10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without | GQ

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Dacre Montgomery, famous for playing Billy in Stranger Things and driving around in a '79 Camaro, has a few things he can't live without. From his sunnies to his Saint Christopher necklace that he even wore as Billy in Stranger Things, Dacre shows us everything he travels with.

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Here are some of Dacre's essentials:

- Ray-Ban Aviators: amzn.to/2lO0spN
- Kent Comb: amzn.to/2kfRnW9
- Murine Eye Drops: amzn.to/2lfda0g
- Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne: amzn.to/2jQbEla
- Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds: amzn.to/2lMxfvv
- Sim Card Removal Tool: amzn.to/2lMc5NY
- NY Yankees Hat: amzn.to/2jQcWg0
- Passport Holder: amzn.to/2lM4EpZ
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10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without | GQ

10 essentialsten essentialsstranger thingsdacre montgomery

THE1NONLY1 Hace 4 horas
All of these chicks are weird, stop being obsessed with someone who you would never have a chance with, you aren't special...
Fishu Hace 18 horas
In my country this is the serial killer starter pack.
Alicia Vielma Gutierrez
Alicia Vielma Gutierrez Hace un día
T amoooo es miooo LOVE youu
Rex Herrera
Rex Herrera Hace un día
Does anybody else think he kind of looks like Zac Effron
otter 7
otter 7 Hace 2 días
Toadmaster Films
Toadmaster Films Hace 3 días
When he was talking about his passport I thought he said his dads a kiwi
THE1NONLY1 Hace 4 horas
He did
Clarissa Gafoor
Clarissa Gafoor Hace 4 días
The thing about his sister is so sweet. I bet he's a great big brother.
Mercedes Marrero
Mercedes Marrero Hace 5 días
he looks like the sprouse twins
reign fury
reign fury Hace 8 días
Whyyyyy take him off the show like that & Hopper 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ the 2 best characters they should've taken Jonathan or even Nancy off but not Billy & Hopper 🤦🏻‍♂️
twenty one brendons at my chemical disco
twenty one brendons at my chemical disco Hace 10 días
Wait a minute he is British
Cassidy Morrow
Cassidy Morrow Hace 11 días
Could they have a character in Stranger things 4 that is acted by Dacre, but he acts LIKE THIS. I'd be so friggin excited to watch scenes with him in them. Eeeeeeee
Dwacia Ancrum
Dwacia Ancrum Hace 11 días
I swear he looks like the human version of shrek
The beauty Pancake
The beauty Pancake Hace 11 días
Araaf Mannan
Araaf Mannan Hace 13 días
I love how they silenced the background track at 2:27 for his sound effect lol
Athena M
Athena M Hace 14 días
Idk why but this video makes me feel calm. Like he could put me to sleep
Surah Marquit
Surah Marquit Hace 14 días
He emanates rich
E Genovia
E Genovia Hace 14 días
I just noticed, he kind of sound like harry style but more England accent. It’s hard to explain, maaan. Even though, I know he’s Australian.
Oteena M
Oteena M Hace 15 días
4:52 that looked like a bible
barzin 1123
barzin 1123 Hace 16 días
what he smell like tho
barzin 1123
barzin 1123 Hace 16 días
Wonder what he smells like? 🤔 *HE SMELL LIKE RICH*
hola Hace 17 días
Kärnan Fanboy
Kärnan Fanboy Hace 17 días
Well I am world's biggest Knoller
Lavender Moon
Lavender Moon Hace 17 días
4:07 hahaha Is it just me that heard the woice in my head “WOOoh The GHEtto”
CrescentGent Hace 18 días
A few comments: Cool content, cool guy. The rest: OMG, HE'S SO HOT 😍😍😍
Exploring paranormal with Michelle
Exploring paranormal with Michelle Hace 18 días
GIRLFRIEND?!?! oh...all my dreams are crushed. 😂
Cashmere Funk
Cashmere Funk Hace 19 días
Tom Ford💯.
DayandrAlejandra Hace 19 días
His accent shook me 😯
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear Hace 20 días
So did he actually grow his hair on the set of ST or was it a wig? Also how many of yall thought he was actually American?
Hustler 007
