10 Strange Amazon Products Ethan Bought Mark Because He Doesn't Know How to Spend Money Responsibly

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Ethan bought Mark some gifts. Mark does not know why. Ethan does not even know what the gifts are. This is a lesson on how not to spend money.
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Game Lizzy
Game Lizzy Hace 52 minutos
Wtf... I just... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
john allan
john allan Hace un hora
My dad worked in a lab for a while so as soon as I saw the Carolina instruments logo I knew it was disecting products and lost it
mclovin 1969
mclovin 1969 Hace 3 horas
I'm I the only one getting dope or nope vibes from the thumbnail
Angel Leonard
Angel Leonard Hace 3 horas
whelp their house is haunted now. good moves ethan, keep it up
Ezorlan Von Ma'z
Ezorlan Von Ma'z Hace 5 horas
So.... Ethan wants to ride Mark....... Mkay
Aiden Pike
Aiden Pike Hace 5 horas
Anyone else notice the hickey?
DeltaSilver88 Hace 6 horas
If you think crayfish smell bad, you haven't tried surströmming. That stuff has to be opened underwater _outdoors_ because the smell will never leave your house unless you do.
The Living Ant
The Living Ant Hace 6 horas
I have 🚽 🏀
No Subscribers allowed
No Subscribers allowed Hace 16 horas
i have the same dog and the same handkerchief
Asian Reaper
Asian Reaper Hace 16 horas
The thing is with toilet golf is that if you hit the ball too hard and you miss You have a problem right there
Lulu Zwar
Lulu Zwar Hace 17 horas
Did ayoane notice that ethan was wearing the same shirt in 'We Took an IQ test'? or am I missing something?
astroanna Hace 20 horas
what’s on mark’s neck? 😭💀
The Killer Nextdoor
The Killer Nextdoor Hace 21 un hora
8:10 mark: there is already some embarrassing things about me on the internet Septipliar fans: Oh no He’s seen it! QUICK HIDE!
Jaymie Dumont
Jaymie Dumont Hace 22 horas
The Game Grumps merch🥺🖤
cashew butter
cashew butter Hace 23 horas
Mark set off the covid-19 pandemic by calling that cursed statue a son of a bitch
Jovany Padilla
Jovany Padilla Hace un día
Dope or nope?
Akatosh the second
Akatosh the second Hace un día
4:48 thats what she said
E.A.V Hace un día
Did mark name his dog after a fnaf character? (Plz help I have no clue)
FoxygachaXX Hace un día
Mark- they’re so comfortable it’s like I have a pillow wherever I go. Me- i’m being tortured by two pieces of shit that are forever attached to my body!!! 😭😭😭
Rylie Marie
Rylie Marie Hace un día
I’m rlly this dumb... I had no idea mark was markiplier
Allison Crouse
Allison Crouse Hace un día
They did the saddle on DopeorNope and it was so hilarious 😂My thoughts were the same as you tho mark.
Hailey Hace un día
*•_Mercury Gacha_•*
*•_Mercury Gacha_•* Hace un día
*"Benjamin Ketchup"*
Maya Cotton
Maya Cotton Hace un día
Natalia Salomon
Natalia Salomon Hace un día
La felicidad que sentí cuando vi “el Rubius” en la contra portada de la revista :’)
pivo gaming
pivo gaming Hace un día
omg dope or nope
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer Hace 2 días
They've been watching Cow Chop I see
hunter bailey
hunter bailey Hace 2 días
Can somebody answer me on wether or not amy and mark are married or just bf/gf
An Actual Floof
An Actual Floof Hace 2 días
Can someone please tell me why I laughed so hard at "Markiplyers"
Jade Fitzgerald
Jade Fitzgerald Hace 2 días
I spent 2 weeks in a marsh catching Crayfish for an experiment and while we were setting up one of our traps my partner and i smelt something horrid. One of the Crayfish were dead.... the smell came back to me full force when they were opening it and I almost gagged because we had to deal with one but that was a hole bucket full... I'm so sorry mark.... that is cruel and unusual punishment at its finest..
TrxshCan Hace 2 días
so thats where the cray fish from resident evil 7 ended up
musical theater fan
musical theater fan Hace 2 días
all the hickys on marks neck
NonewEm Hace 2 días
Someone write a book about Unus Annus! I promise I’ll buy it.
