‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa shares secrets from behind the scenes

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Good Morning America

Good Morning America

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The star of the new film revealed what fans can expect from the new action movie, live on "GMA."
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Rokza Habsburg
Rokza Habsburg Hace un mes
i dont like mommoa...
David Harlem
David Harlem Hace un mes
When I grow up I want to be him! Big, muscular, handsome, compassionate, empathetic = wicked hot.
Espaço do Artista Brasil
Espaço do Artista Brasil Hace un mes
Um dos melhores filmes que já assisti até hoje
Sidneia Lima
Sidneia Lima Hace un mes
LOVE💖JASON MOMOA💖BEAUTIFUL,Uma voz linda parece som de trovão e um excelente ator!!!💖😘🇧🇷🇧🇷
0o0 _
0o0 _ Hace 2 meses
Dear God Please make another Jason momoa so I can marry him. Thank you. Love, A lonely girl from Cali.
macc boogie
macc boogie Hace 2 meses
Damn it’s been a year already 😟
Jane VanSkike
Jane VanSkike Hace 2 meses
When he screams like that it does something to my insides. Oh my!
I before A except after K
I before A except after K Hace 3 meses
I like how his portrayal of Aquaman is literally just Ronon Dex, but with superpowers.
The Velvet Lounge Life
The Velvet Lounge Life Hace 3 meses
OMG, sitting between lady Robin & sir George... Jason was so fabulous, REAL deal, BEAUTIFUL ❣️ humans do exist ✌🏼👍🏽☺️💜❗👻
Sharon Rose
Sharon Rose Hace 4 meses
My baby
meshel anne belvis
meshel anne belvis Hace 4 meses
Pink scrunchy? How cute
Sonyso 123
Sonyso 123 Hace 5 meses
How People can adore this Peadophile is beyond me, he was filmed actually feeling a young underage girl in front of the press etc knowing the cameras were thre to record it. disgusting piece id S*it
Carly Odell
Carly Odell Hace 5 meses
jason m. hot on fire *88****
GW Hace 6 meses
Coolest guy ever see
Abdullah Ayub
Abdullah Ayub Hace 6 meses
You are so handsome😍♥️💞love from Pakistan
Duy Phan
Duy Phan Hace 6 meses
He looks scary for his role. But really friendly in real life ☺. I would just gonna bow my head
Teresa Schwartz
Teresa Schwartz Hace 6 meses
Paulette Smith
Paulette Smith Hace 8 meses
Damnnnnn, that high school photo. One sweet chap, inside and out, throughout life.
Paulette Smith
Paulette Smith Hace 8 meses
So beautiful
Daisy Tinsley
Daisy Tinsley Hace 8 meses
If he's a cheater I can't be with n his club no more
S. Hace 8 meses
2:48 sexy af
S. Hace 8 meses
He meant to say... he wants to have a twin so he can fuck himself haha He's just so damn hot
Maria Nyce
Maria Nyce Hace 9 meses
Amazing man! Thanks for sharing!
badgyrl310 Hace 9 meses
His goals were to marry his wife, have some babies, host SNL,and now he's living the dream. Must be nice to get everything you want in life.
Hanifi Hagag
Hanifi Hagag Hace 9 meses
Bence çok karizmatik adamsın biraz çocuksu ve çok tatlısın iri adamlardan ne kadar ürkütücü gelselerde herzaman sempatik ve vijdanlılardır
Atalía Ramírez
Atalía Ramírez Hace 9 meses
I wish i can see momoa and the rock in a movie together doing the haka,that will be awsome
Atalía Ramírez
Atalía Ramírez Hace 9 meses
I can tell he a shy guy
karen buckle
karen buckle Hace 9 meses
Indeed his humble I like that side of him
P. Dr. DNy Christafari
P. Dr. DNy Christafari Hace 9 meses
I love you Momoa ❤️💜🤗
Sarjil Hasan
Sarjil Hasan Hace 9 meses
So humble😍
HELEN XAVIER Hace 9 meses
I love you 😘
Anne ONeill
Anne ONeill Hace 9 meses
He is so geniune! Just love this mans sweet and humble nature!
Darja Engel
Darja Engel Hace 10 meses
Maybe Im gonna steal on your check mr momoa, meanwhile 53kilo! And they go to the Casino!
Christopher Larue
Christopher Larue Hace 10 meses
He's so restless in every interview I see. It makes me uncomfortable..
