10 AI That Ruined Speedruns

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You no take heartpiece!
Special thanks to MopsiSR, Linkus7, DarkViperAU, and Davesterio for providing me with information for their games!
A big thank you to EZScape for letting me create this video for him!
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Today, we explore 10 AI That Ruined Speedruns. In most of the clips, speedrunners were near the end of their run, when the AI performed something absurd. This ranges from bad RNG, to a glitch within the game's code. Although AI cannot know if you are in fact speedrunning, the things they are capable of when on a said speedrun, are pretty insane.
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Bescape Hace un mes
Hi everyone, this was my first attempt at creating speedrunning-related content! Feel free to leave any suggestions of what I can do better in the future! Also, feel free to mention any games below that can be made into a future list. This list is not limited to the 10 games featured. Big thanks goes to EZScape for letting me create this video! :) EDIT: EZ and I are not the same person, lol. Also the "Scape" suffix comes from Old School Runescape when we made our ESwomen accounts back in 2014, 2015.
Max Aggropop
Max Aggropop Hace 2 días
games should snafu speedruns, because they are a studpid, dumb, imbecile, retarded, hick, dud.
Stefan Jud
Stefan Jud Hace 9 días
Very good and well made content. Maybe include some comments of the bad-luck-speedrunners?
Raijinmaru Hace 10 días
It's kind a logic that you need strong deck to defeat strong enemies xddd. 0:50
Bescape Hace 13 días
@Tercel Lynn mkwrs.com/ or speedrun.com
Boolin On Mars
Boolin On Mars Hace un hora
some of these are hilarious and some of these are seriously tragic. that gta 5 one with the heli and the levitation glitch hurt mysoul
TylorTv Hace 3 horas
Ezscape? You mean rs3
No Clu
No Clu Hace 5 horas
Iv'e been recommended this video to fucking hell and back lol
alZiiHardstylez Hace 7 horas
Beginning a video with a definition hurts me.
Tallcat Hace 7 horas
good vid
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron Carpenter Hace 8 horas
this was fascinating
Travis Hace 9 horas
Is that crash runner that guitar hero streamer?
Burak Hace 16 horas
so everything is from BC except that gta5?
lusteraliaszero Hace 18 horas
rubberbanding can't be done well, it's always bad
AndreJ HD
AndreJ HD Hace 18 horas
*Pin Me Daddy*
blake wireman
blake wireman Hace 21 un hora
Really good list helps me in starting out to speedrun
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Hace 23 horas
What does "any % category" mean?
leJoshify Hace 14 horas
@Ding Dong Yeah, effectively. Just the main story as quick as you can using whatever means necessary. (Aside from hacking obviously)
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Hace 15 horas
@leJoshify So all a person would have to do would be to beat the final level of a game, and that act would be considered any %?
leJoshify Hace 16 horas
Any% means simply beating the core game as quick as possible, say for example finishing the last race in a Mario Kart game or beating the last mission in a Call of Duty game and reaching the credits sequence.
deez buttz
deez buttz Hace un día
Mk8 clip Me: cringe
Cortex_v2 Hace un día
Most people try to take advantage of glitches on speed runs. The AI's here truly are smart.
vjm3 Hace un día
Wait....even when MONSTERS have 7777 hp they can do the Lucky 7's attack process? That's some next level bullshit.
Dusk Dawg
Dusk Dawg Hace un día
Speed runners have ruined every online game I ever played, so I absolutely do NOT feel sorry for them, and shame on developers who cater to their autistic need to just finish everything as fast as possible. Speedrunners don’t even enjoy gaming, they’re just aspies who like to do things like stacking cans on top of each other as high as the clouds, and if you knock them down at the last second they’ll just happily start all over again, and eventually get it done anyway, therefore nothing of value is lost.
Ghostsphere Hace un día
evershadenpurple11 Hace un día
Why did the yugioh community called it getting exodiad instead of saying i just got obliterated
Alibaba Jackson
Alibaba Jackson Hace 2 días
the first one didn't matter because he was hours slower than wr
Max Aggropop
Max Aggropop Hace 2 días
very good, speed runs are stupid.
AutoCaption Hace 2 días
Could someone please explain to me what the final fantasy one was about. I don't understand it.
BunnyLovin Hace 2 días
Eric Böwer
Eric Böwer Hace 2 días
Of cause these are algorithms, not AIs. Still great video!