Lily Hogan
Lily Hogan Hace 2 días
Mark rocking that Game Gyaru shirt
Brennan Clouatre
Brennan Clouatre Hace 2 días
Down here in Louisiana Crawfish are good eats! I eat em for a living down here!
skye is angry
skye is angry Hace 2 días
this is kind of sad tbh :^( ethan seemed genuinely bummed
Tessa Allie
Tessa Allie Hace 2 días
no one addressing the fact that mark is wearing game grumps merch???
Raven Arnold
Raven Arnold Hace 2 días
Pg-13 dope or nope 😂😂
Emrin Kotzé
Emrin Kotzé Hace 2 días
Prince / Princess Serpent UwU
Prince / Princess Serpent UwU Hace 2 días
OMG! at 4:01 you can see a rainbow on mark's hand! :D so pretty! :3 (i bet other people already saw it C": i just thought it was cute :'3 )
Sara Rogers
Sara Rogers Hace 2 días
I think Ethan must watch Danny Gonzalez because I Saw the Daddle and the inhaler grandma on that channel...
kkruil Hace 2 días
5:43 how are there 10 billion+ views when there's only 7 billion people on earth
El cronch
El cronch Hace 2 días
After unus annus will mark and Ethan stop making videos with each other all together even on their personal channels?
TheFlyingPenguin2 Hace 2 días
Who else love this channel?
leslie huerta
leslie huerta Hace 2 días
I saw the video of the book about mark before I saw this video😂😂 it went full circle lol
- serenifier -
- serenifier - Hace 2 días
melbourne Hace 3 días
so is Ethan, marks dad or what ?
oxMoonlxghtxo Hace 3 días
markiplier has a book with ninja info in it canceled
Angel Wolfe
Angel Wolfe Hace 3 días
I'm surprised that no one noticed the hickey on mark's neck, it's the most noticeable when they are outside with the crawfish at the end of the video. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just more surprised that no one noticed that it was there. lol Loving when Amy asked Ethan if he got Mark a "daddle", this literally just made my day. I wish we could have seen Mark with it on, and having something ride him. If it was Chika or Ethan, it would have literally made my entire week.
Golden Toshinori
Golden Toshinori Hace 3 días
Fun Fact: The crayfish is from a science facility
Star Shadows
Star Shadows Hace 3 días
Ethan forgot ordering a rancid concoction containing crayfish, should we be afraid?
Mr. Russet Potato
Mr. Russet Potato Hace 3 días
“Hey Benjamin Ketchup...”
Lan Lan
Lan Lan Hace 3 días
My middle name is Edward just like Markiplier
Dragonized Hace 3 días
This video was posted on my birthday I didn’t even know that
Luckless Rain
Luckless Rain Hace 3 días
Hey stop trying to be dope or nope even the thumbnail looks like one of theirs also the golf thing is from jacks funniest home videos
Becca_ Paints
Becca_ Paints Hace 3 días
10:45 did Kian and JC have that decal? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen that in the background of one of their videos....no?
EnderNeedsSome SLEEP
EnderNeedsSome SLEEP Hace 3 días
Nevermind the Damage
Nevermind the Damage Hace 3 días
Is that a hickey on Mark’s neck? 😮
Unknown RPGer
Unknown RPGer Hace 3 días
Is nobody going to mention Mark’s Gamegyaru shirt? I think we have a full blown conversation available about such a thing. Press B to Blow
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish Hace 3 días
I want to buy the toilet golf for my dad
Rain Hace 3 días
Mark is a total tsundere. I am sure he liked the gifts.
Brittal N
Brittal N Hace 3 días
We don't feel like we have "a pillow " IT HURT
dxyz Hace 3 días
This is a Danny Gonzalez video i stg these are copied from Danny.
Gremlin Hace 3 días
Before I watched this video I was craving crayfish. Now I'm not.
Pengin _15
Pengin _15 Hace 3 días
Those craw fish are for dissection and education, I remember having to dissect one of them for a Biology class I had sophomore year and it was that exact same Carolina brand (I think its Carolina)
Shining Kangaroo
Shining Kangaroo Hace 3 días
I wish they threw the crawfish in the pool 😂😂😂😂
Monkey Hace 3 días
I see Ethan watches Danny Gonzalez.
Greg Chuck
Greg Chuck Hace 4 días
Just noticed Mark's gamegrumps shirt. Nice.
Student Gerald Tucker
Student Gerald Tucker Hace 4 días
Mark has the same leather man knife as my forty one year old dad
Aussie Productions
Aussie Productions Hace 4 días
9:13 Sad baby Ethan
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