10 AI That Ruined Speedruns

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You no take heartpiece!
Special thanks to MopsiSR, Linkus7, DarkViperAU, and Davesterio for providing me with information for their games!
A big thank you to EZScape for letting me create this video for him!
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Today, we explore 10 AI That Ruined Speedruns. In most of the clips, speedrunners were near the end of their run, when the AI performed something absurd. This ranges from bad RNG, to a glitch within the game's code. Although AI cannot know if you are in fact speedrunning, the things they are capable of when on a said speedrun, are pretty insane.
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Bescape Hace 5 meses
Hi everyone, this was my first attempt at creating speedrunning-related content! Feel free to leave any suggestions of what I can do better in the future! Also, feel free to mention any games below that can be made into a future list. This list is not limited to the 10 games featured. Big thanks goes to EZScape for letting me create this video! :) EDIT: EZ and I are not the same person, lol. Also the "Scape" suffix comes from Old School Runescape when we made our ESwomen accounts back in 2014, 2015.
rage redface
rage redface Hace 9 días
awesome job yo not in the speed running comunity but im thinking about trying to attempt one ezscape and this video is part of whyats making me want to do it
varun ravi
varun ravi Hace un mes
this was amazing and you killed it !!!
sclSolitarium Hace 2 meses
iG5 Hace 2 meses
Awesome video man you did a great job!
Dominant White Male
Dominant White Male Hace 2 meses
I’m 8 weeks late but I have some ideas that I’ve never seen on ESwomen. • Games too hard to speedrun • Games the hardest to complete a speedrun • Games with the least optimized speedrun strats. (This can be any category.) • Games that are easy to speedrun but hard to master. • Games that seem easy to beat but are hard to speedrun • Speedrun strats that are hardest to master. (This can be for any game as long as it is optimized.) • Games that have most optimization for speedrunning. • Hardest Games that are deemed way easier with speedrun strats. (Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Mario, etc) Hope you have success bro!
digal321 Hace 11 horas
For me some of the points are just rng not ai for example if the grave keeper runs circles instead of digging it would be ai that ruined the run
None of your Business
None of your Business Hace 5 días
Glitches and sloppy programming do not count as "A.I."
Carbonfever98 Hace 5 días
I tried to speed run midnight club 2 when the AI messed me up but no rubber banding it was the traffic when your on the wrong side of the road the traffic cars sometimes steer into you to ether slow you down or just destroys your car
MegaaMike Hace 5 días
Speedrunner: Are you gonna do anything? Boss: I'm gonna ruin this man's whole career
TGDProductions Hace 6 días
Monkey Boy gets featured in speedrun fail showcase
Madman Media
Madman Media Hace 7 días
the need for speed one is still a problem in the new games, the spawn distance for npc cars during the night races in the new game is way to close
Electric Storm!
Electric Storm! Hace 7 días
Aren’t those tires in GTAV supposed be bulletproof in that mission?
Fubar Hace 7 días
What’s rng
DutchGreen Gaming
DutchGreen Gaming Hace 7 días
Damn, I smoke a lot of weed but even I would be rage quitting at most of these.
KartKing4ever Hace 8 días
The guy playing GTA looks like young Trevor.
Griffin Radford
Griffin Radford Hace 8 días
I forgot UKog spedruns
Юрий Ажек
Юрий Ажек Hace 8 días
Run:EXIST DarkViperAU:Runs dead!
Jake Hace 8 días
so the way computers generate random numbers isnt good ... ex, in java its based of of time (and if u plot random dots on a 2d surface, u will see a pattern ) in c++ its just based off of precalculated set of psuedorandom numbers (which means than the first random number will stay the same as well as the rest) etc etc etc so statistically speaking, u cant really get statistic with computer generated randomness, it would be wildly incorrect.
Robloxisbetterthanminecraft4real Hace 8 días
Pepper Jackson
Pepper Jackson Hace 8 días
DarkviperAU always has bad RNG
Veras Hace 9 días
10% is either 0% or 100% with no in between
Grenoshi Hace 9 días
Oh ukogmonkey, one of my favorite guitar hero players
Dep96 Hace 11 días
the guy doing the GTA speedrun looks like a fake person.
XtrEAme GamR
XtrEAme GamR Hace 14 días
103 dampe attempts I get it on my third time
Deirdre Dzeni
Deirdre Dzeni Hace 16 días
I don't think that word means what you think it means.
merlinthegray Hace 20 días
I had NO IDEA bosses could hit 7777 HP and trigger lucky 7s. That's...insane. I've played so much of that game.
Mr. LeafyBruh
Mr. LeafyBruh Hace 22 días
Soppanaama? U mean soup face?
LucyRose Hace 23 días
1:14 did u just misgender exodia?
Zachary Livingstone
Zachary Livingstone Hace 25 días
The entire crash series is just softlock the game
gamerhobp Hace 26 días
Lets Bass boost and ear rape this NO 4:18
Zed Babies
Zed Babies Hace 27 días
What about forlorn form dark souls 2
Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister Hace 28 días
Forlon from dark souls 2
Random Dood
Random Dood Hace un mes
Why is jordas golem not here?
Tukashiet Hace un mes
Never seen this before but at 14:20 i guessed 103 and fuckin got it
Quidifur Hace un mes
You can almost smell the sweat and Pornhub subscriptions through the screen. XD
ok nimi
ok nimi Hace un mes
Богдан Махонин
Богдан Махонин Hace un mes
У тебя сохранился аккаунт, на котором ты в прошлый раз это делал?
