10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without | GQ

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Dacre Montgomery, famous for playing Billy in Stranger Things and driving around in a '79 Camaro, has a few things he can't live without. From his sunnies to his Saint Christopher necklace that he even wore as Billy in Stranger Things, Dacre shows us everything he travels with.

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Here are some of Dacre's essentials:

- Ray-Ban Aviators: amzn.to/2lO0spN
- Kent Comb: amzn.to/2kfRnW9
- Murine Eye Drops: amzn.to/2lfda0g
- Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne: amzn.to/2jQbEla
- Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds: amzn.to/2lMxfvv
- Sim Card Removal Tool: amzn.to/2lMc5NY
- NY Yankees Hat: amzn.to/2jQcWg0
- Passport Holder: amzn.to/2lM4EpZ
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10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without | GQ

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z4x tech
z4x tech Hace 8 horas
But isn't the e sim secondary
East End Cinema
East End Cinema Hace 13 horas
That ring costs 5,000 dollars. .... insane
Keisha Riley
Keisha Riley Hace 17 horas
Wow i would’ve never knew he had a accent
Gianna Bunnelle
Gianna Bunnelle Hace 21 un hora
Dacre: my GIRLFRIEND got this for me Every girl on Earth:😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱
OG Forman
OG Forman Hace 21 un hora
He sounds like zuckles
NickNack attack
NickNack attack Hace 22 horas
Who else didn’t know that he was Australian
Alina Gomez
Alina Gomez Hace 23 horas
People made fun of him back then... well whos laughing now😁✌
Piggy LouLou
Piggy LouLou Hace un día
Omg!😱 Billy is my favourite CHARACTER but it’d very sad we the FRICKEN DEMEGORGAN kills HIM!!!,😭😭😭
Jay Badhia
Jay Badhia Hace un día
Awesome 😍
Dreamdemon Gxcha
Dreamdemon Gxcha Hace un día
My #1 dream is to meet him. It has been for over a year, he is literally my favorite actor/person. If I met him I would be the happiest person on earth!
BeasT Unknown
BeasT Unknown Hace un día
I almost had a heart attack when I saw how much the cologne was worth 😧
Oscar Clarke
Oscar Clarke Hace 2 días
GQ's guests are, basically: Hot guys Rappers ESwomenrs Weirdos
Billy Winchester
Billy Winchester Hace 2 días
Flayed in the USA
Armi Hodzic
Armi Hodzic Hace 2 días
I have the same Cologne it’s not that good
zDev Hace 2 días
Wait is that belly
Sierra Logan
Sierra Logan Hace 2 días
That’s the same scent Michael Jackson used
Alexis HI
Alexis HI Hace 2 días
"Sister who is 12 years younger than me"🥺🦉so sweet🤣
MariaJose Sanchez
MariaJose Sanchez Hace 2 días
He doesn’t look how he sound! I’m shocked!
allsoccer TV
allsoccer TV Hace 2 días
What brand and model is the first 2 sunglasses??
Carolina W.
Carolina W. Hace 3 días
how’s he so hot
LouisMoTioNz Hace 3 días
get michael b jordan onto this tf
Forever Songs
Forever Songs Hace 3 días
Is it just me or does his accent sound really nice?!
Luck tanapah
Luck tanapah Hace 3 días
Dacre is VERY HOT
Adriana Civilyte
Adriana Civilyte Hace 3 días
“Especially as a ‘human’ “ *why did he use air quotes??? Is his sister not human*
S K Hace 3 días
dude, he's such a nice dude and a great actor! (And also quite a bit of a hottie) (don't judge me, ur thinking it too)
Fatimah Nabie
Fatimah Nabie Hace 3 días
He is so beautiful 😭😍😍😍
iconic stan
iconic stan Hace 3 días
I know this is weird but want to smell him the camera crew is lucky....
Plant Spaced
Plant Spaced Hace 3 días
Horse imagery on jewelry
dana edits
dana edits Hace 4 días
whats her sisters name
Dragonfighter010 Hace 4 días
Does anybody can tell me what brand those Sunglasses are? especially the one with the gold frame
gabriel baez
gabriel baez Hace 3 días
Everyone asking about the sunglasses, they are Pacifico Optical. Heres a link to their website pacificooptical .com/
vivli6 Hace 4 días
I want him as the new James Bond
Χαρά Μυλωνά
Χαρά Μυλωνά Hace 4 días
The cap dacre said he likes...my grandpa has two of them, i give him one of them 😍