Khusnul Khotimah
Khusnul Khotimah Hace 10 meses
IS aquaman still allayve
Prahalada B
Prahalada B Hace 10 meses
Awesome actor and he was like a suberb
Lumini Senaviratne
Lumini Senaviratne Hace 10 meses
I do believe in miracles i doo i doooOOOO 🧜‍♂️ why not believe when there's JASON MOMOA 🙏
Kennetta Bradford
Kennetta Bradford Hace 10 meses
Jason is fine
Theressia Shaver
Theressia Shaver Hace 11 meses
Cecille Cecille
Cecille Cecille Hace 11 meses
OMG I have a crush on you..! 😊😘😍
Jerry Apel
Jerry Apel Hace 11 meses
We love Peace and that's what we preach most times.
Vânia dos Santos Ferreira.
Vânia dos Santos Ferreira. Hace 11 meses
Ai Jesus Cristo que homem é esse é lindo d+👏🌻😘✌
Goukhan Akul
Goukhan Akul Hace 11 meses
The humbleness of both his upbringing in Iowa and Hawai’i shines through. Culturally in tuned with what matters. Imua Hawaiian.
Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease
Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease Hace 11 meses
This is the year of Momoa! Mark my words hehe
Md Azaharul Islam
Md Azaharul Islam Hace 11 meses
he is not comfortable on the chair
Latha Kishore
Latha Kishore Hace 11 meses
The trisul he hold..It's a indian goddess durga maa weapon actually.he is lucky actually.
Buket Erverdi
Buket Erverdi Hace 11 meses
3:38 that laugh lol
Purple Cow Movement
Purple Cow Movement Hace 11 meses
I just wanna smell him 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sarah M. Simmons
Sarah M. Simmons Hace un año
I think James Franco should have played Aqua Man???
Polona Florijancic
Polona Florijancic Hace un año
the amount of overweight people in the audience... shocking.
sexiest man alive111111111111111111111111
Matthew Stark
Matthew Stark Hace un año
Jason Momoa is my hero. He inspires me to be the best husband and father when I become one. Mahalo nui loa Jason Momoa, for being a rolemodel.
nicolet palmer
nicolet palmer Hace un año
He's so cute damn
dawn zeraus
dawn zeraus Hace un año
That shirt doesnt fit him. He looks better without.
Panda agario
Panda agario Hace un año
Fuck james
Shola sanya Sanya
Shola sanya Sanya Hace un año
He Came out as Lord Krsna.
Turkish lover
Turkish lover Hace un año
He is just perfect
saved saved
saved saved Hace un año
Why do you all idolize him? Idolatry is a sin..repent and turn to the only MAN who can save your lustful hearts JESUS CHRIST is the only one he is the way the truth and the life
UltraGaming Hace un año
He's one of the few guys who can keep the caveman look and still look cool.
V Cox
V Cox Hace un año
Child molester
Naveen Hace un año
What's the song when he enters?
Darlene DeVegan
Darlene DeVegan Hace un año
Great movie!!
Miss Channing Ansagay
Miss Channing Ansagay Hace un año
I swear our Polynesians are just naturally built ! Bless up Jason ! Malo for bringing our culture to life in this film !
Rylen Richardson
Rylen Richardson Hace un año
The energy he gives off is called the aloha spirit #hawaiianborn
Baloutti Bouchra
Baloutti Bouchra Hace un año
He can't real T-T
Cristina Artista
Cristina Artista Hace un año
I swear the whole thing could have been on mute and I would not have noticed...... damn he's fine..
Patti Fossati
Patti Fossati Hace un año
Il nuovo Russell il gladiatore e già grasso come lui...
Mike Malone
Mike Malone Hace un año
Jason seems to be a very nice person and very considerate of others. I am excited about the movie and have it pre-ordered on Amazon. I am 72 and 40 miles to closest theater so I just wait until the DVD comes out.
Pussy Wagon
Pussy Wagon Hace un año
That shirt is very unflattering. He needs to remove it!
Kollette Van
Kollette Van Hace un año
In Aquaman: The Sea-quel, I AM thankful to play the role of the Powerful & Mysterious Siren Queen ;)
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