The Game Awards 2019 - Official 4K Stream with Xbox Series X, CHVRCHES, Green Day, and More

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With performances by Green Day, CHVRCHES, Grimes and The Game Awards Orchestra.

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Elias Nicolas Miranda
Elias Nicolas Miranda Hace 23 horas
TEHKEN Fighting Games
C J Hace 2 días
Man the whole 3hrs was so boring.
Jack TheRipper
Jack TheRipper Hace 2 días
53:33 I'm sure it's g-man from half-life, what is he doing here?
D World
D World Hace 2 días
Until I get some more, I'll keep coming back to watch the Series X's reveal
Billy X
Billy X Hace 9 días
rip dota2
Avalanche TV
Avalanche TV Hace 12 días
1:07:43 for all MK11 fans!
Andre Lemos
Andre Lemos Hace 13 días
it will be give now bro
Strabby Crabby
Strabby Crabby Hace 15 días
I don't know what it was when they showed Fast and Furious, but they'd better do the Riddick games remake.
Chelsea Keniston
Chelsea Keniston Hace 17 días
Thank you Game Awards for making this possible. This show just gets bigger and better, and I hope to see it continue to amaze and inspire.
tru tube
tru tube Hace 19 días
Rainbow Six Siege for "Best Community" award?! With all the Toxic Team Killing going on? hahahahahhaha!!
Xiao-fang Ruan
Xiao-fang Ruan Hace 20 días
Wish they would do a category for best horror game of the year. The genre has not been recognized or explore much. Hopefully the award category would help stimulate that genre :/
Xiao-fang Ruan
Xiao-fang Ruan Hace 20 días
Glad Sekiro won! That game's storyline, gameplay and graphics was awesome. For those that doubt, definitely give it a try!
UZKxDEATHSTROKE Hace 21 un día
I'm sorry but that fast & furious game was an insult to technology
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Hace 21 un día
Imma go out and say it. Making a game impossible to play, doesn't make it a good game! cough cough Seikiro cough cough.
Dillon Hace 18 días
mad because bad ?
Gurjinder Singh
Gurjinder Singh Hace 23 días
2:18:30 I hate it when they include stuff irrelevant to Gaming
Gurjinder Singh
Gurjinder Singh Hace 23 días
2:16:31 What does Megan Fox have anything to do with anything?
Jay Vedanaya
Jay Vedanaya Hace 25 días
3:22:54 Brilliance
MK Beats
MK Beats Hace 26 días
Sea salt ice cream
Sea salt ice cream Hace 27 días
Sakurai sekuro
Tyler MG / Tyler mega games
Tyler MG / Tyler mega games Hace 27 días
D: why fortnite? It’s 100% roblox or mc I HATE YOU GQME AWARDS ):
Elcriaturial Hace 28 días
I'm the only one thinking that this is the best part of the show? 3:25:35
hin shindou
hin shindou Hace 28 días
What the Hell. Is this a joke?
Fahmi4869 Hace 29 días
Reimu for Smash indeed
Your_Obese_Mother 399
Your_Obese_Mother 399 Hace 29 días
Virgin walk 2:19:29 Chad Stride 2:58:03
mito zoero FF
mito zoero FF Hace 29 días
FREE fire o melhor jogo seus bosta
Monster Hace 29 días
Sekiro is game of the year nice. I'll get it when it's cheap or for free on ps plus.
Monster Hace 29 días
This console looks like a trash can.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️
Will to See
Will to See Hace 29 días
all the money still laggy af
Joseph RD RD
Joseph RD RD Hace un mes
I think OG need to win ti again.
kemuael Hace un mes
25:23 You'll be my what!?!
MidniteBliss Hace un mes
2:04:33 who is that with the green hair, behind Norman Reedus?
osama gamal
osama gamal Hace un mes
I want this ost how can i get it
Two Cent Coop
Two Cent Coop Hace un mes
Did i just watch a three hour long ad compilation?
Resasuke.mp3 Hace un mes
I came here for the ads
100% Gamer
100% Gamer Hace un mes
Ima be honest, I’ve just skimmed everything and all I really wanna know is what game mr Linus tech tips is playing... is it a good game? I don’t care, it’s the only thing that got my attention during this is all.
Luis Gustavo
Luis Gustavo Hace un mes
Mano que desing podre
spider pig
spider pig Hace un mes
Best parts for me ...The Muppets and the Cyberpunk music act, that blew me away
itsmetreyboi Hace un mes
2:09:55 is as far as i got before falling asleep i my chair. (4:53AM)
Pirate Amigo
Pirate Amigo Hace un mes
Last Year’s game awards was definitely better...
