“Señorita” Behind The Scenes - Part 1

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Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita

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Darna show 3
Darna show 3 Hace 15 horas
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Lilpanda123 0.0
Lilpanda123 0.0 Hace 18 horas
Camila falling tho that’s funny🤣
anna ocampo
anna ocampo Hace un día
do you want to write a song with me ?
Innocent Maphosa
Innocent Maphosa Hace un día
Kissing fish ELERT
Victoria Brooker
Victoria Brooker Hace 2 días
FUCK. Why is he so hot. I’m jealous tbh
WNBA Iss!! Yuh gurl!!
WNBA Iss!! Yuh gurl!! Hace 3 días
I love how camila Just starts dying laughing on the floor this is why I love her she is so real😂
Some Meh Dude
Some Meh Dude Hace 4 días
what happen with you shawn
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers Hace 5 días
That guy saying "that feels good" when Shawn takes his shirt off is me the whole vid
hi cookie
hi cookie Hace 5 días
Shawn mendez scream when he drops camila: AAAA!!!!😮😮😮 😂😂😂😂😭
good vibes
good vibes Hace 5 días
Song: Your SiNgLe Me: .....YES 😐😐
Beyonce x
Beyonce x Hace 6 días
im just rewatching this again but now that i know they're together it hits different man😂
Kevin Carmack
Kevin Carmack Hace 7 días
Who plays the guitar bc of Shawn?
Olga Quinteros
Olga Quinteros Hace 7 días
Love y’all
Dewft2_ YT
Dewft2_ YT Hace 8 días
Uh uh kids
ArianaGrandeLover Hace 9 días
She has an adorable voice tho
Charlie Bamford
Charlie Bamford Hace 11 días
you are so funny
I bet it was really awkward in the hotel😬
O R E O S Hace 11 días
*shawn drops camila* Fans: and I oop-
lilchrispy Hace 12 días
5:26 loll the guy checking Camila out XD
Migena Ndou
Migena Ndou Hace 14 días
camilas mum looks so happy to see her girl getting pinned in a wall with shawn mendes obviously
nisyaso Hace 14 días
I love you guys so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭
serynah212 Hace 14 días
Damm Camila got some booty
Jyotiraditya Singh Guleria
Jyotiraditya Singh Guleria Hace 15 días
working really hard, and fun is extreme, hope to be there n take lessons frm u both
Amada Forbes
Amada Forbes Hace 15 días
latina 💓💓
Sarah Ussery
Sarah Ussery Hace 15 días
4:39 Iᔕ ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG! TᕼᗩT TᖇᗩᑎᔕITIOᑎ Iᔕ ᒪIᖴE
Thegirlwholived 22
Thegirlwholived 22 Hace 16 días
Like If I get an easier shirt to take off
Xx s u n xX
Xx s u n xX Hace 16 días
Shawn was literally a tomato after the bed scene
Lilly Gonzalez
Lilly Gonzalez Hace 17 días
1:47 even Camila’s mom knows what’s up. 😂
AppleIzzy Playz
AppleIzzy Playz Hace 17 días
Shawn: worst nightmare to dance Me:oh u can't be that bad Shawn: *Drops Camila* Me: no arguing here mate
Lilly Gonzalez
Lilly Gonzalez Hace 17 días
Shawn has to leave after all the sexual scenes cause he has to take care of the cum party in his pants. 😂
Paulette Shah
Paulette Shah Hace 10 días
Kristen Chatham
Kristen Chatham Hace 18 días
lmao you can see it in Camila's eyes that she's excited *aWwWwW*
Little Miss Mia
Little Miss Mia Hace 18 días
“Because You know it’s been a long time coming don’t you let me fall” 1:28 drops her
Богдан Резнік
Богдан Резнік Hace 20 días
0:53 it's so cuuuuute😭😭😭
مريم محمد
مريم محمد Hace 21 un día
Alyson Reyna
Alyson Reyna Hace 21 un día
Omg him saying oh like you can take it off but then Shawn says like I can get it ready for her to take its off ooooOOooOOoOoo we know what you wanted we know tee hee
Ariadne Hace 21 un día
I love this video. If i'm sad, I came here and watch this video to see how they look beautiful together. 🌹♥️
Rosie Sanderson
Rosie Sanderson Hace 18 días
Ariadne same lol
VENUS 200,000
VENUS 200,000 Hace 21 un día
1:27 wha happen her?
