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Human body is a very capable thing. People have achieved such heights in sports it`s difficult to believe it can be true! But what does it take to be the fastest person in the world? How speed is measured? In today`s video we`re gonna talk about some of the fastest people in the world. You ll be surprised how swift and rapid people can be! Alright, lets have a look at 10 fastest people the world has ever seen!


Hen Rank
Hen Rank Hace 16 horas
Im faster than all of em when trying to get up the stairs after a split second of turning of the light downstairs.
Sk- Anarchy
Sk- Anarchy Hace un día
I run fast then them When I break my brothers headphones
TedPul Roblox
TedPul Roblox Hace 3 días
When theres a bullet running through me i will run like 1000 MPH
CR7 Playlist
CR7 Playlist Hace 3 días
correction the best player
- Reg_021_Giant -
- Reg_021_Giant - Hace 3 días
Did anybody else see that guy dab in the beginning
Tree Eli
Tree Eli Hace 4 días
Usain bolt
K Hace 4 días
Me: *looks away for one second” My cat:
Garek Samson
Garek Samson Hace 4 días
Mbappe is not the fastest soccer player,it’s Adama Traoré
Ankithan Puverajah
Ankithan Puverajah Hace 4 días
When my dad goes to work with his car I beat him
Nara Wiriyawiwatt
Nara Wiriyawiwatt Hace 6 días
bruh dat guy who dabed in the start of the vid
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Hace 9 días
That was racist as hell when he tried to talk like a black dude.
•Sabina’s World•
•Sabina’s World• Hace 9 días
Kobe Bryant is the fastest person in the world? R.I.P Kobe Bryant
Alexander Anchante
Alexander Anchante Hace 11 días
I finished a mile in 5:34 or 5:26
Bryant Wulu
Bryant Wulu Hace 13 días
99% people sayin some weird shit 1% liking the video
Bryant Wulu
Bryant Wulu Hace 14 días
Most of these people I don’t even know
Bryant Wulu
Bryant Wulu Hace 14 días
Usain bolt
SwitchTheBlades Hace 16 días
Anyone heard of Adama traore
Mai C Her
Mai C Her Hace 16 días
How about naruto running
Matthew the best
Matthew the best Hace 16 días
Usian bolt: im the fastest person alive Flash: hold my lighting
FLASHY RY Hace 17 días
*I'm faster when a street dog runs after me* (*I'm fast as **** boi!)
Davens Delice
Davens Delice Hace 18 días
Sister: runs Me: runs Sister: come back
ZuperPiplup13 Hace 19 días
Snake:Chasing me Me: *147% SPEED*
Trippy DJ
Trippy DJ Hace 22 días
All I know I am Usain Bolt is not that fast Terens Puhiri is
Jesus Hace 22 días
Wheres the coach that can run out any football player😂😂
Herobrine 68466
Herobrine 68466 Hace 22 días
This video has 666k views.
Mike Hace 23 días
Number 11 camera man
Clap3r Hace 23 días
Bruh, that thumbnail.
riley parrish
riley parrish Hace 24 días
you trying to talk about Tyreek kill is hilarious
ღ Ava ღ
ღ Ava ღ Hace 25 días
0:09 *dab*
Jadis TheOneAndOnly
Jadis TheOneAndOnly Hace 25 días
The fastest I've ran was 25 miles per hour
The Kyger
The Kyger Hace 18 días
Jadis Latgod777 ok pretty slow bitch
Mr. Nonsense
Mr. Nonsense Hace 25 días
Eliud Kipchoge
the best wresling
the best wresling Hace 26 días
The guy next to bolt shirt said gayyyyyyyyyy
GAMER CAB Hace 27 días
3:31 look what's written on the red dress
Verbatim Hace un mes
And 1., Joseph Joestar
rebecca nichols
rebecca nichols Hace un mes
He said 9086
James Fair jr.
