mes
Pletcher looks like a midget!🤣
dale doback
dale doback Hace un mes
Pletchers a little bull
Luke Pace
Luke Pace Hace un mes
I have a feeling they'll be wrestling again real soon!
N D Hace un mes
Pletcher has the sickest high crotch
John Palladino
John Palladino Hace un mes
How tall is pletcher he looks so short
Hung Shlatt
Hung Shlatt Hace un mes
Hung Shlatt
Hung Shlatt Hace un mes
Randolph Lex
Randolph Lex Hace un mes
Ref is bad what can a wrestler do when the guy has a bar arm not the right call
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez Hace un mes
No matter what top is doing if your laying face down and not moving at all that 100% stalling every time, they’re gonna call that.
Sean Gonzales
Sean Gonzales Hace un mes
how tall is pletcher??
T Lee
T Lee Hace un mes
when do wrestlers have to weigh in?
David Baker
David Baker Hace un mes
Just been getting better and better every week, this could be his year to top the podium
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith Hace un mes
Nick Lee actually looks a lot like Matt McDonough style wise
Jon Cannon
Jon Cannon Hace un mes
Possibly a ncaa finals match right here !!!!
Ray Greeley
Ray Greeley Hace un mes
if luke is gassed in a dual, how will he last in tournament..from this match, late in season,,i don't see him ready for ncaa..i did not see the first stall on luke,,i have watched over and over,,he deserved a second point against by his work in the third period...great job by lee..i still think he is vulnerable to a good leg attack though i have not seen a good one against him though luke with his short arms got there and should have finished the second one in the first period
Pack The Ripper
Pack The Ripper Hace un mes
Nick Lee will not lose another match in his college career.
Alex Arthur
Alex Arthur Hace un mes
After watching the matches this year, I is abundantly clear Ohio State lacks conditioning. The entire team is gassed come the stretch.
D Schoenfeld
D Schoenfeld Hace un mes
Pletcher’s muscle mass is a detriment to him against the elite competition who are also strong but not muscled up like Pletcher thereby not tiring out.
Nat Wolins
Nat Wolins Hace un mes
Cael Sanderson might be a better couch than he was a wrestler. Anytime I see a Penn State wrestler go against similar talent Penn State wins.
Davo Hace un mes
Luke Pletcher, has never missed leg day!
Wa Lor
Wa Lor Hace un mes
Man, Lee just took Pletcher’s man card
Nathan iel
Nathan iel Hace un mes
Sad that the Nickal and Nolf days are over for PS :/
P Money
P Money Hace un mes
Until one comes back as a coach
Timothy Woods
Timothy Woods Hace un mes
I wonder how it will go down at a neutral stadium. Lee looked great though.
Magical Frijoles
Magical Frijoles Hace un mes
It takes a lot of oxygen to power all those muscles.
Daniel Brunskole
Daniel Brunskole Hace un mes
Gonna be a different story at big 10 and ncaa
Philly Knows
Philly Knows Hace un mes
Damn what a match.
Wa Lor
Wa Lor Hace un mes
How about Desanto? He gave Boo Dryden a good whopping coming back from only 2 weeks leg amputation 😆. What a beast! A++
Pirates 123
Pirates 123 Hace un mes
C’mon Dryden isn’t even ranked .
Shane Robison
Shane Robison Hace un mes
Love watching Ohio State lose
The Discussion
The Discussion Hace un mes
Pletcher blew a 3-1 lead
Ty Hatfield
Ty Hatfield Hace un mes
Good job
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson Hace un mes
Great win way to represent Mater Dei man.
Tropical Terrarium
Tropical Terrarium Hace un mes
Penn state has not been as dominant this year, so Cael has his boys in phenom shape.
RSD Hace un mes
And we have a new #1.
David W
David W Hace un mes
Lee finally has that little bit of power that he was missing his first two years. He got closer last year. He's got it now.
CR Ri Hace un mes
Beautiful turn and power through at 7:02
Jarod Estes
Jarod Estes Hace un mes
Can anyone tell me why the stalling call was called? It seems a little bogus to me. I hate that fast paced action they're expecting. I mean the dude had his arm pinned behind his back
Stud97007 Hace un mes
The first stall was because Lee kept pushing forward, pushing the pace and shooting. After Pletchers first take down he had one other shot and maybe only one in the 2and if that. As for the 2nd stall he just laid on his belly. You have to try and improve your position. The top wrestler got that armbar and it was the bottom wrestlers job to get out of the position. The ref should bail the bottom wrestler out there when the top guy worked for it.
MisterSupermanSir Hace un mes
I've been itching for this one. I thought Pletcher would win by a couple points unless Lee was able to score a take down against Pletcher...I didn't think that take down would come...but it did, and then some. Great match!