Shaya playss
Shaya playss Hace 4 días
He is SO freaking hot😭💕
Cee Morrissey
Cee Morrissey Hace 4 días
Urgh I love him
isla Hace 4 días
dacre could say anything and i'd agree he's so charismatic
Suzi Lay
Suzi Lay Hace 4 días
Is he still in stranger things or did he die in it it was good btw
Deadpool Gaming
Deadpool Gaming Hace 4 días
Normal Girls literatly have 0 Chance with
Alice Lemieux
Alice Lemieux Hace 4 días
The owl thing is so cute 🥺
gabriel baez
gabriel baez Hace 4 días
Hi guys, I know I've written this but if anyone wants the exact link of the golden glasses, this is www.pacificooptical.com/collections/sunglasses/products/south-2-vintage-gold-with-polarised-aqua-lens
osiris40 Hace 4 días
Pacifico Optical are doing the coolest glasses in Australia
Canton Welsch
Canton Welsch Hace 4 días
Like if he should have done this with the stranger things hair.
Galaxy kitten 360
Galaxy kitten 360 Hace 5 días
i have a bar of soap that makes me think of him...
Galaxy kitten 360
Galaxy kitten 360 Hace 5 días
is it just me or do i really want to smell dacre
Archer Gillam
Archer Gillam Hace 5 días
I’m proud to be Australian
Viktoría Freyja
Viktoría Freyja Hace 5 días
I love his accent tf
The Ali Diary
The Ali Diary Hace 5 días
I heard the word girlfriend and I was upset for the rest of the video
osiris40 Hace 5 días
Everyone asking about the sunglasses, they are Pacifico Optical. Heres a link to their website pacificooptical .com/
janet khan
janet khan Hace 5 días
I have the same gold glasses. I love my Pacifico's
gabriel baez
gabriel baez Hace 5 días
Aussie actors supporting Aussie brands. Love Pacifico Optical.
Alexandra Ale
Alexandra Ale Hace 6 días
You guys need to call Harry Styles , to do this video!!!!!
Matte Reese
Matte Reese Hace 6 días
i stan an intelligent man ❤
Jericha Burke
Jericha Burke Hace 6 días
girlfriend😭😭😭 granted i’m 11 and he’s 24 but i still love him❤️❤️
Elias Rogland
Elias Rogland Hace 6 días
Get Joe on pls
fuckyoudion Hace 6 días
Wait so he is not American?
xThe Dragonx
xThe Dragonx Hace 7 días
I am your biggest fan🤗
kojo4fun Hace 7 días
Could someone pls tell me what kind of sunglasses these beige ones are ?
Hallie Harmon
Hallie Harmon Hace 7 días
How is he so self composed at 24???
Lila Chaberka
Lila Chaberka Hace 7 días
I love his Australian accent! 😂
Robby.Izaak Hace 7 días
Black Orchid is targeted at woman yet he has such a good taste for things... that he nailed it on the unisex part.
Roman Rodriguez
Roman Rodriguez Hace 7 días
Why do the nicest guys always play the villains?
Nollie The Meme Lord
Nollie The Meme Lord Hace 7 días
mc Hace 7 días
he’s a genuinely nice sweet guy and i love it
Katie Voka
Katie Voka Hace 7 días
“This my sister gave to me” Me:thinks of Max straight away Also I’m 12 yrs younger than my brother aswell
Joseph Rydeheard
Joseph Rydeheard Hace 7 días
My mums Canadian and my dads a kiwi 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sage_uchiha.akoski Hace 8 días
I officially like the earbuds he has more then AirPods
Diksha Dhiman
Diksha Dhiman Hace 8 días
Ufff billlllyyy
gabriel baez
gabriel baez Hace 8 días
Everyone asking about the sunglasses, they are Pacifico Optical. Heres a link to their website pacificooptical .com/
janet khan
janet khan Hace 7 días
Wow, those third pair of Sunglasses are awesome. Does anyone know what brand they are?
hugo padron perez
hugo padron perez Hace 7 días
I have the same gold glasses. I love my Pacifico's
boris guanchez
boris guanchez Hace 7 días
Aussie actors supporting Aussie brands. Love Pacifico Optical.
osiris40 Hace 8 días
Aussie actors supporting Aussie brands. Love Pacifico Optical.
Zercon Hace 8 días
Things u cant live without Me:phone,food,mom,allyx,air
yikes sss
yikes sss Hace 8 días
GOD I love him
John Weber
John Weber Hace 8 días
Can he try asmr???
CrimsonForce 43
CrimsonForce 43 Hace 8 días
jade Hace 8 días
All Star
All Star Hace 9 días
Am I the only one who already knew he had a girlfriend? :D
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