Paulette Shah
Paulette Shah Hace 7 días
@VENUS 200,000 Yeah
VENUS 200,000
VENUS 200,000 Hace 7 días
@Paulette Shah :(
Paulette Shah
Paulette Shah Hace 10 días
Shawn dropped her
sophie the wengie fan
sophie the wengie fan Hace 22 días
Camila is sooo my bigggggest fan
Otara Hachim
Otara Hachim Hace 22 días
Who love you Shawn 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Hit a like ⬇️⬇️☺️
Otara Hachim
Otara Hachim Hace 22 días
We are waiting for señorita behind the scene part 3 😂
ii_omq_i_love_kacchan_ii Hace 22 días
6:05 their like go get your boo sis
Floofy_oreo !!
Floofy_oreo !! Hace 22 días
Who came here from that comment that Caleb dropped lexi
gachalife forever
gachalife forever Hace 23 días
This was so cool,but was it awkward doing the senses with her?
Asylumina Productions
Asylumina Productions Hace 23 días
I wanted to see how they set up for the arc movement with the camera when he threw her on the bed. Someone tell me! What was the rig?!
alejandra gutierrez
alejandra gutierrez Hace 24 días
Minuto 1:28😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😘😂
G a c h a_ W o n d e r
G a c h a_ W o n d e r Hace 25 días
“Boy don’t you let me fall!” Shawn: drops camilla Song writer- “I TOLD YOU NOT TO LET HER FALL!”
Me Kage
Me Kage Hace 25 días
Noti Di
Noti Di Hace 25 días
Shawn ty jesteś z Camilą czy nie
Mya Vazquez
Mya Vazquez Hace 25 días
omg when she fell
Android Badr
Android Badr Hace 25 días
I love you man From Morocco
Azba 12
Azba 12 Hace 26 días
Here after watching senorita behind the scenes
Terri White
Terri White Hace 26 días
I love this song but it reminds me of Marco but if u want to know about that in camiloas video consqenses
Terri White
Terri White Hace 26 días
Jorge Ruiz
Jorge Ruiz Hace 26 días
5:42 - 5:44. Shawn : shes hot Me: boi if u don't-
Luisina Garcia Oro
Luisina Garcia Oro Hace 27 días
They are geniuses! I love them
Aldrin Gianan
Aldrin Gianan Hace 27 días
Can you tell me how do they do the kissing part
duman kız gacha tr
duman kız gacha tr Hace 27 días
Hola shawn mendes
Mįçkêŷ x Gåçhã
Mįçkêŷ x Gåçhã Hace 28 días
1:26 ehm ehm sadly you dropped Camila :( I guess it was hard to leave her then...
Abby Zambrano
Abby Zambrano Hace 28 días
No one : Literally no one : Me : did anyone else see the pee on the floor 0:58
Angel xo
Angel xo Hace 29 días
Roopa Shastry
Roopa Shastry Hace 29 días
Shawn Mendes💖
obj obj
obj obj Hace 29 días
Don't you let me fall 😂 😂 😂
Precious Hace 29 días
3:43 Camila: My dad is going to kill me.... Shawn: Ight imma head out
Franko Hace 29 días
5:49 lol camila's mom teaching shawn how to ask her daughter for a dance
Gok Yu
Gok Yu Hace un mes
:51 ❤️
it seem to be good life.. when i watch it
Khb 888
Khb 888 Hace un mes
1:27 She died
Lara Uys
Lara Uys Hace un mes
I see ooh la la love
Veronica Seward
Veronica Seward Hace un mes
I'm looking back he touches her so lightly it's like he's afraid to hurt her he's so gentle 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💘💋
Gabriela Vaquero
Gabriela Vaquero Hace un mes
I am not a hater but shawn is an idiot for let her fall down, it was not funny, and if you dont see it he is always pushing her cause he loves more his guitar than Camila 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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