13 Year Old Bunchie Young Is BACK! Prodigy Trains With Football Guru & Heads To The SUPER BOWL!?

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Bunchie Young is BACK! It's the first episode of 2020!
On the last episode of Bunchie! our guy went work with Darelle Noel, a LEGIT NFL trainer who worked with Todd Gurley! Then his Dad took him to this CRAZY hill and made him run all the way to the top and back!
Bunchie has been a free agent for a minute, but his dad has some good news, he found Bunchie another team! There's not much time left in the season, but Bunchie was still recruited to help the team get one last dub.
Now it’s time to put some work in before the big game. Bunchie and his boys link up with WR guru Dwayne Frampton. Bunchie and these dudes been training together FOREVER! Coach Framp helps the boys with their technique and to get them ready for the next level.
Finally it’s GAME DAY and they're giving our guy a chance to make some PLAYS! Only problem is when you are as famous as Bunchie, the other team knows you’re getting the ball. It was a close game to the very end, but our guys came up short in an overtime loss.
Bunchie clearly has been making noise because the NFL calls pops with the CRAZIEST NEWS EVER!?
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Conor Hace 16 horas
This kid has a toilet brush for hair
JABRIONES2006 Hace un día
Overtime needs to check me out , aye yo over time come check me out
Borderlands808 Hace 2 días
It’d be safer if he just takes up golf. One solid hit from a bigger kid could end his whole dream/career. If he goes through a nice growth spurt then forget everything I said. Lol
Artis Foster
Artis Foster Hace 2 días
I can’t believe how easy people can get famous these days... this era is just a goddamn joke.
Tater Tot
Tater Tot Hace 4 días
This kid needs a reality check. No way in hell he is gonna get as far as they say he is. It’s so sad seeing parents let a kid get so stuck up praised like this. He’s spoiled and the media milks it. So unfortunate.
judgemental comment
judgemental comment Hace 4 días
is this julian newman of football?
Julio Oliveira
Julio Oliveira Hace 5 días
Eai meus pivete brasileiro aqui
Reginald Butler
Reginald Butler Hace 6 días
Like if bunchie is overrated
- Tad -
- Tad - Hace 8 días
I’m so confused. How is this kid a prodigy? He changes teams every time he loses. And he seems to lose all the time
MagiccMan 96
MagiccMan 96 Hace 9 días
his shit gettin rocked in high school. 😂
JMO Hace 10 días
This dude makin kd look like the most loyal player in the world lmao switchin teams after every damn loss
YouTube CEO
YouTube CEO Hace 10 días
4:06 "Go get him" just what wolf do LOL
Key the drip god B
Key the drip god B Hace 10 días
Yoooo we were suppose to play him but are game got cancelled
Aiden Rementer
Aiden Rementer Hace 11 días
Idk he’s good but like damn there’s so many other kids that get scholarships to d1 colleges but don’t get this hype
Henry and Khloe's Channel SQUANCE
Henry and Khloe's Channel SQUANCE Hace 11 días
I've been trying to find game tape on bunchee and all I get is workouts.
Thomas Andrada
Thomas Andrada Hace 11 días
bruh this kid overrated. if he were actually good he wouldn’t need the “best” line. scrub changes teams everytime he gets tackled 😂😂
dwdrums18 Hace 11 días
This kid is not that good. He thinks hes the shit. Sorry but that odell look is faded. Make em rich for nothing.
castine bridges
castine bridges Hace 11 días
J.P. Z
J.P. Z Hace 11 días
Cody Paul >>>>
Steven Adams
Steven Adams Hace 12 días
Those other kids were laying the wood on this cat and he’s suppose to be the best?
Brittany Sneed
Brittany Sneed Hace 13 días
I'm gonna get my hair like your hair
Jacob Denise
Jacob Denise Hace 14 días
Ty Blassingame
Ty Blassingame Hace 14 días
Duh he k m in l CB l c lcc c I k bale god Uck c lchnho32./$ sis is so sis oaboabaos chnmnmmm
Tyler K.
Tyler K. Hace 14 días
Lmao. This kid ain’t shit. Once he plays against kids equal in athleticism he will just blend in. Get over yourself ya little fuckn terd
Assisa Jama
Assisa Jama Hace 15 días
You don’t like The Chargers.
Bopped Boney
Bopped Boney Hace 15 días
He look like lamelo a little
Markus Brandon
Markus Brandon Hace 15 días
Gonna need some mental coaching. Doesn't seem smart to make a prospect into a reality star before high school ball.
Cexel Hace 15 días
Daniel's voice hit puberty like
Reconic-NFN Hace 16 días
No name 44
No name 44 Hace 17 días
A good player helps there teammates and makes them better he just want a good team
Tm 50
Tm 50 Hace 17 días
7:56 weight room!!! Weight Room!!!
fil key
fil key Hace 17 días
"almost in hs" how old are these kids
Adam Watkins
Adam Watkins Hace 17 días
kid has the worst attitude in the world.