Hustler 007 Hace 20 días
Wtf this guy is British too
Me Underwears
Me Underwears Hace 3 días
One Hace 21 un día
4:07 oh the ghetto
Caz Hace 23 días
Anyone else notice how particular he is organising the items at the start? 😍
will Hace 24 días
so nobody is talking about how they’re making a S4 of stranger things and he said “that’s something that isnt essential” so he doesnt want to be in it? wHaT
Just Ava
Just Ava Hace 24 días
I know that hes the actor that plays Billy but of course hes acting in stranger things but just the way he talks reminds me of a humble Billy. I MISS BILLY!
Hi over Down where
Hi over Down where Hace 24 días
2:17 I have Jabra elite 65 t
Brittany Stockham
Brittany Stockham Hace 24 días
He’s definitely knows how to straight up shut down the interviewer on some of those questions 😂😂😂
Angry Duck
Angry Duck Hace 26 días
Act On
Act On Hace 26 días
This dude reminds me of a sober, ideally grown up mackaulay culkin.
Max Arebalo
Max Arebalo Hace 27 días
Idk why I always get anxiety when I see his face **Flashbacks to the all the times he almost killed el** I can’t tell why though
yeeyee juice XD
yeeyee juice XD Hace 27 días
4:07 ooh the ghetto
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat Hace 28 días
This man is so beautiful I can't even handle it.
0 Subscribers with 0 videos? ?
0 Subscribers with 0 videos? ? Hace un mes
Wait he was british,this is why British people are chosen to do American accents
Amarrion Hawkins
Amarrion Hawkins Hace un mes
When I saw Dacre in Stranger Things I thought he was Zach Effron 😂
Hartley Braden
Hartley Braden Hace un mes
AHHH HIS SISTER IS ABOUT 13.... ME TOOOOOOOOO (imma try my hardest to find her insta and follow her)
Tahryn Toki
Tahryn Toki Hace un mes
Wheres all my kiwi fans at??
liv Hace un mes
Yup, Dacre was raised right
hakametal Hace un mes
Wait, I thought Black Orchid was a women's perfume?
Allison Ellayne
Allison Ellayne Hace un mes
4:07 queue NeNe Leaks “the ghetto...”
XoxoDawn Xoxo
XoxoDawn Xoxo Hace un mes
Anybody notice the background music? If your a TikTok fan you would notice. “THE GHETTO!”
XoxoDawn Xoxo
XoxoDawn Xoxo Hace un mes
Ignacillo00 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ignacillo00 Hace un mes
Deelove11 DLE ra ta ta taa
Imnotverycreative Hace un mes
I don’t care about billy... but they destroyed that badass camaro
cley cayanan
cley cayanan Hace un mes
I miss billy 🥺
Benjamin Jalilian
Benjamin Jalilian Hace un mes
Y’all have to get Mac Demarco on here, I can’t imagine his essentials
gosh darn
gosh darn Hace un mes
I don't know
I don't know Hace un mes
hold the frickin phone this beautiful man is part kiwi?!
Sarah 504
Sarah 504 Hace 28 días
I don't know yep and so am i🙌🏽
ll Yaiko
ll Yaiko Hace un mes
DRUXY Hace un mes
Michael Jackson wore the same tom ford cologne
k t h c b e e '
k t h c b e e ' Hace un mes
he's so fancy
Jackson Toxic
Jackson Toxic Hace un mes
4:07 ooh the ghetto the ghetto
Jackson Toxic
Jackson Toxic Hace un mes
It’s a sound on tik tok with that beat ok
reem raafat
reem raafat Hace un mes
I read his name wrong though it's Dacre is spilled darce like darcy
KL LWC Hace un mes
Canadian/ Kiwi/ Aussi? 🔥🤤💌😍
Jabari Harris
Jabari Harris Hace un mes
I feel bad because I be thinking he’s Zac Efron lol
Pio Pio
Pio Pio Hace un mes
Dacre gives me Harry styles vibes.
Josef Khepri
Josef Khepri Hace un mes
Step on my face please thanks
EMS 76
EMS 76 Hace un mes
What I would do just to watch him sleep
Rahil Hace un mes
Black orchid sales went high after this
cocobana29 Hace un mes
what's that aesop perfume called
Tree Kid
Tree Kid Hace un mes
Billy looks a lot like thor !
Ray Jiminez
Ray Jiminez Hace un mes
I love his story Hes really inspiring
OpiumVEVO Hace un mes
1:30 ikrrrr
Sara Ridgway
Sara Ridgway Hace un mes
Bet Mrs. Wheeler would LOVE those.
Tyrese Johnson
Tyrese Johnson Hace un mes
I bet his owl impression isn’t even that bad
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