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Cute Cookie Gacha

Cute Cookie Gacha

Hace un mes

🎉✨ Hey guys! Happy New Year! 🌟🎉
I hope you guys had a great year, be sure to let me know your New Years resolitions down below in the comments section! ⬇️
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Cute Cookie Gacha
Cute Cookie Gacha Hace un mes
Me: What would be a good insult.....how about “You deserve to work at McDonalds! ESwomen: NO!!! WE WILL COPYSTRIKE YOU Me: Fine! What about Wendy’s? ESwomen: COPYSTRIKE COPYSTRIKE COPYSTRIKE Me:...Burger King...? ESwomen: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Me: Uggh! Fine! What about Burger Queen...? ESwomen: Fine...
Hanaa Abbas
Hanaa Abbas Hace 5 días
Cute Cookie Gacha but Mcdonalds is nice :(
Kassian T
Kassian T Hace 6 días
God damn wtf
Vien Little
Vien Little Hace 6 días
Cute Cookie Gacha and donalds? How do I cook?
Wholesale Girls
Wholesale Girls Hace 7 días
Good one gurl
Manu Fail
Manu Fail Hace 9 días
MoonPelt White
MoonPelt White Hace 21 un hora
Lol I love this vid It was so cute But Did her mom die?
Zygarde JS
Zygarde JS Hace un día
But could you please stop with that wanna and gonna it's incorrect English so stop it PLEASSSEEE
Stoffy Hace un día
Yo why the fuck is it with these stories and having sick moms that end up dying veryone is constantly reminiscing on how great they were and now they are all have fallen from their former glory. For instance, Tilden, the eldest son, used to be an All-American Halfback with a bright future and now he is in his forties and living with his parents with no family of his own.Audiences of today would be able to relate to this play and how people can show promise early in their life and one event can change it all for the worse. If anything the audience could relate to a family that is growing old and growing apart. There are many problems in this family that still plague families today, even as basic as infidelity. The plot structure of this play is Episodic. There is a clear linear story of events. The action of the play occurs in the first Act at lunchtime, in the spring due to the heavy rain. The second Act takes place on the same day as the first at dinnertime, and the third Act takes place the following morning. The entire play takes place inside the family’s house in Illinois. The climate within the play is against the American stereotypes of having everything your heart desires and live happily ever after. It has a dark aspect which suggests all families have secrets and no one is truly happy. If I were to produce this play myself, there would be one simple setting, the house. Within the house is a staircase leading up out of sight, a couch and TV
Reni hot Jana Anggraini
Reni hot Jana Anggraini Hace un día
The Distortionist
The Distortionist Hace un día
Your intro is so cute! I love it!
Ava bloges Adams
Ava bloges Adams Hace 2 días
My name is Ava... Cool
Cristal Bustos
Cristal Bustos Hace 3 días
Candygaga Dishlove
Candygaga Dishlove Hace 3 días
Thx you happy new year to you to!
Aaliyah Felipe
Aaliyah Felipe Hace 3 días
awwww I want to see the baby
Potato_Life555 Hace 4 días
FINALLY A NIcE BOY I love the video
Gacha Unicorn
Gacha Unicorn Hace 4 días
Not bad! This is Lovely💕💕❤
Secret Unknown
Secret Unknown Hace 5 días
Eva:gold digger Charlotte:shy x nice super nice too nice Leon: caring,nice,protector Mean girls: mean,self fish dont know anything about kindness.
Joanna Cheung
Joanna Cheung Hace 6 días
Leon:There’s another maid you will get along just fine..... Me:according to gacha logic never
Luna_BlackWolfie Nochebuena
Luna_BlackWolfie Nochebuena Hace 6 días
*GASPS* I've seen this Gacha before! And I saw it again, and again, and again. I wonder why? I always forget a vid and because of the cover I don't recognize it. But why do I keep watching it? Maybe it's because this video is that good☺☺☺ I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖❤❤❤😍😍😢😢😢😄😄😄😁😁
FLORA CHUNG Hace 6 días
I think I'm bully
Gacha Moonlight
Gacha Moonlight Hace 6 días
um what happened to the mum?
Xx Parrot Army xX
Xx Parrot Army xX Hace 7 días
Jasper Stannard
Jasper Stannard Hace 7 días
You are very good at editing
Emine Elif
Emine Elif Hace 7 días
Ava Is greedy little rat
Dog Queen
Dog Queen Hace 8 días
I like how everyone just forgot about the mother
Abby Sea
Abby Sea Hace 8 días
Abby Sea
Abby Sea Hace 8 días
