$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room

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FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

Hace 9 meses

Today we wanted to review a cheap $50 hotel room compared to an expensive $5,000 hotel room and the results were actually shocking...
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Philipp Jokisch
Philipp Jokisch Hace un día
i went to a hotel and it had a in door hot tub in my room
Flash_YT Hace un día
5005 Dallas got to subcribe
Shaundale Parkes
Shaundale Parkes Hace un día
We want more of these vids
REMAX Boone Hace 3 días
i am a fan i love you
Gana Bat
Gana Bat Hace 3 días
I swear my parents could see the stains without the light but need glasses to see the biggest text ever on their phones
Cesar 5k10k
Cesar 5k10k Hace 3 días
Who here because Covid 19
Safaa Saleh
Safaa Saleh Hace 3 días
oooooooooooooh just got roasted 50💸 and 5,000💸😰😰
Safaa Saleh
Safaa Saleh Hace 3 días
My house is 1000x 💲💲💵💵💴💴💶💶💷💷💸💸💱💱 and that house is bigger🙊
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy Hace 3 días
Hi my name is Sean Murphy and I like your video
Shabir Ahmed seedat
Shabir Ahmed seedat Hace 4 días
When ever I go to a hotel I always take there soaps, shampoo and conditioner 😂😂
Harry Aitken
Harry Aitken Hace 4 días
ESwomenrs never give me a shoutout
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson Hace 4 días
I love your vids there so entertaining during this time and I can watch your vids over and over again without getting bored 🥰
Matthew Pachuau
Matthew Pachuau Hace 4 días
15:00 wth
Diyana Zargar
Diyana Zargar Hace 4 días
i love u faze rug can u follow my tiktok its diyana.6335
clarissa damian
clarissa damian Hace 5 días
My dad usually gets 100-500 on a hotel
Sieglien Ellis
Sieglien Ellis Hace 5 días
Worth it
Denise Baker
Denise Baker Hace 6 días
Was that actually 50 bucks
Aarya Ganeshkumar
Aarya Ganeshkumar Hace 6 días
i want brawadis
Mason Mathis
Mason Mathis Hace 6 días
If those 2 wanted beef they should’ve just got a Big Mac
Abel Hd
Abel Hd Hace 5 días
Mr reaction
Mr reaction Hace 7 días
Who is here after he hit 15 million subscribers
Sonny Lemaire
Sonny Lemaire Hace 7 días
😂😂😂I love this video
Story Bales
Story Bales Hace 8 días
MY FAVIROTE IS ANTHONY Brawatise shhhut up
Edys Robles
Edys Robles Hace 8 días
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Hace 9 días
me im going to a hotel then see its $20 -_- too much rug finds $5000 hotel this is petfect
moootjeNL Hace 9 días
Best reviewed barber less...
DAN HU Hace 10 días
jed ladores
jed ladores Hace 10 días
J_REV8_PLAYZ Hace 10 días
Who's watching in quarantine like if you are
Meh_itz Bread
Meh_itz Bread Hace 10 días
That 5,000 hotel is bigger then my whole house ;-;
Jaxton Monaghan
Jaxton Monaghan Hace 11 días
When u called the 5000 dollar hotel small I was like it’s bigger than my house
Marley Fischer
Marley Fischer Hace 12 días
I love how u guys r saying that the 5000 dollar hotel is small
1000 subscribers with 2 video challenge
1000 subscribers with 2 video challenge Hace 12 días
Whoe she is here after rug hits 15 million
Trey The Legendary Gamer
Trey The Legendary Gamer Hace 11 días
You commented that when he hit 15 million
Eldin Grajçevci
Eldin Grajçevci Hace 12 días
I have to go to that $50 hotel when I'll go to San Diego
KREEPER 3 Hace 12 días
This almost has 300k likes
jaydendoge best
jaydendoge best Hace 13 días
I pay youtube if u like this comment u dont like fuckin beggers sike dont like jsut comment
lil zombie
lil zombie Hace 13 días
Small what do you mean brother you so spoiled
Parker Bennett
Parker Bennett Hace 13 días
The 5k hotel room looks like the GTA apartments
TTV_IXL Hace 13 días
Hi I'm a big fan 😁
silvia osorio
silvia osorio Hace 14 días
Greg Breen
Greg Breen Hace 14 días
5000 k for a hotel not bad for that cuz the hotel I’m in is 22k every 2 days and it was not as good as the 5k
viraj wable
viraj wable Hace 14 días
I dare him to sleep on him
Sri Ramurthy
Sri Ramurthy Hace 14 días
'Rug u should make a b roll completion
Gaming with Frank Piscioneri
Gaming with Frank Piscioneri Hace 14 días
Gaming with Frank Piscioneri
Gaming with Frank Piscioneri Hace 14 días
I wouldn’t say the first hotel was &50 i would at least say maybe 100 dollars 👍
Kash in TS Clan
Kash in TS Clan Hace 16 días
Yo rug can u make a video of Anthony brawads and u to go to the best Reviewed boat two the worst reviewed boat
Kash in TS Clan
Kash in TS Clan Hace 16 días
Anthony the best
Butter Peakx
Butter Peakx Hace 16 días
I went to the best one and I saw you
Monyreach Sam ol 5N
Monyreach Sam ol 5N Hace 16 días
I like you
Casey_AKA_Goated Hace 17 días
This is how much time rug spent in the car before the video 👇🏼
Harry Quirk
Harry Quirk Hace 17 días
Anthony look like the guy from Falty Towers
My life Pol
My life Pol Hace 17 días
There is more space into the Anthony’ s body
M ali م علي
M ali م علي Hace 18 días
This is how many people love faze rug 👇👇👇👇
Carol Boston
Carol Boston Hace 18 días
i watched this whole video playing roblox on a minimized tab
elina Satli
elina Satli Hace 18 días
Anisa Tolibjonova
Anisa Tolibjonova Hace 18 días
Bahaahahahahahhahahhahahh THE LITTLE BOY WITH GLASSES🤓CRYING😢that he broke the camera
vikzn Hace 18 días
they make it seem like cheaper hotels are like garbage
Stone MC
Stone MC Hace 19 días
10:43 I went to this hotel
Lesli Diaz
Lesli Diaz Hace 19 días
Just get rid of Anthony he’s annoying
Wild KING Hace 20 días
Faze rug can you give me a I phone ntablet
JimmyTube TV
JimmyTube TV Hace 20 días
When Brawadis Said what if a snake comes out “i felt that so hard”
WE 2025 Stanley P
WE 2025 Stanley P Hace 21 un día
Faze rug
Swirl Hace 22 días
Subi Dubi
Subi Dubi Hace 24 días
Sup guys
Trx Zard
Trx Zard Hace 24 días
Whats the background music when it says outside at the beginning?
Josephine Thompson
Josephine Thompson Hace 24 días
the 5,000$ bathroom was as big as the 50 alone
BLURR_ MYTH Hace 25 días
Is kinda sad they dont know what a 50 dollar hotel is
buck strickland
buck strickland Hace 25 días
hi peeps i just want to say to all those fans stay igh
Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S. Hace 26 días
Whats up, the fifty dollar one was cleaner than the expensive one... It had no spots, where as the 50,000 had like one spot near the bed. lmao that is sooo funny...
TTV_ShaRaF :
TTV_ShaRaF : Hace 27 días
You have to be grateful that your even in a 50$ hotel when me and my family travel we the maximum we go to is a 100$ for 2 weeks and I’m so grateful that we have enough to go to a hotel you should to thank god your not a homeless and pray everyday
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