Kurty Mitchell
Kurty Mitchell Hace 3 días
That demon gate tho lol
RK Slither
RK Slither Hace 3 días
the games I make I dont do cheating AI myAI is sevrely challenging but thats from skilled programming they do not cheat pr are aware of anything the player isnt.
feral dog killer
feral dog killer Hace 3 días
Speed runs are ONLY for the lifeless
dantemcr129 Hace 3 días
i just hate overrated AIs especially in fighting games. like kratos from soul calibur 4 like wtf just because he's kratos doesnt mean he's supposed to be unbeatable and i wasnt even playing on story mode. just the regular vs cpu mode on easiest dificulty. man he's overrated for no reason
RypKor Hace 3 días
can some math specialist tell me, is the math at 15:15 correct?
RypKor Hace 3 días
@Kazuma i agree with that.. actually, i should ask myself why i cant sleep at nights because of stuff like this xD. ty boy <3 great maths
Kazuma Hace 3 días
Let's see, the chance of not getting the heart is 9/10, and he took 103 attempts, which means, 0.9^102, for all the turns he didn't get it, times a 0.1, which would be the turn he got it... Which is 0.0000021%, quite a bit smaller than the number he's calculated... So either I'm retarded and sleep deprived, or he's put up the wrong probability... Edit: I'm not a math specialist, so feel free to rip my answer to shreds
Jovi R
Jovi R Hace 3 días
First time I played Wind Waker, and fought Ganon in the end, I did the finishing attack animation immediately and killed Ganon within 3-4 seconds. Not sure if it was a glitch or amazing RNG
AfD-Wähler sind Ehrenmänner
AfD-Wähler sind Ehrenmänner Hace 4 días
Gamer sind ja generell menschlicher Abschaum aber Speedrunner sind wirklich die Hurensohnkönige unter den Hurensöhnen. Man kann ja aufgrund geistiger Schwäche affin für Phantasiewelten sein aber komplett in diesen Welten zu leben, sie immer und immer zu wiederholen, zeugt von Hurensöhnigkeit im absoluten Endstadium. Möge Allah diesen menschlichen Abschaum anspucken. HURENSÖHNE!
Daryl The Explorer
Daryl The Explorer Hace 4 días
Haw-haw to you all losers. Serves you all right for trying to beat the game too quickly. The whole point of video games is to enjoy them and experience with them. I would never ever play video games just to do a speed run in any of them.
Techni Myoko
Techni Myoko Hace 4 días
That GTA truck one legit infuriated me watching it, cause he was so close.
Wintergreen Hace 2 días
the more you play this game the more it becomes infuriating. GTA 5's code is ass
ExoticMind Hace 2 días
Theres a new speedrun so im not mad
BrandoPlayer Hace 4 días
N. Brio: Watch it fizz.
Georg Methner
Georg Methner Hace 4 días
Any of those games dont have artifical intelligence
Georg Methner
Georg Methner Hace 3 días
@Jason Ferge the video title??
Jason Ferge
Jason Ferge Hace 3 días
No they have automated input who said it was artificial intelligence
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker Hace 4 días
*I can kinda relate to this type of frustration. I was playing (not speed running) Killer Instinct about 6 weeks ago and was about to battle Gargos. If you defeat his henchmen (multiple Omens) in individual battles before reaching Gargos, you strip him of one of his 'Powers' in each of those matches. Out of his 5 total 'Powers', I stripped away 4 which **_SHOULD_** make him **_MUCH EASIER_** to defeat (not exactly a piece of cake but **_much less_** difficult). I've done this many times before and defeated him. Hell.. I've defeated him when he's has 'Impossible' difficulty before. Think I beat Gargos when he was missing **_FOUR OF HIS FIVE POWERS?? NOPE!! HE WAILED ON ME LIKE EVANDER HOLY FIELD AND BEAT ME UP BY USING HIS 'Fist Teleport' MOVE CONSISTENTLY FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH!!!_** I was **_SO OUTDONE THAT I IMMEDIATELY UNINSTALLER THE GAME AND HAVEN'T PLAYED IT FOR THE PAST 6 WEEKS_** (I'd played **_DAILY_** before that)!!* 😡😡😡
Zury Puebla
Zury Puebla Hace 5 días
you made a glad Jonas video nice dude
Matthew Glick
Matthew Glick Hace 5 días
4:48 he must have been listening to some head bangers
Big Sonny
Big Sonny Hace 5 días
This was fascinating....& I don't even play video games!
Sacha Moses
Sacha Moses Hace 3 días
Izaak Sladky
Izaak Sladky Hace 5 días
Skiltz G
Skiltz G Hace 5 días
If we are talking about any game Ai. Jackal snipers from H2 should be in this list.