James Skeen
James Skeen Hace un mes
Lee should have cut him and gone for the major.
wixxs Hace un mes
Amazing persistence.
Friexy NY
Friexy NY Hace un mes
Dude is short
Raul Omana
Raul Omana Hace un mes
Shout out to nick lee for using Mac Miller’s new song for his entrance 🔥
Barfy-man362 Hace un mes
Raul Omana mac Miller is dead
Tyler Goodwin
Tyler Goodwin Hace un mes
Two bad stalling calls changed the momentum of the match. When you’re barred and flat on a D1 level , it’s beyond stupid to try and build a base. It would be giving 4. 1 stalemate, then stall. Don’t wait until 2 seconds to throw up an unnecessary 2nd stall. Ref involved himself too much the 2nd period
Casey Schoenleber
Casey Schoenleber Hace un mes
@Tyler Goodwinyeah I do see your point. And youre right they really do tend go to stalemate first in the tourneys far more often than dual meets, never really thought about it too much but now that you brought that to light it is certainly apparent
Tyler Goodwin
Tyler Goodwin Hace un mes
Casey Schoenleber not ideal and yes can be boring but that’s multiple stalemates before stalls. If you’re gonna ride like that and you can ONLY turn if the bottom man gives you the advantage then they’re in a position that neither can do anything without giving up points. I wrestled D1 I wrestled 133 in the big 10 , if I’m Pletcher I’m lying there all day too. Why would I build to give 4 when I can sit there and he can sit there pretending too. Ref is gonna call stalemate 50/50. At Penn State home, makes sense. This same scenario, at NCAA’s , nah stalemate before stall.
Casey Schoenleber
Casey Schoenleber Hace un mes
The ref waiting until a couple seconds left in the period to call that stall was a GIFT to Pletcher. You want the ref to call a stalemate when the dude is bellied out and Lee ontop is working a hammerlock/armbar for 30 seconds?? Lol okay seems fair
Stud97007 Hace un mes
The first stall came when Lee scored his first takedown. After Pletchers initial take down in the first he had on other shot. Where Lee kept pushing forward and shooting for the outside single. As for just laying on your stomach for 40 seconds that has to be a stall. You got yourself into that position you get yourself out of it. Not fair to the top wrestler for the ref to bail him out with a stalemate. Pletcher probably should have been dinged again in the 3rd when laying on his stomach again. It will be great to see the match at neutral site at big ten's. I think Lee still wins as Pletcher might get the first takedown again and will rely on counters but Lee showed he can finish quickly and avoid the scramble.
joe dillon
joe dillon Hace un mes
This match reminds me of the Spencer Lee and Nathan Tomasello days. Early in tomasellos experience won him some close matches versus Spencer, but as SL got better, Tomasellos stature wasn’t a good match for a more conditioned and lengthy SL. Same with Luke Pletcher, I think his shorter stature is downfall. Versus NIck Lee. Both are awesome. Can’t wait til NCAA’s!
Denny Birchfield
Denny Birchfield Hace un mes
Kinda hard to move when u got 140lb just laying on you not doing anything
missinsanelogic Hace un mes
@Stud97007 clearly not stalling
Stud97007 Hace un mes
Really not doing anything? When Pletcher isnt trying to improve then that's on him. Shouldn't have given the armbar in the first place. No way the ref should bail out the bottom wrestler when the top guy put him there.
Denny Birchfield
Denny Birchfield Hace un mes
Nick lee is hip riding punk that stalls as soon as he is on top what a joke no offensive game only reattack shots
Denny Birchfield
Denny Birchfield Hace un mes
Whos #1 again oh yea pletcher
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson Hace un mes
😂 that’s why nick techs people all the time😂
GeorgeLander9 Hace un mes
@Kawika Jones Zahid is not dominating like spencer. Sencer is undefeated with an 85.71% win with bonus points, not to mention 90% of that 85.71% is from tech fall. Zahid is undefeated with 85.0% win with bonus point. Most of the bonus point is by major decision and a few more falls than spencer. Nick lee is is actually above both spencer and zahid, undefeated 88.24% bonus point. #1 Nick lee, #2 Spencer, #3 Zahid.
Stud97007 Hace un mes
Hip riding punk and reattacks. Hahaha you're funny. Pletcher got his first take down and took one other real shot. Look at what Pletcher does against top ranked guys in his career try and gets the first take down and then sits and waits for them to attack. He tried that here but Lee was to clean. Pletcher didnt want to get turned so he laid there. I suspect you thought Kinners ride was perfect huh? That was top stalling if I've ever seen it with both legs in and not working except to not give up the escape point. Hahaha
Kawika Jones
Kawika Jones Hace un mes
What a stupid comment. Lee is #2 for the Hodge right now. You don't get a Hodge unless you get a lot of pins/TF's.
dom hartman
dom hartman Hace un mes
I like how he doesn’t get too hype cause they will se eachother in ncaa final
seb Hace un mes
dom hartman lees just an all around humble nice guy too.
