10 Most Disappointing BIG Games of The Last 10 Years

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Some games are hyped up but fail to live up to expectations. Here are some common examples from the last 10 years of gaming.
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Raja Rizky
Raja Rizky Hace 5 horas
I have been playing game since 2 decades ago. And at this point, I dont know what to play anymore. Some of the reason is because of the review of the game, like Fallout 76. I almost play that one. But as I saw the review, I dont want to play it because so many bad reviews it had.
alan arman
alan arman Hace 10 horas
The idea is to get money rolling even after 7 billion copy are sold
Ernan Dalcolmo
Ernan Dalcolmo Hace 14 horas
Anthon would be a winning game if was an offline game.
Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas Hace un día
Recently I got fallout 76 for $30, so far it’s not bad. I just need to play with people
DjMcCj Hace 2 días
I have not watched it yet just starting but No Mans Sky has to be on this... I pre ordered it and after 2-3 hours of gameplay I was beyond bored.
nexus nexus
nexus nexus Hace 2 días
i LOVED Duke nukem forever
Fabio Aneto
Fabio Aneto Hace 3 días
I agree with everything but... Mass Effect Andromeda was disappointing to me just for the goddamn faces. The rest? I pretty much liked it a lot. But I'm too much of a fanboy of ME, so I might not be the right one to judge it objectively
Siphesihle Miller
Siphesihle Miller Hace 3 días
Should have added Horizon Zero dawn😒
Kristin Dark
Kristin Dark Hace 3 días
So sad that the top two entries are from my two favorite companies. But I still think there is hope.
TARUN morwal
TARUN morwal Hace 3 días
Didn't mention no man sky ?? Really??? I mean really????
Depressed Lads
Depressed Lads Hace 4 días
What about Battlefield V? It was the definition of trash.
Mrcastro127 Hace 4 días
Ghost recon breaking point. Very disappointed
wari issam
wari issam Hace 4 días
you should add far cry 5
survivor life
survivor life Hace 6 días
Number 6 no you just don't liked but we do
David Aaron Thieben
David Aaron Thieben Hace 6 días
A game of thrones RPG from CD project red. That would be holy.
Scott Dixon
Scott Dixon Hace 6 días
Not a no man's sky mention? Didn't expect that.
Robert Pelham
Robert Pelham Hace 6 días
All this guy does is slam games 😂 if you think you can make better games go ahead I’m a qualified game developer and these companies have limited resources
Fettah Eker
Fettah Eker Hace 6 días
Okayyyyyyyyy,, why is AC odyssey not here in
Mai Hace 6 días
i dont get why andromeda is worse than anthem? i played both and holy fuck anthem is/was so much worse
Mai Hace 6 días
i dont get why andromeda is worse than anthem? i played both and holy fuck anthem is/was so much worse
ShotDead247 Hace 7 días
On my personal list. I'd have Destiny on it as well as star wars battlefront
NVR's Giftshop
NVR's Giftshop Hace 7 días
I liked Andromeda because the pace was quicker. But other than that I was running to a to b.
MaRc DevLin
MaRc DevLin Hace 7 días
Everybody's face got hit with a frying pan before they walked on camera ! (What a line) and true
Grim Styles
Grim Styles Hace 8 días
Kingdom come of deliverance deym
Davinationtv Hace 8 días
I actually enjoyed watchdogs 1 and mass effect andromeda
poi30n 666
poi30n 666 Hace 8 días
C'mon man watch dogs original was a great game
Justin Burrows
Justin Burrows Hace 8 días
I dread for cyberpunk
Green Grugach
Green Grugach Hace 8 días
Ubisoft should remaster Watch Dogs so it's what they promised for next gen consoles and make it free for everyone who bought it, the least they could do.
KJACO Hace 9 días
I agree with most of them but not Mass Effect Andromeda I've heard a lot of bad shit about the game but I loved it
Ofek Highman
Ofek Highman Hace 9 días
Andromeda was really good after the patches
Captain Hydra
Captain Hydra Hace 9 días
You missed dayz
DCB Productions
DCB Productions Hace 9 días
I couldn’t even get past the first mission of alien colonial marines. Just such horrible pacing and map layout
DCB Productions
DCB Productions Hace 9 días
There was a game of thrones RPG?
Tanay Pandey
Tanay Pandey Hace 10 días
No man's sky was SOO HYPED that it looked like best game of all time.......... untill launch .
rolanddes Hace 10 días
Since I dont have a nice pc the most disappointing game for me was Hellgate London, still 😂
Dr-Mahmoud Hossam
Dr-Mahmoud Hossam Hace 10 días
I clicked on that video to find out which rank was given to anthem
Nicklas Mortensen
Nicklas Mortensen Hace 10 días
How can some og these be big games when i have never heard og Them like the first one
Raoni Dias de Oliveira
Raoni Dias de Oliveira Hace 10 días
If half this list is not Ubisoft, then it’s not accurate
Callum Walker
Callum Walker Hace 10 días
10 games that gave us trust issues
Fletcher Bailey
Fletcher Bailey Hace 11 días
NBA 2k needs to be in this
Alisatir Pace
Alisatir Pace Hace 11 días
#5 remember the time when everyone wanted skate 4
Yes Sirskii
Yes Sirskii Hace 11 días
What abt jump force it promised so much
KFC-San Hace 12 días
I was surprised that no man’s sky was not on there, not mad tho ☺️
Skullcrusher Gaming
Skullcrusher Gaming Hace 12 días
No Man’s Sky should’ve been 1. Just saying Kano
SHUKOBEATZ Hace 12 días
You can say whatever you want about Watch Dogs, in my opinion it's still a great game. But Watch Dogs 2 is absolutely horrible.