Berk Can
Berk Can Hace 6 días
speedrunning is stupidest thing on the earth just enjoy the games
GoldenToast Hace 5 días
Berk Can What an ignorant dumb statement
chungus wungus
chungus wungus Hace 6 días
Have u seen that one ad with the xray it is not needed at all u could just ask if they have anything
Michael O
Michael O Hace 6 días
Its so much better when they rage.
Vell Jackson
Vell Jackson Hace 6 días
I learned a lot ... great job’
yaggle fraggle
yaggle fraggle Hace 6 días
I thought you meant AI designed to speedrun that ruined it
Paul Thoresen
Paul Thoresen Hace 6 días
how do people know these inner mechanics of the game without looking into the actual game code?
Paul Thoresen
Paul Thoresen Hace 3 días
@Γκουτσι Ροδακινο but that can only get you so far, it wont give you the values
Γκουτσι Ροδακινο
Γκουτσι Ροδακινο Hace 3 días
Some games have millions of players, and a chunk of these play for insane amounts of time per day.
crashbandikewt Hace 7 días
Rubber banding in racing games should be illegal lmao. That Mario Kart 64 clip was absolutely insane
Thomas Parker
Thomas Parker Hace 7 días
That Krash bandicoot one made me so sad :/ 😭 ☹️
Mytube6138 Hace 5 días
Funny enough the guy is actually mainly a guitar hero streamer
Ciuculete Cosmin
Ciuculete Cosmin Hace 7 días
Dragonamy5 Hace 7 días
He is a moron to keep reloading the area. Should of just had dampe dig 15 times one time.
Dark Souls casual
Dark Souls casual Hace 8 días
The fact that this list doesn’t contain forlorn from dark souls 2 is shocking
a2pha Hace 8 días
Random will getcha every time. I was once working on writing code for a combat in a game back in XP BlitzMAX. In order for an opponent to hit the main player, it was 50%, if the 1st player was not hit then it was check also for 50% to hit the next in line, if NO, then go to the next. So you can see that it's a very low percentage to hit the back guy, like 6% for 4-players. Nonetheless, I played one combat where the back guy got hit 11 times in a row, that's choosing 6% 11 times, works out to about half of 1%. Odds ? I don't know ... I think some of the games shown above are fudged in the computer's favor. Me ? Unlucky odds perhaps ? It's interesting how a computer can turn intrinsic random events to its advantage. It is possible we will see some more of this in the future. Where if the computer recognizes an ACE player, it will do all it can to "Randomly" win the day and fail the player despite their extreme skill. If you play normally, however, odds will maintain in complete fairness. Think of the rubber-band effect as described here being used in other places, especially RPGs. See, you've probably run into this yourself.
Maska Hace 8 días
15:35 Im guessing this runner hasnt been unlocked yet
thought police, get down!
thought police, get down! Hace 8 días
Jeremy Blair
Jeremy Blair Hace 8 días
thats definitely not what rubber banding is. It has to due with lag.
Logan Hace 8 días
Jeremy Blair you definitely don’t know what you’re talking about😂 rubber banding in speedrunning is exactly as he explained, rubberbanding in context of your internet does have to do with lag though
THeEMERALD Hace 8 días
Re7: the 2 fat dudes that are hard to kill in Madhouse and Mia.
Lagdroid Hace 8 días
i love how he pronounced "soppanaama" "so-panama"
BaronVonTacocat Hace 8 días
kenny richardson
kenny richardson Hace 9 días
yeah in wind waker zelda kept shooting me with the light arrows.... so i guess she sided with ganon and they killed link fo a change.
NDogg15 Hace 9 días
I guess I misunderstood the definition of "AI" here...
toxykzone Hace 9 días
that's not ai's fault that's just poor programming
ROB Hace 9 días
Speedrun: yes AI: no
Will McPherson
Will McPherson Hace 9 días
I don't want to be a jerk, but this video looked/felt like it was produced in 2006.
Trazerade Hace 10 días
Ah yes the superior version of EVScape
Amateur Editz
Amateur Editz Hace 10 días
Should've gotten chills to take ovr, lol jk thatd be a shii show
Aaron Curtis
Aaron Curtis Hace 10 días
5:07 Just Burnout things.
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata Hace 10 días
Oof... Not even I could fix the speedruns of these poor men
Blood Hace 10 días
Unlucky 7's mother fker XD
ZIONOMANIA YT Hace 10 días
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