Six-foot Tall Pixie Stix!

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The King of Random

The King of Random

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In today's video we're super sizing some more nostalgic candy, Pixy Stix! What will it be like to have a giant one?
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TXT Drops
TXT Drops Hace 4 horas
You’re eating expired pixie sticks that’s not cool
Charles Lee
Charles Lee Hace 20 horas
Hi Preset
Hi Preset Hace un día
TQ 666
TQ 666 Hace un día
Its already past december 2020!
Angelica Wolfspeed
Angelica Wolfspeed Hace 3 días
Why he so smart
Angelica Wolfspeed
Angelica Wolfspeed Hace 4 días
I love these
gymnastics vlogs
gymnastics vlogs Hace 4 días
Im watching in 2020
Galaxy Boy
Galaxy Boy Hace 6 días
The picture stick is almost expired
Nedra Tropea
Nedra Tropea Hace 7 días
ummm i made this and its AMAZING just the smell is not da best tho
dinosaur theorist
dinosaur theorist Hace 7 días
oH, pixy stix are my childhood.
Kiiten Giirl
Kiiten Giirl Hace 7 días
it’s not 2025 but it is 2020 ;-;
lighting strike
lighting strike Hace 8 días
lol funny video i luv it
TDM Clan
TDM Clan Hace 9 días
2020 still 5 more yes
Jeremiah Parunak
Jeremiah Parunak Hace 9 días
make a 31 foot pixie stick
Claire Oxendine
Claire Oxendine Hace 9 días
Nate: this expires December 2020 we got a ways to go unless your watching this in the future Me: nope
clara sherwood
clara sherwood Hace 11 días
that pixie stik is now expired!
Madison Holster
Madison Holster Hace 11 días
Hey it's 2020 in watching this
Nitro Vague
Nitro Vague Hace 11 días
Bella D. The StarWars lover
Bella D. The StarWars lover Hace 11 días
Who’s watching this in 2020
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix Hace 11 días
I miss these times when the world wasn’t crazy
LoganFreer Hace 12 días
dos bros Minecraft
dos bros Minecraft Hace 12 días
PLEASE MAKE A GUMMY BABY YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dos bros Minecraft
dos bros Minecraft Hace 12 días
PLEASE MAKE A GUMMY BABY YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dos bros Minecraft
dos bros Minecraft Hace 12 días
PLEASE MAKE A GUMMY BABY YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dos bros Minecraft
dos bros Minecraft Hace 12 días
PLEASE MAKE A GUMMY BABY YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Димитър Димитров
Димитър Димитров Hace 12 días
put the giant pixy stick powder in a cotton candy machine
Edwin Montanez
Edwin Montanez Hace 12 días
Hey 2025
LaDarius Wallace
LaDarius Wallace Hace 13 días
Who make Kool-Aid with half a cup of sugar
Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox Hace 13 días
Watching July 2020
Anonymous user
Anonymous user Hace 14 días
2015 movies: hovercrafts 2020: coronavirus
Cami Crum
Cami Crum Hace 14 días
It is not Dec yet it’s summer
jayden the jet
jayden the jet Hace 15 días
Its 2021 lol
Chicle_ x
Chicle_ x Hace 15 días
im wacthing this july 2020 the pixie stick is still fine
Tammy Adams
Tammy Adams Hace 15 días
ßcreaming ßiren666
ßcreaming ßiren666 Hace 15 días
Lol we just call those sherbet sticks (Most of the time just sherbet)
Rylie Villarreal
Rylie Villarreal Hace 16 días
2020. 🙂✌️
Eric Melchor
Eric Melchor Hace 16 días
I wish I could tell them that 2020 is a super bad year
Raul Ramrup
Raul Ramrup Hace 19 días
I am. In 2020 😀
Schleich.Horse. Lover
Schleich.Horse. Lover Hace 15 días
Nope, it should be: I am. In 2020 😥😥😥
Follow my lead
Follow my lead Hace 20 días
If only they could have known we won't make it to December 2020
Gacha Moon
Gacha Moon Hace 22 días
Oh, the future is going to be sad...
krisaps grāvelsiņš
krisaps grāvelsiņš Hace 22 días
almost of date :D december is not far :D
raeanna boiles
raeanna boiles Hace 23 días
It’s 2020 and I’m here to say EVERYTHING IS EXPIRED!!!!
Tammy Walker
Tammy Walker Hace 25 días
"Pixie Stix" were originally made with fine sugar, that's why there were little clumps in it. Of course that was in the late 60's - early 70's.
Kaileb Krauss
Kaileb Krauss Hace 26 días
This is 2020
Brinnley williams
Brinnley williams Hace 26 días
I am in 2020
Asher Kruse
Asher Kruse Hace 26 días
2020 almost 2021
Misc Me
Misc Me Hace 27 días
It is pixi stix a group of pixi stix is called pixi stixs
Mariangel Gaming
Mariangel Gaming Hace 27 días
Who is watching 2020
Mitchell Hintz
Mitchell Hintz Hace 27 días
The pixy stick expires december 2020 Me *checks the day the video was posted* OMG THATS ACTUALLY MY BIRTHDAY! OCTOBER 17TH
Joshua Curtis
Joshua Curtis Hace 28 días
The perfect pixie stick for 2020 6 foot
doglover 68
doglover 68 Hace 28 días
Oml my pixie sticks expire then too 😜
Bigboy 69
Bigboy 69 Hace 28 días
Hey guys I did it
The Family
The Family Hace 29 días
Make a giant cake pop
rachael castillero
rachael castillero Hace 29 días
Dude this was eight months ago
Vani Tandon
Vani Tandon Hace 29 días
me sees Nate's red teeth: how well thats nightmare material
jasmine Cameron
jasmine Cameron Hace un mes
try making cotton candy with it?
Daniel Asara
Daniel Asara Hace un mes
Bro that expired 89 centuries ago
Angy DaCow
Angy DaCow Hace un mes
I don't think there will be a December 2020
Goldfeesh Hace un mes
Goldfeesh Hace un mes
Just pour a bunch of smaller pixie stixes into the giant one
Tihick Boi
Tihick Boi Hace un mes
Yes I am from the future my phone clock is very messed up so now it seems like it will be an hour or day or year
Pennywise the CIown
Pennywise the CIown Hace un mes
“AagHuuhGaaiiiuuu!” -Nate 2019 😌 ( 2:07 )
ella smith
ella smith Hace un mes
make a giant jolly rancher
TnT Emmert
TnT Emmert Hace un mes
I guess we need to keep a pixie stick between us at all times
Elisabeth Bikker
Elisabeth Bikker Hace un mes
Its juli 2020 when I watch this video
1000 subscribers with 3 videos challenge
1000 subscribers with 3 videos challenge Hace un mes
1:00 look at nate's face dont look at my name
Tech-No-Logic YT
Tech-No-Logic YT Hace un mes
Anyone else around when that stick is expired?
Vrushti Gala
Vrushti Gala Hace un mes
I ment 9:48
Vrushti Gala
Vrushti Gala Hace un mes
3:04 If any horror movie producers are watching this they will send you orders to make some and send it to the,.
drumstick necklace
drumstick necklace Hace un mes
Little did he know December of 2020 will be the ending of the worst year of his life
Haewon Choi
Haewon Choi Hace un mes
Pixie stick: Expires December 2020 Me: That Pixie stick might last longer than humanity!
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