Midnights & Mornings
Midnights & Mornings Hace un mes
So glad Lee got the win. Tired of seeing Pletcher, the Oompa Loompa win
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Hace un mes
"those are one of the little things that are so big" lulz, Yogi Berra over here...
john davidson
john davidson Hace un mes
“That’s what she said.”
Old Toby
Old Toby Hace un mes
If Luke wins this OSU wins the entire match!
Kawika Jones
Kawika Jones Hace un mes
If wishes were fishes....
Teddy Vincent
Teddy Vincent Hace un mes
Great job Nick Lee! His mental toughness was huge. Penn State wrestlers always hitting the gas for three full periods. Great wrestling meet.
Calvin Collins
Calvin Collins Hace un mes
They will meet again at the big 10s
Wrestling Science
Wrestling Science Hace un mes
Better leverages
Jason Tabor
Jason Tabor Hace un mes
Nick Lee... I know you read this, but I have a question to ask you young man...? How are you doing in your walk with the Lord? seeing as how I know that you obviously have to deal with many worldly obsticles in the meantime? Real question? I love you brother. For real.
missinsanelogic Hace un mes
@stickers38 why? This is just as good as a platform to do that as any
stickers38 Hace un mes
Go evangelize elsewhere you weirdo.
Jason Tabor
Jason Tabor Hace un mes
great match, and congrats btw.
Brandon McGrew
Brandon McGrew Hace un mes
Nick lee should’ve been 1 from the start, absolutely unbelievable this year.
Full Send Filosophy
Full Send Filosophy Hace un mes
Tom Ryan looking surprised the stalling 1 came for pletcher when he was just laying there haha
Jeff Carello
Jeff Carello Hace un mes
Way to go Nick Lee!!! Congrats... Time to go get that NCAA Title!
Joseph Drummond
Joseph Drummond Hace un mes
what stalling? both wrists, one leg and a hip are tied up with no turn even being attempted. that's a stalemate at best, if not stalling on top. Penn State at home, I guess.
Axl Ariza
Axl Ariza Hace un mes
Kawika Jones I did see that but his leg was not held longer than the amount of time he laid flat like I said I respect all opinions and validate that it all could’ve been possible but again none of us were the ref we can’t experience what he called we can only experience our interpretation of the call
Kawika Jones
Kawika Jones Hace un mes
I guess you missed Pletchers left leg bent out to prevent Lee from turning him.
FaMe Benji
FaMe Benji Hace un mes
Joseph Drummond Typical Ohio state cry baby
Axl Ariza
Axl Ariza Hace un mes
Joseph Drummond from ref perspective if you’ll look at the 3rd period same position no stall call why bc pletcher was moving making effort to get out visually u could see how hard he was trying to move but when the stall happened it was more like he was just laying there just a point of view I respect you point of view tho if you think was just bc they were @ home hope you have a great rest of your night or day homie!
Vietri Hace un mes
Lee is just an all around beast theres no other way to put it. Always felt in control here
nick mokodanski
nick mokodanski Hace un mes
Wow that was crazy
Adam Lobatos
Adam Lobatos Hace un mes
Weeeeeeheeeee heeeee yeah baby!!! PEN!!!!
Daniel Sandoval
Daniel Sandoval Hace un mes
Knew this was gonna happen
Ray Greeley
Ray Greeley Hace un mes
i like lee but did not see anyone getting past lukes small area of attack and his hustle, he really gassed out
Preston Scott
Preston Scott Hace un mes
They should spladle
Ur2ez4me81 Hace un mes
Pletcher always chokes lol
Stud97007 Hace un mes
I would have to disagree hes clearly the 2nd best 141 in the country and Lee is just an animal. Lee should have been ranked 1 the whole time but the whole Demas loss for Lee and win for Pletcher is what gave it to him.
Benjamin Greutman
Benjamin Greutman Hace un mes
It was a lot tighter than the score shows
missinsanelogic Hace un mes
@Stud97007 Youre biased bro, no one should take seriously what you say
Stud97007 Hace un mes
@Scott Mallett after the first score that match was all Nick Lee pushed the pace and kept shooting. If Lee can avoid that first takedown we probably would have seen Lee play some catch and release at the end to get the major.
John Arnold
John Arnold Hace un mes
It will not be close in big ten championship. Lee knows what he has to do now, pletcher gave up! Lee is on a mission!
Scott Mallett
Scott Mallett Hace un mes
@Stud97007 Say what?
Stud97007 Hace un mes
I would disagree saying it wasnt as close as the score shows. In the next match you could see Lee focus more on not giving up the first takedown because after that Pletcher quits and cant get off bottom which seems to be an issue at Ohio State.
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