ًToxsy Hace un mes
How wasn't the "Soppanaama" guy finnish? Soppanaama=Soupface
FwF FR2 Hace un mes
the very last one with digging up the heart, your maths is all wrong... if its 10% to dig up a heart, and you reset it, its still 10%...... -_- he just hit that 90%, which mathematically makes more sense then him hitting the 10%....
kstanni87 Hace un mes
That helicopter moment. Did he have fully upgraded tires or can police get a bs bypass with lucky shots?
FluffyFractalshard Hace un mes
I would very much appreciate, if you reduced the volume of those ear-shattering, speaker-ripping screams of those losers in that otherwise entertaining video. thx and fuck you!
George Walker
George Walker Hace un mes
I was not watching a speed run, but it was still a stream of Pokemon Emerald. The streamer missed leaf blade or whatever it was called, which has a 5% chance of missing. He missed twice in a row and his pokemon died. This has a less than 1% chance of happening.
nootle Hace un mes
How the hell do you speed run mario cart?
KingShadowSkull Hace un mes
Raikaru13: Exodia? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the Run? Localized entirely in Heishin's deck? RNG: ... Yes.
MysticFlow Hace un mes
i literally blue screen as/after this guy gets hit by blue shell 3:05 and my computer has to restart
Agnoletto Hace un mes
That heli in gta shooting throu the car and getting the wheels can happen with rifle ammunitions. The levitation bug btw sucks
Taefer Hace un mes
The 6 hour runs who ends bad beacuse rng is so depressing lol
blakedorian1 Hace un mes
Those odds based off a 40 card deck can’t be right
sofiaa1983 Hace un mes
I got it in 1st try and 3rd try
Tho tho
Tho tho Hace un mes
About the Exodia one, I once had the AI (think it was the 5th duel out of the bunch or around there) pull Exodia on the second turn in a casual run, that was when I RQed the game for like a year, hate it when AIs have insta-win stuff in games when you can't save in-between:/
Dylan Wicklund
Dylan Wicklund Hace un mes
Lmfao I never have to dig more then 3 times to get the heart piece in OOT but I never left I just went in and did it
Nedim Hodzic
Nedim Hodzic Hace un mes
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
"Measure twice, cut once." - Demon's Gate.
the counter counter
the counter counter Hace un mes
"Whys this guy letting me get so many turns??" Demons gate: "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move"
Phillip Mele
Phillip Mele Hace un mes
....Maybe Forbidden Memories needs an Exodia% joke category?
Phillip Mele
Phillip Mele Hace un mes
Tree Fiddy yeh
Tree Fiddy
Tree Fiddy Hace un mes
Goku San
Goku San Hace un mes
I Was Speed running Minecraft no seed and got 28:32 because it took me 7 min to find a blaze
Vanity Emerge
Vanity Emerge Hace un mes
I played that yugiho game!
Baby Diddy
Baby Diddy Hace un mes
This vid hurt my heart
Braden Alder
Braden Alder Hace un mes
Its actually possible for you to get more the one heart peace from dampe
Kage OW
Kage OW Hace un mes
Hey new to the channel
TheHoodyBadger Hace un mes
I want to see the See Opponents Cards Gameshark code used on the Final Six to observe if all five pieces are morphed in during the match. Within eight card draws? That's pretty short. Would not doubt that the AI read the contents of the runners deck and concluded that the odds of victory for the player were high enough to manipulate CPU hand as it's known to, adjusting difficulty to the highest degree possible, an instant win. Five cards in eight total draws are immense odds considering the proven programming quirk to adjust difficulty on the fly.
bethany wilson
bethany wilson Hace un mes
i think its pretty wild that you chose to highlight slask_ over zfg1 for Dampe, especially considering zfg1 has been the world record holder for a while now and has PB'd recently twice.
My2CΞnts Hace un mes
Ironically your characters in FF7 can also get 7777 hp. During one of my play throughs, Cloud got a max HP of 7777. He started every fight with hitting an enemy 77 times, dealing 7777 hp each time. I defeated the Desert Rose Weapon EASY MODE this way. Never been able to replicate max 7777 HP since. EDIT: Turns out he only hits 64 times. I guess I never actually counted, I just assumed it was 77. Pretty close though.
Fanis Patitsas
Fanis Patitsas Hace un mes
"Overhead attack" not "over the head attack"...
Chomper Plant
Chomper Plant Hace un mes
Exodia Yugioh Instant kill Hearthstone The Ancient One the OTK.
Alice Hace un mes
Interitous Hace un mes
*cough* jump force ai *cough*
caslaBBalsac Hace un mes
6:58 but at least he HELD that shield................
Vakor Fenriz
Vakor Fenriz Hace un mes
Speed runs:Feel bad edition
Jason Juneau
Jason Juneau Hace un mes
Dampe trolls the runner with 103 attempts. Then to add insult to injury, a Poe smacks him in the back of the head.
A Soldier's Story
A Soldier's Story Hace un mes
Fun fact bescape's original channel name was ManScape
RadiationZack10 Hace un mes
What a bunch of losers
Ben Sweetnam
Ben Sweetnam Hace 2 meses
loved the video full of nostalgia and wt moments
Kalan Darkclaw
Kalan Darkclaw Hace 2 meses
Look at that little cry baby rage at crash
Kalan Darkclaw
Kalan Darkclaw Hace 2 meses
These unexpected "glitches" are just Karma for speed runners who cheat and the gloat how good they are. Don't give me this crap about cheating AU when speed runners glitch through walls
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