10 Greatest Grunge Bands

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Hace 4 años

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MelvinsNirvanaStone Temple PilotsAlice in Chains

Deborah Hatcher
Deborah Hatcher Hace 3 días
ALICE N CHAINS were not only the Greatest grunge band of all-time, they are in my top 10 greatest bands of ALL-TIME! RIP to the LEGENDARY LAYNE STALEY!!
RUSTING Temple Hace 3 días
Hole better than L7 or babes in toyland you joking let me laugh, nirvana is my favourite band but alice in chains are more better than us.
KSGLA KSGLA Hace 10 días
The Bennn
The Bennn Hace 12 días
Nirvana is the best band ever and Smells like Teen Spirit is not there only song
Jeremie Garceau
Jeremie Garceau Hace 16 días
Chris Cornell: Dead Kurt Cobain: Dead Layne Staley: Dead Scott Weiland: Dead Eddie Vedder: WHOOOOOO I'M STILL ALIVE
Evan Credeur
Evan Credeur Hace 19 días
Nirvana is too overrated
Túlio Passos
Túlio Passos Hace 20 días
1- AIC 2- Pearl jam 3- Nirvana 4- STP 5- Soundgarden 6- Mudhoney 7-Bush 8- Mother Love bone
Túlio Passos
Túlio Passos Hace 20 días
Bush should appear
Túlio Passos
Túlio Passos Hace 20 días
AIC is the number one by far
Margarit Gorjiev
Margarit Gorjiev Hace 23 días
how dare to put HOLE in this selection!!??
Naughty Cub
Naughty Cub Hace un mes
Melvins Had a sound Thrash/Sludge Metal with Grunge.
Juancho Polo
Juancho Polo Hace un mes
Soundgarden is underrated CHANGE MY MIND
Jared Pruden
Jared Pruden Hace un mes
So typical of Loudwire...make Nirvana #1. NIRVANAS FUCKING TRASH! ALICE IN CHAINS FTW!!!!!
spoon man
spoon man Hace un mes
Half of the comments are just "nirvana bad"
Phx. Ian
Phx. Ian Hace un mes
I’m not sure why but seeing how yo there bought such a smile to my face. They should be recognized more.
No one mentions pixies :(
Šimon Bedan
Šimon Bedan Hace un mes
Alice in Chains is not a fucking grunge band
DMTiki Hace un mes
Melvin's were everything
Heather Hunter
Heather Hunter Hace un mes
You put Alice in Chains on this list, but no Janes Addiction. You need to redo this list.
MeMyselfandBri Hace un mes
Tad are not on this list making it irrelevant.
Nick Guevara
Nick Guevara Hace un mes
1 Soundgarden 2 Alice in Chains 3 Nirvana 4 Temple of the Dog 5 Pearl Jam
ronald augustine
ronald augustine Hace un mes
First off, the melvins are punk and screaming trees are alternative. Alice in chains reigns supreme but nirvana was the "breakout" grunge band.
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena Hace un mes
Alice In Chains should have been #1
Cameron Greaves
Cameron Greaves Hace un mes
I swear everytime loudwire mentions nirvana they always play teen spirit🤦🏽‍♂️
yoad afia
yoad afia Hace un mes
No silverchair?
Dustin Foster
Dustin Foster Hace un mes
Honestly grown to dislike most of these overrated groups like Pearl Jam, STP, Nirvana AIC etc etc. Only because it’s these bands that people most associate with the grunge style. Meanwhile most other underrated grunge acts get way overlooked. Bands like Silverchair, Collective Soul, Days of the New.
Aby Jose
Aby Jose Hace un mes
1. Soundgarden 2. Alice In Chains 3. Nirvana 4. Pearl Jam
Nilay Mishra
Nilay Mishra Hace un mes
I think #1 spot belong to nirvana and #2 to Alice in chains #3 to soundgarden #4 to pearl jam and #5 to stone temple pilots
CrossWhite Hace un mes
En mi opinión SoundGarden y Alice in Chains son mejores que Nirvana
Christian Hustad
Christian Hustad Hace un mes
10. Hole 9. Puddle of Mud 8. Creed 7. Silver chair 6. SoundGarden 5. Mad Season 4. Pearl Jam 3. Nirvana 2. Stone Temple Pilots 1. Alice In Chains
christian meggiolaro
christian meggiolaro Hace 2 meses
Soundgarden #1, AIC #2, Pearl Jam #3, Mad Season #4
Mike Tucson456
Mike Tucson456 Hace 2 meses
Nirvana... obviously. I like Nirvana, but the #1 shoulda been for Alice In Chains. Really
kaizer bass
kaizer bass Hace 2 meses
I like Nirvana s music but boy do I see some buthurt nirvana fans who defend them without argumenting themselves why is their music the best.
joe schmo
joe schmo Hace 2 meses
Nirvana 1 STP 2 though I prefer them over Nirvana. The depth of STP is ridiculous Alice 3 And then the others.. Pearl Jam did one good album and tons of garbage
Music With Hunter Adams
Music With Hunter Adams Hace 2 meses
Let me guess #1 Nirvana, I'm so tired of AIC being 2nd to Nirvana in lists. Fucking AIC is and will always be better then Nirvana
Victor Ungurean Jr.
Victor Ungurean Jr. Hace 2 meses
any of the top 5 bands could be nr1, besides nirvana ;D
Billy Craola
Billy Craola Hace 2 meses
Mudhoney is way better than hole they should have replaced hole with L7