Tristan Bailey
Tristan Bailey Hace 18 días
Bro your not even good bro I'm ten times better then you
Cheetahblox Hace 18 días
Ma'jin Childress
Ma'jin Childress Hace 18 días
Your little sis was killing that BOOGER in the back seat
N&J Films
N&J Films Hace 18 días
Why’s he so hyped up?? He isn’t even that good compared to the players his own age. He can blame his teammates all he wants, but he ain’t gonna do shit in high school..
Ever De Leon
Ever De Leon Hace 18 días
Travis Scott got ripped
U do life Tap
U do life Tap Hace 18 días
Overrated as heck
123416305 Hace 18 días
That’s racist he has blonde hair. 😂😂. Ppl wanna cry when a white girl braids her hair but a black kid can have blonde hair? Tf lmao this world.
Garrit Schlenz
Garrit Schlenz Hace 18 días
This kids good but hes no prodigy.
Qmzlsfidk Tifhfkc
Qmzlsfidk Tifhfkc Hace 18 días
How are they going to keep it a secret if they put it on ESwomen when millions of people see it
Charles Rickoll, III
Charles Rickoll, III Hace 19 días
The Rams traded Tod Gurley.
Master of MiXes
Master of MiXes Hace 19 días
Other team not getting passed me. Ran Bunchie over😂
Danielle Edwards
Danielle Edwards Hace 19 días
In the sky box
Danielle Edwards
Danielle Edwards Hace 19 días
I saw him at the real super bowl
Jesus Rosas Ibanez
Jesus Rosas Ibanez Hace 19 días
How does bunchie do what he do
Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson Hace 20 días
Ganga Ganga
Ganga Ganga Hace 20 días
Me and blotchy got to say favorite teams
Yesssuurr Hace 20 días
He dyed his hair like Odell and is better than the kids his age and suddenly he’s a upcoming prodigy with a big ego. Ok
Yesssuurr Hace 20 días
Mad respect for his work ethic but the fact they’re making this into a reality tv show is ridiculous.
Mr.Girman Gaming
Mr.Girman Gaming Hace 21 un día
This kid sucks
Evan Swartz
Evan Swartz Hace 21 un día
He to small for highschool, he got one year and y’all seen how he was with that kid in the BF
Cohen Hartz
Cohen Hartz Hace 21 un día
I'm younger than this kid and I feel like I could do way better than him at pretty much every single position
Cohen Hartz
Cohen Hartz Hace 18 días
I said I feel like I can beat him at these positions not that I'm an NFL middle linebacker with 4.3 speed an can throw 90 yards
I Dont Get Jokes
I Dont Get Jokes Hace 18 días
Cohen Hartz lmao talk talk
Cohen Hartz
Cohen Hartz Hace 18 días
Except I can buddy
I Dont Get Jokes
I Dont Get Jokes Hace 18 días
Yeah but you can’t
Cj Prichard
Cj Prichard Hace 21 un día
Why did he leave the ducks
LaShonda Washington
LaShonda Washington Hace 22 días
Fuego Diego
Fuego Diego Hace 22 días
The kid is only 13 and just wants to play football quit hating his dad probably the one making him doing all of this.
Diane Donner
Diane Donner Hace 20 días
DGAF. Little over hyped ass kid.
Ake Noaksson
Ake Noaksson Hace 22 días
Diset looks like 24kgoldn
Jaylen Hayes
Jaylen Hayes Hace 22 días
I’m 13 and I’m good why don’t I get this much credit
Kashen Ryle
Kashen Ryle Hace 23 días
This is how much the dad said man 👇🏼
Jimmy Cheadle
Jimmy Cheadle Hace 23 días
Boy you go zoom zoom
Jesse Roberts
Jesse Roberts Hace 23 días
“The score is still zero zero,time to take a shot” *Proceeds to throw ball literally 10 yards*
taylor lyons
taylor lyons Hace 23 días
In the car the dad said man every Ten seconds
TheOne Hace 23 días
He going d1 at corner. Most NFL corners are 5’9-5’10 Bunchie got the speed too. I used to play running back I’ll trade being a running back for a corner any day. You do the hitting and it’s less wear on yo body.
Lucy Noches
Lucy Noches Hace 23 días
This little guy is good but his dad is going to hurt him like for real if your team is bad stay with them build that chemistry don’t just quit & then his dad says I don’t want you to get hurt these are high school kids you playing against like for my guy then let him play against kids his age instead of hurting him & not letting him play
Kyle Cantinella
Kyle Cantinella Hace 23 días
Don’t let my boy end up like Julian Newman 😤
Fernando Campos
Fernando Campos Hace 23 días
How tall is he??
Credit Error
Credit Error Hace 24 días
I don't cool off my mouth guard when i take it out from boiling.
Brooks Runfola
Brooks Runfola Hace 24 días
He is not as good as they publicize him
Kendra Norris
Kendra Norris Hace 24 días
Usc best college!!!!!
DJAVD Hace 24 días
Bruh, he's average at max. He may be fast and shit but that's not all that matters. Smh 🤦‍♂️
i made the tiktok whipped coffee
julien solomita
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