Billy Collins
Billy Collins Hace 12 días
Can we please just polish and finish a game? It seems like devs and companies don't end up finishing a game that is polished at all. Call of duty, warcraft, anthem, I mean a lot of other games too. It's like all companies base their analytics off of who will buy it. They amp up the trailers and produce a unfinished game. I hope when the new Xbox and ps5 hit shelves we come into a better year producing new and exciting games that are finished.
Smplicity Hace 12 días
Where is No Man's Lie here??
daniel ramirez
daniel ramirez Hace 12 días
I have learned alot and that's why Is why I wait for prices to go down lol
ProjectBlaizze Hace 12 días
You forgot Metal Gear Survive
Blazing J
Blazing J Hace 13 días
Lil wayne was the best Skater. In Pro skater 5 Like he da best rapper besides me 🤣 in the game
Brad Titus
Brad Titus Hace 14 días
I think the thing that pissed me off most about Fable 3 was the final boss fight and how there really isn't even one at all. There's either two options. You can one hit the final boss with a single button or you can wait long enough and one of your teammates will do it for you. Like come oooonn i was waiting for this fight the whole game!
Pratik Raut
Pratik Raut Hace 14 días
Athem should be no 1 on the list
Arun Singh
Arun Singh Hace 14 días
I think watch dogs was a very good game. Surprised to see it in this list.
The Faceless 6
The Faceless 6 Hace 15 días
wheres Bf5?
PenguiniWithAHose _
PenguiniWithAHose _ Hace 15 días
All Falcon’s vids seem pretty biased against Watch Dogs
Slapshot 007
Slapshot 007 Hace 15 días
I still haven't recovered from the crushing disappointment of mass effect andromeda.
De Legend Anso
De Legend Anso Hace 15 días
Rage 2?
Ivan&Moto Hace 15 días
TBH i liked andromeda, not as much as the OT but i'm defetly hoping for a sequel.
Michael perez
Michael perez Hace 16 días
Everything aside from the bugs and graphics in Andromeda was actually pretty good, especially considering it was a team who had never done anything other than DLC’s. They also had to work with Frostbite 3 which is a dogshit engine. There’s absolutely no excuse for Anthem, though. EA honestly fucked BioWare by turning them into corporate shills and is purely the reason why their best writers are gone. They were easily one of the best, if not the best RPG devs out there.
Ryan Williams _ Staff - EastMillbrookMS
Ryan Williams _ Staff - EastMillbrookMS Hace 16 días
Arkham Origins
Bryan Estrada
Bryan Estrada Hace 16 días
Min 12:07 LMFAO 😂
Stuart Murray
Stuart Murray Hace 17 días
5:49 One word as to why those awesome effects and visuals weren't in the finished product: Consoles.
antiadam666 Hace 17 días
Andromeda was decent, I enjoyed watch dogs a lot, I also liked Duke nukem and colonial marines lol
ike ansel
ike ansel Hace 17 días
I just saw someone in this comment say Bethesda fucked up in Skyrim
Danomite Hace 17 días
Im gna be that guy. Fable 3 wasnt THAT bad . At all. People disliked it because of their own biased expectations. Exact same reason with andromeda. I played it on a whim and braced myself and i was like oh... its pretty awesome wtf are people crying about. It aint perfect but not nearly as bad as most idiots make out
RaisedOnRadio Hace 18 días
At first I thought I had to disagree with Andromeda being no. 1. It's not as good as the other games of the series, definitely has its flaws and just doesn't feel as good as the other ones. But I still enjoy playing it. Then I thought about the title of the video again and I have to agree: it's certainly a huge disappointment given what we expected from the game, given that ME is in my (any many people's) opinion one of the, if not THE best scifi rpg series out there. Andromeda just wasn't as good as it should've been.
Quality Gamer UK
Quality Gamer UK Hace 18 días
Disagree strongly - Watchdogs is an amazing PC Game, the city of Chicago is a work of beauty with stunning graphics and realism, especially the Town Centre, only recently got the game after checking - out ESwomen reviews. Love it already, but not really played the missions yet, still checking out the awesome Chicago City Centre.
MemeLover Hace 8 días
Stunning graphics and realism?IMO just play GTA IV or GTA V if you want a game which is looks stunning for it's date.
gonçalo Baia
gonçalo Baia Hace 19 días
DMC5 Gameplaywise, pretty awesome, and the story isn't bad, just could've been way more well produced and thought through, in both visual and auditive aspects
Danish Rahim
Danish Rahim Hace 19 días
Let's not forget No Man's Sky eh
Kaitlyn Buck
Kaitlyn Buck Hace 19 días
They took away the details for the pc version of Watch Dogs because they didn't want to make the console players feel left out
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