Gabriel Uy
Gabriel Uy Hace 2 meses
Mudhoney, hole, mother lovebone, screaming trees, Melvins, stone temple pilots, soundgarden, pearl jam, alice in chains, nirvana
Emiliano Nannetti
Emiliano Nannetti Hace 2 meses
Someone can finally says to the humanity pearl jam are not a grunge band??? The best band in grunge are the one you fell so close to your life hurt! Can't do a list of your pain.... My pain name is Chris Cornell.... just you know!
William Paterson
William Paterson Hace 2 meses
If you didn’t put Nirvana at Number 1. I would’ve been furious.
Zack McCormick
Zack McCormick Hace 2 meses
Alice In Chains should be number one. Those people at the Melvins concert look like they wandered into the wrong venue.
Jeremie Garceau
Jeremie Garceau Hace 2 meses
My Top 10 10: Mother Love Bone 9: Stone Temple Pilots 8: Blind Melon 7: Mudhoney 6: Sonic Youth 5: Temple Of The Dog 4: Alice In Chains 3: Soundgarden 2: Pearl Jam 1: Hole I'm kidding, 1: Nirvana
The Yoyoyo
The Yoyoyo Hace 2 meses
I stopped watching when they mentioned Hole... Disappointed as fuck, Loudwire.
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Hace 2 meses
Soundgarden should've atleast been number 3. And L7 got left off the list.
Jack Zizis
Jack Zizis Hace 2 meses
Imo Pearl Jam and AIC are borderline grunge. I love them both and AIC is my favorite band but they had a completely different sound to them, Pearl Jam was kind of mainstream and AIC were basically dark blues
Jeremie Garceau
Jeremie Garceau Hace 3 meses
Everybody smelled number one!!
The Rankin Life
The Rankin Life Hace 3 meses
Alice In Chains was way ahead of everyone else. So heavy, dark, real. They are no doubt the best “grunge” band ever.
Eva Bestro
Eva Bestro Hace 3 meses
My top 10 bands with Layne Staley 1 Alice In Chains 2 Alice In Chains 3 Alice In Chains 4 Alice In Chains 5 Alice In Chains 6 Alice In Chains 7 Alice In Chains 8 Alice In Chains 9 Alice In Chains 10 Alice In Chains
Alberto Said
Alberto Said Hace 3 meses
Alice in Chains > Nirvana
Aaron Hobson
Aaron Hobson Hace 3 meses
Hole fucking sucks
Kathy Leffin
Kathy Leffin Hace 3 meses
Alice in chains should be #1 and Sound Garden #2. They were the best bands.
Marko Vaupotić
Marko Vaupotić Hace 3 meses
I wonder which one will be first
Browns Fan
Browns Fan Hace 3 meses
What i will never understand is why Nirvana and smells like teen spirit gets the credit for starting it all when Man in the Box was released a year earlier. I remember seeing them on MTV before Nirvana. Plus i know this is subjective but Facelift is better than Never mind. Dirt is probably the best album of the 90s. Dirt is a masterpiece start to finish.
Browns Fan
Browns Fan Hace 3 meses
Switch1 and 2.
DarisFilms DIRECT
DarisFilms DIRECT Hace 3 meses
Soundgarden is # 1 y'all trippin.
Swan Hace 3 meses
1 AIC 2 PJ 3 Soundgarden 4 Nirvana I like the other 3 more than Nirvana but Nirvana was the most important.
Christopher Bingham
Christopher Bingham Hace 3 meses
Loudwire must really love Alice in Chains. They ranked them ahead of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.
Taha Akhlaq
Taha Akhlaq Hace 3 meses
❤ for all of them
Buddy Lotion
Buddy Lotion Hace 3 meses
This vid starts with the line "touch me I'm sick". Ffs.
Sebby Owens
Sebby Owens Hace 3 meses
10. Screaming Trees 9. The Smashing Pumpkins 8. Mud Honey 6. Sonic Youth 5. Pearl Jam 4. Alice In Chains 3. Silverchair 2. Soundgarden 1. Nirvana
Zachary Thompson
Zachary Thompson Hace 3 meses
What about Blind Melon, man? Shannon had the most unique and amazing voice, and the band wrote fantastic songs.
Carlo Pepi
Carlo Pepi Hace 4 meses
Alice and Chains were so much more than a grunge band
LucAS Hace 4 meses
I'm sorry but Alice in Chains is better than Nirvana any time of the day.
JDR Hace 4 meses
In my opinion the top 5 are interchangeable. Just pick your flavor.
Mega Megan
Mega Megan Hace 4 meses
Alice in chains on another planet 🌍💖
Whippin Hace 4 meses
Hole shouldn’t be on this list
Zazie Productions
Zazie Productions Hace 4 meses
Melvins is sludge metal, but I get where you’re coming from.
Emre ÇOBAN Hace 4 meses
Are u kidding smells like teen spirit???
Ted Barrett
Ted Barrett Hace 4 meses
You're going to put Hole on this list but not Bush? LOL That's just stupid. Just half of their Sixteen Stone album is better than the entire Hole catalog.
Tristan Kearns
Tristan Kearns Hace 4 meses
Alice in Chains is better than Nirvana. Unpopular opinion: Nirvana is only looked at as better because Kurt shot himself before Layne could O.D.
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