James Fair jr. Hace un mes
He keeps on saying 90 instead of 19
BXJ Hace un mes
ill run faster then all of these people when you hear my mom say "BRAYDEN BLAH BLAH COME HERE RIGHT NOW !" whe i hear the belt or chancla, ill run faster
Inoob8C Hace un mes
0:08 anyone saw that guy *DAB?*
PrettyBoi.T Hace un mes
El Zorro Con Traje
El Zorro Con Traje Hace un mes
Aubameyang is the best
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310 Hace un mes
*T Y S O N G A Y*
Beshoi John
Beshoi John Hace un mes
amen Usain bolt is the fastest man the world he rechead 32 miles perour amen i go 21 miles perour
Epicfart Hace un mes
That guy dabbed at 0:08
P D E Hace un mes
Why do you say miters not meters
Super Scam
Super Scam Hace un mes
Yadiel Levi
Yadiel Levi Hace un mes
There so fast
jordan sanford
jordan sanford Hace un mes
Stop saying fuutballer weirdo voice
Muscular Giraffe
Muscular Giraffe Hace un mes
If humans can train to become nearly twice as fast as an average human, than I can only imagine how fast animals like cheetahs can become if they trained to the limits of their biology.
Oxana Devi
Oxana Devi Hace un mes
If I am correct, You are not fast.💞👌 #Thug Life
Blackpanther274 Hace un mes
He said usain in balt
Blnd CR7
Blnd CR7 Hace un mes
CR7❤❤🥰🥰💪💪he is the best and the fastest
Travis Shindler
Travis Shindler Hace un mes
It’s fair to say that your only as fast when you turn off the lights in the basement to run up the stairs
Travis Shindler
Travis Shindler Hace un mes
Or faster
Abubakar Lawal Garba
Abubakar Lawal Garba Hace un mes
Your still will never be as fast as my grandmother 😂
Leyton Considine
Leyton Considine Hace un mes
I run like him when my mom chase’s me up the stairs with her slipper
That dude
That dude Hace 7 días
With her belt and my sister with a fork
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous Hace 9 días
The chancla
P D E Hace un mes
Like who
Yamcha The Almighty
Yamcha The Almighty Hace un mes
2:28 what is that dude staring at
scary mob
scary mob Hace un día
George Carrillo
George Carrillo Hace un mes
Why do you have a top gear episode as a thumbnail if you watch it she actualy lost jeremy clarkson just wanted to see her warm up routine its on top gear woman vs Nissan gtr
Chris Beam
Chris Beam Hace un mes
I like your videos I think they're sick 😷
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace un mes
Usain Bolt, Flash, or any other people in this list are nothing compared to the camera man
Abid Plays
Abid Plays Hace un mes
I could be fast if someone like this comment! 👇🏻 10 likes!
Fresh Jordan
Fresh Jordan Hace un mes
I got 6 pack and I’m a bodybuilder and I’m a professional at soccer
CTCuberHD Hace un mes
The title should be just "10 really fast people" or something. I understand you want to show a variety and it's clear to see that "10 fastest people in the world" will get much more clicks but come-on this list would be all professional male sprinters if it was true to its name.
Kainoa Otenbriet
Kainoa Otenbriet Hace un mes
Your stupid where's Rickey Henderson
ew that is gross don t do this no way
ew that is gross don t do this no way Hace un mes
Well faster then and cheda maybe?????????
XANFA MEDIA Hace un mes
Usain u are good. Xanfa media
Little Tiny Peachy
Little Tiny Peachy Hace un mes
I’m faster than all y’all when me and my friends race to be the first one to the bus and when I turn off lights.
Thegamming Phantom
Thegamming Phantom Hace un mes
Usain bolt
Bee Yang
Bee Yang Hace un mes
Can someone tell me 108 kilo in pounds?
Bee Yang
Bee Yang Hace un mes
@Sonny H 238.099 pounds
Sonny H
Sonny H Hace un mes
Maybe more
Sonny H
Sonny H Hace un mes
I think it’s about 216 pound
Tiffany Rowe
Tiffany Rowe Hace un mes
I can beat you
Wendy Ken
Wendy Ken Hace un mes
Lythorn Hace un mes
you know those times when you go fast as fuck and you're feeling like you're twice as fast as usain bolt
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