Obinna Edemuzor
Obinna Edemuzor Hace un mes
Microsoft be like: Introducing the Xbox Series X Sony be like: This is the first title for the PS5 in the reveal trailer for the game that is coming to our platform Nintendo be like: Nintendo Switch has Games
Strabby Crabby
Strabby Crabby Hace 15 días
Microsoft cannot tell the same. The whole generation of a console spent without strong exclusives.
LemuresXL Hace un mes
Preachy SJW bullshit.
Glitch - Aspiring DJ
Glitch - Aspiring DJ Hace un mes
where the fricc was katana zero?! that game is way too underrated for life
Good_Night Hace un mes
Why is this even a thing.
Lord Erinaceidae
Lord Erinaceidae Hace un mes
I was waiting for Crowbcat to make a video but he hasn't uploaded recently so I decided to make my own meme highlight, check it out here and tell me what you think! ;)
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Hace un mes
Creativian Hace un mes
53:33 is that Half Life 3?
HC yourhomie
HC yourhomie Hace un mes
Michael Embleton
Michael Embleton Hace un mes
All award shows are biased these days. There is much money to be made giving games awards. Im sure might be some sort of colluding corruption between awards judges and games creators. Death stranding getting any awards is suspicious. Along with movie and tv awards, metacritic and rotten tomato, people have learnt to distrust the reviews and opinions of so called expert critics. As bias and manipulation has been found regularly in last few years. I think it would be helpful, to gain viewers trust back for award shows, by maybe letting people know the names of the judges, so veiwers could see what sort of person the judge or critic are by looking at social media, maybe helping viewer not think award shows are corrupt.
Bright Shadow
Bright Shadow Hace un mes
That hand shake 3:26:48
Akita Hace un mes
Proud of the FromSoft team!
You don't have to scream when there's a microphone in your hand but go off I guess
Diego Lemus
Diego Lemus Hace un mes
Jøsef EivørFan
Jøsef EivørFan Hace un mes
3:24:30 name is Jan Simons ❤
esponja Hace un mes
1:27:15 Best waifu
FluffySpartan Hace un mes
well deserved sekiro!
James Plays
James Plays Hace un mes
"From a little article... to a movie, to a video game!" Ugh, could you pander any harder? I miss when Geoff Keighley himself presented the GOTY award. Seemed more fitting. Having said that, happy that Sekiro won. Haven't played it myself, but I'm sure it's well deserved.
Kano Mora
Kano Mora Hace un mes
Damn, way better than last year.
Kano Mora
Kano Mora Hace un mes
Who ever did the captions needs to be fired.
attlaus gmail
attlaus gmail Hace un mes
X marks the spot for Microsoft. Xbox Series X. Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga X shaped logo. Vin Diesel presenting GOTY stars as Xander Cage in the action film series XXX. Subliminal much?
Imran Kazmi
Imran Kazmi Hace un mes
So Tekken and Street fighters are Hollywood most favorite 👍👍👍
Anonymous Hace un mes
какая красотка ведущая
Robert Hace un mes
The Xbox Series X Announcement was amazing
Um Gamer Orgulhoso
Um Gamer Orgulhoso Hace un mes
I like the xbox announcements.
Eric Lerma
Eric Lerma Hace un mes
Nintendo: "Nintendo Switch has games..." Sony: *Feel The Power of Pro*
Jeice 150
Jeice 150 Hace un mes
The chat room is a complete mess. It feels like almost all the Smash fans are lack of respect to the other games. Guess they think the best way to show the superior of their Smash is to type millions of 'f' in the chat room. Pity.
Snaxa Hace un mes
I'm still mad. This was 3 and a half hours of my life that I will never get back
Ja'U Fired MEH
Ja'U Fired MEH Hace un mes
@ 26:00 dude is looking at the trophy like it's the damn Storm Breaker.
beep Hace un mes
bladepoint looks kinda dope, but they shouldn't have had that weird ass bird call in the beginning
Random KaJu
Random KaJu Hace un mes
Look I’m really sorry for what I said about boycotting the game award. It’s because they didn’t reveal a new Smash character but they might reveal it at the Nintendo direct. Anyways I actually like the game Awards so forgive me on what I said.
at1god1 Hace un mes
Only redeeming things Sekiro won Crash got an award Muppet segment
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