Great ending girl at least it's not a dad one because if it was sad I would be crying and was so good thing it was happy! Great ending...wait did I say that already?
Laura Schokker
Laura Schokker Hace 8 días
Sky Helper
Sky Helper Hace 8 días
👏 👏 👏 👏
Alexa Coy
Alexa Coy Hace 9 días
Gabriel Arias
Gabriel Arias Hace 10 días
That's really sad.😭
Ungureanu Yasmin
Ungureanu Yasmin Hace 10 días
6:38 how did the police know the adress? •-•
BlazeToTheBone Hace 10 días
Does anyone else realize the pun in the title?
Gacha colors Cherry
Gacha colors Cherry Hace 10 días
7:25 bish she ain’t poor and your wearing the same clothes from yesterday so guess how’s REALLY THE POOR ONE it’s you Dislike if you agree with me Just dislike my comment😁😁
Manjay Sherif
Manjay Sherif Hace 11 días
me: Ugh i hate this job.... but i have to do it...leon: I love her so much and i WONT lose her!
Annie O'Kane
Annie O'Kane Hace 12 días
You should have 1mill like that intro Is so good!
Emma Gacha :3
Emma Gacha :3 Hace 12 días
>:c i need a part 2 ppllzzz
Emma Gacha :3
Emma Gacha :3 Hace 12 días
how she get mud on her face when she inside?????
AleeQ Gacha_duckyt
AleeQ Gacha_duckyt Hace 12 días
Maid: what if he falls for her! Me:he doesn’t even fall for a maid no one does duh
The Pack
The Pack Hace 12 días
Rlly? I watch Ted the credits and... really? Llama trainer? I GODDAWN LOVE IT
Alexa Anggawi
Alexa Anggawi Hace 13 días
0:55 how did she get mud on her?? The floor tiles??
Leanne Oconnor
Leanne Oconnor Hace 16 días
Yasssssssssssss my ship has sailed
Panda_Bear_ Twinz
Panda_Bear_ Twinz Hace 16 días
First of all i wouldn't copy it second i dont have a mom😖
GLENN ABELLS Hace 16 días
Can you like...make a part 2 or something????
Partner Challenges
Partner Challenges Hace 17 días
When they're in detention...How can he see what her face looks like from behind?
Partner Challenges
Partner Challenges Hace 17 días
At 1:56, OF course she would have the same answers if she got an A+. Duh.
Daniel Canada
Daniel Canada Hace 17 días
I cried so much
Xxsavage_potatoxx Xx
Xxsavage_potatoxx Xx Hace 17 días
Love make more plzzzz....
Sevim Caner
Sevim Caner Hace 17 días
İm criying im Sorry to his mom
dayen jeak
dayen jeak Hace 17 días
The story so short NNNUUU WHY
Beth Harris
Beth Harris Hace 17 días
CRY FEST😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anna Ki Wolf
Anna Ki Wolf Hace 17 días
I.LOVE.THIS😍it’s sooooooo goooooooooooooood
Debbie Gray
Debbie Gray Hace 18 días
I loved the Ending...I think it said something like this... "If you copy this I will totally like sue your mum for like half a penny or something!" Me:uhhh? Ok?...0-0
Kaysing Heab
Kaysing Heab Hace 18 días
“Maid for Mr rich boy” more like “Made for Mr rich boy” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angelica Belmont
Angelica Belmont Hace 18 días
Brooke Argiros
Brooke Argiros Hace 18 días
bru lunch was like 20 secnds long
InquisitorMaster Hace 19 días
Emilka M
Emilka M Hace 20 días
i love your vidoes:)
**Gacha Browny**
**Gacha Browny** Hace 21 un día
Part 2 pl
CRPT Blazn
CRPT Blazn Hace 21 un día
Wait teachers can only fully suspend people
Guava Leaks
Guava Leaks Hace 21 un día
10:25 DIP and out
Mr. potato
Mr. potato Hace 21 un día
10:15 She is wearing a hoodie with another hoodie wrapped around her waist 😑😑😑
Archilla korab
Archilla korab Hace 22 días
Me:how do you get a phone if your poor? You:she had enough money to get a phone... Me:phones are more then $20 you know
Ayako- Chan
Ayako- Chan Hace 22 días
I just cryed
Gacha LifeGirl
Gacha LifeGirl Hace 22 días
Can I kill that teacher :) heheheheh
Young Young
Young Young Hace 22 días
The cat girl is so dumb she doesn't even know that her friends are just using her and that annoys me 😡
• Itz_Midnight •
• Itz_Midnight • Hace 23 días
Rot In Hell Ava :3
Rachel Raesa
Rachel Raesa Hace 23 días
Wow.....that was amaezeng😭😢
Raymond Baguio
Raymond Baguio Hace 24 días
wait....cats hate water right!?!?
annoying Meh
annoying Meh Hace 24 días
7:33 Little did she know lu- money is on their side
AccordingTo lennon
AccordingTo lennon Hace 24 días
Lol! The old teacher from the,”Unhappy youtuber
Majed Kasem
Majed Kasem Hace 24 días
They said burger queen but was supposed to say burger king
its_meZero Hace 24 días
the bulls are idiots
Youngmok Kim
Youngmok Kim Hace 24 días
Twinkie Grilled Cheese Loaf Taste Test
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