10 Things YBN Cordae Can't Live Without | GQ

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When YBN Cordae hits the road, there are a few things he can't live without. From African Leather Memo Paris Cologne and his beats headphones to his chest bag and passport, YBN Cordae shows us all his travel essentials.
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10 Things YBN Cordae Can't Live Without | GQ

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Tatum FTW
Tatum FTW Hace 2 días
Cordae has Tyler The Creator vibes
Brandon Carignan
Brandon Carignan Hace 5 días
He's so full of himself
Wayne Fresh
Wayne Fresh Hace 11 días
One of if not the smartest and humble young artiste out there
Leon&Lilly Pratt
Leon&Lilly Pratt Hace 13 días
Cordae: take one Sign: take two 0:15 Me: 🤔
wildish Gambino
wildish Gambino Hace 15 días
This guy just proves that out generation is really intelligent. He's the Kendrick of the new school. Being grateful and all that.
culiex 2
culiex 2 Hace 21 un día
Cordae be looking 17 but is really 22 and NLE Choppa be looking 22 but really be 17
2,000 subs with no videos challenge no videos
2,000 subs with no videos challenge no videos Hace 21 un día
So your telling me that if he loses one of those things he’s gonna die??
Amari Thompson
Amari Thompson Hace 22 días
sami khan
sami khan Hace 23 días
I have the lost boy sneakers 😀
Deegan Bone
Deegan Bone Hace 24 días
Why his hair look like chili cheese Fritos
Crazy El
Crazy El Hace 24 días
Nobody: YBN Cordae: raaawr
Ibrahim Hassan
Ibrahim Hassan Hace 24 días
My mom told me to get it
Daiyan Abbasi
Daiyan Abbasi Hace 26 días
I feel like a robber is watching all of these and is like Robber: yes GQ, More info...MOREEEE
Young Xander
Young Xander Hace 26 días
This man Livin last generation with that notebook 😂
Stephanie Wilburn
Stephanie Wilburn Hace 27 días
I don’t know what you sayin
Ramon Bathan
Ramon Bathan Hace 27 días
*lol* he has money 💴
Joe Vainikka
Joe Vainikka Hace 28 días
who told him all of his essentials could be his own merch
JayOnAMove Yt
JayOnAMove Yt Hace 29 días
I got those shoes
Young Day
Young Day Hace 29 días
That’s my name but I have a Y at the end
Damien Vazquez
Damien Vazquez Hace 29 días
This man funny
frankiee Hace 29 días
I've replayed him making the leopard nosie so many times now
Aiden Estes
Aiden Estes Hace 29 días
*ya know what I'm sayin*
sokyu no
sokyu no Hace un mes
He literally jus did this to promote his album that’s hellla smart tho
KADEEM GREEN Hace un mes
airpods is trash beat are bettet
sWiSs dAiLy 21
sWiSs dAiLy 21 Hace un mes
Are you really a lost boy🤔
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez Hace un mes
Song ? 1:28
Icy noob69
Icy noob69 Hace un mes
0:56 I'm pretty sure I heard that sound while playing call of duty zombies
Patrick Luca
Patrick Luca Hace un mes
He reminds me of Tyler the creators personality
Lil_Koolaidman 3
Lil_Koolaidman 3 Hace un mes
them beats studio fye 🔥
Neil Laturkar
Neil Laturkar Hace un mes
i love his handwriting
Simon Wilson-Ayer
Simon Wilson-Ayer Hace un mes
Hes a lil J. Cole
RoverEZ_ARI 10
RoverEZ_ARI 10 Hace un mes
5:19 you knowwhatimsaying
DPvibes Hace un mes
This was one of the better ones tbh
Junseong (Daniel) Lee
Junseong (Daniel) Lee Hace un mes
bruh i swear ybn cordae be having lost boy cereal and lost boy milk fo breakfast lol also who here in quarantine
Habib Gaye
Habib Gaye Hace un mes
Ybn cordae is cute i love his eyes they are so beutiful
Lost -Tracks
Lost -Tracks Hace un mes
Where do you find that exact chest bag
Jojo does everything
Jojo does everything Hace un mes
no one: ybn cordae:whjom!!!
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Hace un mes
YBN Cordae: *makes a dog noise* Also YBN Cordae: well whatever sound a cheetah makes
Nelson Chou
Nelson Chou Hace un mes
NaPewnoNieWładek Hace un mes
Who tf is that?
JT Hace un mes
He a real one for that Chappelle Show.
Mkomet Hace un mes
When u see a cute girl in class (0:56)
Mnqobi eiddie
Mnqobi eiddie Hace un mes
Yho I love his energy
Lennox Trials
Lennox Trials Hace un mes
They're called "Franks" not "Dollars". ffs
o k
o k Hace un mes
👁 👁 👄
Flamenco is best
Flamenco is best Hace un mes
“Ah yes, my passport” -sir cordae
Александр Терехов
Александр Терехов Hace un mes
Did nobody mention that it was 11 things?
Kaos Hace un mes
Why does he look like Jay (Faze Rugs cousin) but black.😂
kinan suliman
kinan suliman Hace un mes
first rapper to have a wallet
Elisha Lopez
Elisha Lopez Hace un mes
“GiVawNchEe” 4:00
Pineapple coke76
Pineapple coke76 Hace un mes
Looks like a cool guy
My Dad Beats Me
My Dad Beats Me Hace un mes
That tongue thrust was bad
Karl Heins
Karl Heins Hace un mes
Its crazy how he don‘t is covered by tattoos
SlimesYt Hace un mes
2:32 cordae coming for lil pump
BlaDE NANO Hace 2 meses
“My life is a mess right now but it is what it is”
Kindled H
Kindled H Hace 2 meses
Man just use a backpack lol
Ely Hace 2 meses
When get invited to tell something about you but your purpose is to promote. 😂
Laurel Hwata
Laurel Hwata Hace 2 meses
Momma's boy
Carter Green
Carter Green Hace 2 meses
this was just a big advertisement for his album
Jeshua Cordova
Jeshua Cordova Hace 2 meses
Nobody: YBN Cordae: is not even my cologne, but is my cologne
Joseph Fogg
Joseph Fogg Hace 2 meses
My House is a Lost Boy. My Dog is a Lost Boy. My laptop is a Lost Boy.
Teddington Nasim
Teddington Nasim Hace 2 meses
How many times did he say the roaf
Teddington Nasim
Teddington Nasim Hace 2 meses
E10FS Hace 2 meses
That lisp is annoying
HydraPlaysYT Hace 2 meses
tbh his hair looks like a squashed tarantula fell on his head and NO OFFENSE i love YBN Cordae
Chrishon Emory
Chrishon Emory Hace 2 meses
Them shoes 🔥🔥🔥
Purple Skiezz
Purple Skiezz Hace 2 meses
6:05 lol
Kimberly Huaman
Kimberly Huaman Hace 2 meses
Ybn cordae said this some of my cologne it's not my cologne but it's my cologne😂😂😂😂
Jens Hace 2 meses
i got so triggered when he put on the cologne
Aryaa Sharma
Aryaa Sharma Hace 2 meses
no one: my stomach in class when it's silent: 0:56
Ethan Gray
Ethan Gray Hace 2 meses
Do shoreline mafia
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